Kid Rock of Bel Air
Kid Rock of Bel Air

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"Fresh Prince of Bel Air" theme song, but the music is Kid Rock. Donate:


Jason M : Should be retitled "Werewolf of Bel Air" ;-)

Shawn Levasseur : Dishonorable non-mention of Warren Zevon

FuzzzWuzzz : So mashups of mashups is where we're headed now... It's so meta it must have always been inevitable.

chrisjaybecker : Long Live the Excitable Boy himself, the Great Warren Zevon.

Jason Walker : Little old lady got mutilated late last night..

Michael O : Kid Rock has absolutely nothing to do with the lyrics or the music.

Infowars : It should be Sweet Home Bel Air

BioDiver : Iiiiin west Philadelphia _We were trying different things_ _And we were smoking funny things_ _And making love out by the lake to our favorite songs_ Until a couple of guys _Sippin out the bottle_ _Not thinkin bout tomorrow_ _Singing Sweet Home Alabama all summer long_ and said "You're movin in with your auntie and uncle in Bel Aire"

chrisjaybecker : I always thought it was stupid that Kid Rock's big hit name-checks Sweet Home Alabama, yet uses the piano riff from Werewolves of London to, apparently, represent Skynyrd.

adam tarver : Why not Warren Zefon version? So much better!

barrack obama : Agreed, Werewolf of Bel-Air

MKDumas1981 : Bel-Air Summer Fresh Prince All Summer Long Summers in Bel-Air

DK : The Fresh Prince of Alabama

Jodan Berry : Prince of Alabama..

UNST1TCHABL3 : Warren zevon. Kid rock cant have credit for that

AngeloIppis42 : Why is that extra long middle part in the intro? I'm actually curious

Zane DeGonia : I can't breathe! 😂😂

Matthew : You used the long version of the Fresh Prince theme. I think I’m in love with you now.

Ruth Weeks : Coming from a lady who loves and lived and grew up in urban areas. I love this.

grayboo212 : ... and Will's hair was perfect.

jz Gurung : what kind of mixer do you use?

Eric_Grant_Swisher : If your going to do sweet home alabama do the lynyrd skynyrd version

uededrac : Sweet Home Bel Air.

Gooner CestLaVie : Sweet stuff

tobisama : This is so great!!!

minibikemafia : Werewolves of Bel air. Kid rock is a hack. He Is like a talentless weird Al. Your great Al, I'm sorry!!

Manek Iridius : Why Rock and not Skynyrd?

Jacobo Vazquez : First song of Kid Rock that actually like it

Walkintall : It works!

Without Laughter life Is Boring : Awesome.

evlredsun : for all the people beaking about werewolves and skynard, go listen to those songs, they don't line up right, the kid rock version does because kid rock is only good at making generic pop 8 bar verse and 4 bar chorus. don't like it? too bad, you can go make your own but you won't be as good as bill.

Amanda Wade : Too funny!

Snow Man : Holy shit... Somebody actually made Kid Rock tolerable:)

Joanne Heidenberger : um, Im sure that people have said it's sweet home alabama, which is NOT kid rock

Thread Bomb : Crediting this music to Kid Rock must surely be a joke.

Mr. Waybesón : KFC vs Fresh Prince? This is racist!!!