Kid Rock of Bel Air

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Bill McClintock : If you wish to support this channel, you can donate here!

Jason M : Should be retitled "Werewolf of Bel Air" ;-)

Shawn Levasseur : Dishonorable non-mention of Warren Zevon

Michael O : Kid Rock has absolutely nothing to do with the lyrics or the music.

Jason Walker : Little old lady got mutilated late last night..

chrisjaybecker : Long Live the Excitable Boy himself, the Great Warren Zevon.

BioDiver : Iiiiin west Philadelphia _We were trying different things_ _And we were smoking funny things_ _And making love out by the lake to our favorite songs_ Until a couple of guys _Sippin out the bottle_ _Not thinkin bout tomorrow_ _Singing Sweet Home Alabama all summer long_ and said "You're movin in with your auntie and uncle in Bel Aire"

chrisjaybecker : I always thought it was stupid that Kid Rock's big hit name-checks Sweet Home Alabama, yet uses the piano riff from Werewolves of London to, apparently, represent Skynyrd.

FuzzzWuzzz : So mashups of mashups is where we're headed now... It's so meta it must have always been inevitable.

adam tarver : Why not Warren Zefon version? So much better!

Eric_Grant_Swisher : If your going to do sweet home alabama do the lynyrd skynyrd version

Doctor Dank : It should be Sweet Home Bel Air

Snow Man : Holy shit... Somebody actually made Kid Rock tolerable:)

AngeloIppis42 : Why is that extra long middle part in the intro? I'm actually curious

Jodan Berry : Prince of Alabama..

Amanda Wade : Too funny!

NPC 867530942069 : KFC vs Fresh Prince? This is racist!!!

Without Laughter life Is Boring : Awesome.

grayboo212 : ... and Will's hair was perfect.

tobisama : This is so great!!!

Ruth Weeks : Coming from a lady who loves and lived and grew up in urban areas. I love this.

Thread Bomb : Crediting this music to Kid Rock must surely be a joke.

Jacobo Vazquez : First song of Kid Rock that actually like it

Matthew : You used the long version of the Fresh Prince theme. I think I’m in love with you now.

barrack obama : Agreed, Werewolf of Bel-Air

Manek Iridius : Why Rock and not Skynyrd?

Gooner CestLaVie : Sweet stuff

Walkintall : It works!

minibikemafia : Werewolves of Bel air. Kid rock is a hack. He Is like a talentless weird Al. Your great Al, I'm sorry!!

uededrac : Sweet Home Bel Air.

Bruce Wayne : Why did you credit this to kid rock, isn't this Warren Zevon ?

jz Gurung : what kind of mixer do you use?

Joanne Heidenberger : um, Im sure that people have said it's sweet home alabama, which is NOT kid rock