My dad sayin some funny ish. A must see video.

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TheGuitaristNate : "Last night and the night before".. So this happened to him twice? lol

jazon345 : Hones to God I could imagine this guy in the next Fallout game.

zeaga15 : Your dad is one of the wittiest people I've ever heard. That was awesome

kanvasp : Samual L Jackson is in everything!

Brody ArmBar : He could say anything and I would probably laugh

Seth NJ : Is that Uncle Ruckus...

A Franca : walkin like he old, what's wrong wit im

Jessica Crawford : I told you not to give no Loch Ness Monster no tree fiddy!

George Smith : The silence right before the explosion of laughter is what helps make this so funny. In that short 2 seconds, everyone (like the son) is trying to process what he says, then suddenly we're like...."Wait, that's freaking hilarious!!" Boom!

Örjan Lennström : The original Zombie walk.

Cameron Edman : oh my god all the fluid in his laugh is disgusting

Rdog : He's got the voice of Samuel L. Jackson

Can I get 100 subs with no vids? : Last night and night before, there was Donald Trump walking down the street that way. I saw him. I say "Hey Donald Trump, why are you walking down the street that way? There's nothing down there", and he rolled away. I say "Oh those were some oranges".

STOPUSINGMYREALNAMEFK : u know what man. u a lucky dude. seems like a good dad. u must be a good son. hella funny. my man. dont trust a bird

Jessica Crawford : Moar videos of your Dad, pls?

LJ Johnson :

ThePaintingBanjo : The modern day MLK

burnzy3210 : no tree fiddy jokes? i'm disappointed in these comments

ASFALT21 : Why he walk like an orangutan(I'm serious, look how they too walk while slightly swinging arms from side to side) and what did he say in the end? I didnt understand the punchline?

Cold Nigga : sounds like a south park character

davidjohnjr : Danny Glover?

nunpucks : This boys and girls is what they call a character! Love old dudes like this!

FMJPatriot : That is the walk of a hard workin' man right there. Tell him thank you every chance you get.

ELS_Gaming : RAY!!!!!!!

Ricardo Figueroa : Get a video of your dad yelling the snake line from Snakes On A Plane. PLEASE YOUTUBE GOLD.

Butts McPoopDick : he sounds like james early jones

Bryce Walburn : This man is honestly a true comedic talent. Few people can tell a 20 second story that is so hilarious, so engaging, and has so many layers.

Sam Howley : dafuq did he say?

Sepulchre13 : 0:17 turned country real quick

Stache : He would make a great narrator.

Chihiro Fujisaki : Uncle Ben !

Ted Pennington : Good stuff

Garrett London : That is gold.

SepehrBLK : I don't hear the punchline well! What do these girls say and what is his response?

Garry S : Give this guy $3.50 

Ashley Hook : Hey man, can we use the video of your dad? We can credit your youtube channel :)

Nameless Ghoulette : Funniest thing I've heard all day! The only reason I found this hilarious is because the British slang word for woman is bird!

rocky 8 : Bruh every time I try to show it to somebody they don't laugh

Happy Stingray : Hop

Mr. Kenspickle : Did I laugh? I think I did? can ask you a question again? did I laugh?

Larry Hinze : Somebody tell him Wheezy is in heaven...

Omari Douglas : Old black dudes are awesome. I believe that they are a higher form of intelligence.

SmellsLikeNothing : i love how he dies after too

Guillermo Indalecio Fernández : I just had exactly the same delay to start laughing as the recording guy

2muchwhit1 : What if the birds were women (⊙_⊙)

Travis Rabble : Your dad always begs pedestrians if they can spare dollar... you must be proud.

Jr Varela : Must be damn Pigeons

mechfeeney : This is my favorite video of all time on youtube.

fortminr56 : Is he drunk? Dx

Father10 : Best story ever told, I'm in pain.