Chatting with a Columbine Survivor

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Anon1993 : The only guy that can give an interview in a kitchen, living room and bedroom all at the same time.

Wissenswert : Man .. made me tear up when he said "i feel like i have to kinda live for them" .. such a valuable good episode. Keep these going, andrew. In some way this is way more valuable than the pranks.

Just a Youtuber : Such an inspiring video, wow didn’t expect any of this.. great video

Brady McIntyre : Weird flex but ot4y

mmm6325 : Andrew:So youre a columbine survivor? Dude:Yeah Andrew:Haha

Shawn Tanner : *reads title* man, andrews awkward laughs are going to be interesting here

Taylor The Warlock : andrew some constructive criticism: this guy had a lot of really interesting details that made the story captivating. In the middle of his story, you kept saying stuff like "okay so you made it out, then what?" but he would kind of reel it back in and continue with the interesting details of HOW he made it out, etc. I'm glad he did that cause those parts were really interesting. Basically, you might want to let the guests talk sometimes when they have a really interesting story and just sit back and actively listen. Joe Rogan, for example, does a good job of knowing when to move the convo along and when to just let the guest talk for a while. Your chatting withs are awesome though and the quality has improved a ton. This is just something that I noticed and feel like might be beneficial to work on.

Peter : If this guy interviewed Hila from H3H3 "Yeah.." "Yeah."

marc07112 : Damn, you can see his pain in his eyes.

Troy Gallatin : I’ve always wanted to hear from someone who experienced this massacre

Arthur Abel : So much courage from someone who lived from a traumatic event like that.

Mike Greg : he seems like a really great guy

Danna : This should have been way longer 🙌🏽 wow what an interview...20 years later and you still can never forget.

Oak101 : LAHWF: "So you were there at the Columbine Shooting?" Will: "Yeah" LAHWF: "Hahahahaha"

MiguelGGM : Chatting with a no nut November survivor at the end of the month pls p.s hopefully me!!!

zepps88 : Sounds like this guy was forced to grow up really fast. I think the kid he saw get shot was Danny Rohrbough, the kid who was pictured in the newspaper lying dead on the sidewalk. Eric and Dylan were pathetic pieces of shit. It's kind of disturbing how they inspired a new generation of school shooters. I wish nothing but the best for this man.

Mrzanetti100 : Easily my favorite ”chatting with”

RandomAssCow : Chatting with A Scientologist/Ex-Scientologist

Fuck off I got work to do : this is pretty disturbing to hear.. can't imagine it happening at my school. would probably shit myself while the adrenaline rushes through my veins

Classy Mistake : I started tearing up when he started talking about Dave Sanders. This was a really touching episode

OD138 : This is one that maybe Andrew should have familiarized himself with the incident a little more because this is some real shit.

Luke : tbh these chatting withs are otay with me

I eat ass : Do chatting with a combat veteran

ODN4 : Wow the way he turned around his mindset to help others and to live his life to the fullest was so courageous we can all learn a lot from that.

DaleDeekes : I do miss the pranks but these videos are just as entertaining but in a different way. Keep it em coming OTAY OTAY

Rico Highway : Liked it already, whoops.

B Sz : I don't know if Andrew is just unintelligent or a stoner but his guests are a lot more articulate than him

Tessa Kamberos : What a story. This guy has been through something no person should have to go through & came out the other side deciding to help others & be a positive influence. Something we should all strive for in hard times. Thanks for sharing!

It'sAlexForShort : This was so sad to listen to :(

Tyson Q : Chatting with someone who has taken a vow of silence

FranchiseLove : I’m a survivor of going without new Andrew Hale pranks, interview me.

Andrew Esquivel : Interesting timing. Mass shooting in CA the night of this upload

georgyorgy2 : Matthew Santoro went to Columbine?

patochantk : Chatting with a virtuous paedophile! Lets do it Andrew!!!!

Paradox Pegises : Chatting with a long time Detroit officer

Jaren Fritz : why so short

Corey Ross : Damn, andrew cold blooded. Dude is crying and andrew is just like "ya".

jam11one : Chatting with cult leader

SoldierOfGod12 : I can’t imagine what he went through. God bless him.

Ryan Lee : chatting with a monk

Money Mogul : Interview with a Scammer

ChanceStearns : The guy in the video please read this. Okay I finished watching. That was a great video, and I could see in your eyes that the things you saw still haunt you. I think I speak for all of us when I say that I can’t imagine the things you went through. Thank you for sharing your story I’m sure it was very hard to even do that. Like you said, despite the bad things that happened, you are a lucky guy. I’m glad you were here to tell that story and give me inspiration.

Chris Murphy : I wish I had close friends, people who really care about me.

TheOMGbeandip : my favourite chatting with so far

Harambe : This is gonna go viral

What're Water : Finally a good interview stop it with the astrology idiots

Rew Diaz : "Oh, So you kinda had a head start?" "...well the shooting actually happened outside" "oH oKaY..."

profit killer : Chatting with a dog

6laderunner : Columbine wasn't a successful school shooting. It was a massively failed school bombing by two incompetent psychopaths. Thank God.

Rico Highway : I've had a Near Death Experience before, falling off a Bridge onto melting Ice, I can feel what he's saying about life being so Precious. Nice Video Andrew, keep em Coming🤘🐐😂