My dad sayin some funny ish. A must see video.

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jazon345 : Hones to God I could imagine this guy in the next Fallout game.

kanvasp : Samual L Jackson is in everything!

TheGuitaristNate : "Last night and the night before".. So this happened to him twice? lol

zeaga15 : Your dad is one of the wittiest people I've ever heard. That was awesome

Seth NJ : Is that Uncle Ruckus...

Brody ArmBar : He could say anything and I would probably laugh

Jessica Crawford : I told you not to give no Loch Ness Monster no tree fiddy!

Cameron Edman : oh my god all the fluid in his laugh is disgusting

Rdog : He's got the voice of Samuel L. Jackson

A Franca : walkin like he old, what's wrong wit im

Örjan Lennström : The original Zombie walk.

Can I get 100 subs with no vids? : Last night and night before, there was Donald Trump walking down the street that way. I saw him. I say "Hey Donald Trump, why are you walking down the street that way? There's nothing down there", and he rolled away. I say "Oh those were some oranges".

Jessica Crawford : Moar videos of your Dad, pls?

Butts McPoopDick : he sounds like james early jones

Brian : "And they flew away! I said 'oh, those are some birds'".

STOPUSINGMYREALNAMEFK : u know what man. u a lucky dude. seems like a good dad. u must be a good son. hella funny. my man. dont trust a bird

LJ Johnson :

Garry S : Give this guy $3.50 

Ricardo Figueroa : Get a video of your dad yelling the snake line from Snakes On A Plane. PLEASE YOUTUBE GOLD.

davidjohnjr : Danny Glover?

ThePaintingBanjo : The modern day MLK

George Smith : The silence right before the explosion of laughter is what helps make this so funny. In that short 2 seconds, everyone (like the son) is trying to process what he says, then suddenly we're like...."Wait, that's freaking hilarious!!" Boom!

Cold Nigga : sounds like a south park character

Mr Malibujunkies : one of the best videos on youtube. hands down.

nunpucks : This boys and girls is what they call a character! Love old dudes like this!

ELS_Gaming : RAY!!!!!!!

Medusa gorgon anime : Uncle Ben !

ASFALT21 : Why he walk like an orangutan(I'm serious, look how they too walk while slightly swinging arms from side to side) and what did he say in the end? I didnt understand the punchline?

Stache : He would make a great narrator.

Sepulchre13 : 0:17 turned country real quick

Cypher : I didn't get the joke. "They flew away as they were birds"? Or is it some American-specific humor?

Garrett London : That is gold.

SepehrBLK : I don't hear the punchline well! What do these girls say and what is his response?

Ashley Hook : Hey man, can we use the video of your dad? We can credit your youtube channel :)

Sam Howley : dafuq did he say?

Josh Ray : Cocaine a hella of a drug. 

Ted Pennington : Good stuff

burnzy3210 : no tree fiddy jokes? i'm disappointed in these comments

SmellsLikeNothing : i love how he dies after too

Silverlance988 : Man upload more vids of your dad, he's brilliant.

Silverlance988 : WE WANT MOAR, interview him!

Mr. Graves : This will fit well in my playlist

Bryce Walburn : This man is honestly a true comedic talent. Few people can tell a 20 second story that is so hilarious, so engaging, and has so many layers.

2muchwhit1 : What if the birds were women (⊙_⊙)

Elijah Wald : That's great! Did he make that up, or hear it somewhere?

Khorlith : That cracked me up... and I love his voice. He could do radio or TV. He'd make a great announcer.

La Fyest : couldn't even tell what he said

BigPettus : He made it up lol.

BigPettus : we were working outside & it was hot that day.

Andrew : This has to be the funniest video on the internet. It seems like he completely improvised everything he said, which makes it 20x funnier. No vulgarity or obnoxious outbursts, just good old fashioned humor. Put him on television.