Win! Should Every Collection Have An Apple Watch? - Apple Watch Series 4 | Watchfinder & Co.

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The Great Gambino : Have nothing against a smartwatch I just can't bring myself to appreciate or enjoy one. I'll stick with my mechanical pieces.

Bark and Jack : One of my favourite watch channels. Congrats guys.

Horology House : Congratulations on 200k guys. Such a great achievement. Also thank you for paving the way for few of us other YouTubers, the ones who simply just want to share our love for watches. Bring on 300k ;)

naka7a : Mechanical watches will still be ticking away after decades of usage. Smart watches on the other hand...

Jan Sandberg : Well, watches are soon going to be forbidden on exams.

Thanh Lai : The Apple Watch is interesting but I'll choose the combination of a mechanical (or digital) watch and a smartphone any day of the week ;)

StorKejsaren : I know it's blasphemy to say this, but the Apple watch actually reminds me a bit of a Nautilus with its square-ish case and seamless integration between case and bracelet, anyone else who see the resemblance?

Josh Stone : Just bought my first Swiss piece yesterday, 2015 Oris Classic Date for $400 AUD

Dominik Stehle : Would love to get one ❤️❤️

Loretta Mcdonald : Wow what a watch a mechanical experience in brilliance.The design of the face is sheer beauty and being compared to a Porsche more of a Bugatti Cherone.It would make my Christmas to win this 4series Apple watch & coming from the Bugatti of watch maker's_ Watchfinders&Co thanks for the opportunity to win this fab prize,.💕

Drakotar : Seems like it was 100k a few months ago! Congrats guys, great quality content as always. With the Apple Watch 4 I’m tempted, seeing friends with the series 3 I can see it’s benefit with fitness as I am always down the gym. I do like the new screen on the 4.

Dominik Justin : Love my Mechanicel watches but the fitness and health features an Applewatch can provide are unheard of ✨

Roy Kidd : I have friends who swear by their smart watches. I love having my simple wrist mechanical watch, also has the added benefit of avoiding looking at my phone, would be interesting to compare the two but think I'd have to double watch!

StarMichaelAOZGW nothing : I wish i could search for cats on my Rolex...

Kanye West : This was one of your best video yet!

timo dina : in my opinion the watch itself deserves to be used at least one time, it have so much style and tech features, its so versatile.

GUNNERS FOR LIFE : 200k reason why your channel is one of the best watch reviews channel on youtube.High quality production and content .

Abhinay Raikar : Hey man, whoever you are, have been following the channel since a long time, love the way your narration of the history and legacy behind watchmaking, may your channel keep growing CONGRATULATIONS ON THAT 200K!

Chris Wald : In my opinion the Apple Watch represents what an old Casio calculator watch used to represent (back in the day).

Muhammed Ikraam Cassim : Read more

Jason Yau : My objection is that the Apple Watch takes away wrist time from my other watches. Also, I presume it’ll feel like I’m having an affair! But the tech is very convincing!!!

SuperParve : Congratulations Watchfinder!

ruuat testissä : Y O U N E E D S O M E M I L K

DanfriedAce : Good for journalists and dissidents, because it can let investigators know you were tortured and murdered.

omiros326712 : NO!

BK H : I do hope I win this! I`ve been a huge fan of the channel since I stumpled onto it. Love from Denmark.

Dr. ew : No, I don’t like the hippy high mind culture that thinks smart watches are useful and make you cool And especially no to APPLE... Rather get a timex

Claudius Krämer : The Apple watch is something common. A mechanical watch is something really special. You see much more people with a Apple watch than with a mechanical watch. The Apple watch may have more features but if you understand the art behind a real mechanical watch you know you have real art on your wrist and not only an computer that was made by machines.

Miguel Afonso : Even when reviewing non mechanical watches the quality of exquisite!

IlBeet : Don’t know if apple watch worth it... might give it a try!

N 187 : Apple > Rolex

Kun Kimlong : Yes finally smart watch.

Frank Lin : I see this as future. Not for watch, but for phone. I know u might say it's all silly when have smartphone doing all the boring work, but it's just like when smartphone came out and we said it's silly we just want to make a call and I have a computer for all the boring work. We are fortunate to be born in the time when imformation can be store more and more compact, like how we downsize the computer, then laptop, then smartphone, and I believe this will be the next step. Well, at the end of the day, is it gonna replace a fine traditional watch? I don't think so, because I'll take both and place the smartphone next to the typewriter. Well just by the way. I still a huge huge fan of A fine traditional mechanical watch, I think it is hundreds years of mechanical intelligence refine under art and craftmanship. Apple simplely can't beat that!

Radhakrishna Pai : The essence of mechanical watches is unparalleled, but accepting technology is no harm. Hats off to Watchfinder & Co. for having capturing moments in time forever!

Captain Rambunctious : As always, a concise, accurate and canny video. Well done!

pkayne : Not sure if I'd agree that Apple watch is no competition for the mechanical, while true in the financial sense. You can easily own both and while those who only use it as an extension of their phone or for fitness tracking will easily switch between a Rolex and an Apple watch. The tipping point here is the AW4 ability to monitor your heart and call emergency service on your behalf. These features make it a life-saving device, one that becomes indispensable. I wear my Rolex daily but If I wanted the accurate time I look at my phone. Smartwatches never appeal to me until the AW4 with its ability to warn you to get your heart checked out. Smartwatches will only get better and unless wearing a smartwatch and a mechanical on each wrist is a normal behaviour I see the future of mechanical watches going down the same path as the Morgan. Only a few hundred sold a year to diminishing market base and will spend most its time stored away.

Martha Simon : Congratulations on hitting 200k subscribers and may it continue to grow bigger and bigger! Great review on the Apple Watch! I agree that whether should it be added to our watch collection it totally depends on us, what we want out of it, and our own personal taste. I myself a mechanical watch lover and I would consider adding this into my collection. This will not replace mechanical watches as my most loved collection. To me, a mechanical watch is an art of craftsmanship that is rich in history. Apple Watch is not a replacement of mechanical watches, it does have a spot in my heart, therefore it deserves to be added to my collection as it serves a different functionality that caters some of our needs in this modern world.

Ian Woollard : The best watch content on YouTube. I’d be most interested in using the Apple Watch at the gym and work the only two places I wear my mechanical watch. It would be a useful tool for both activities

jared packer : No thanks to any smart watch

RemyGonzales : I'm pressing 'like' for the valid questions you raised on the existence of this watch, not for the watch itself which by the way needs to be charged every single night ! Not only does it loses value the second it is out of the box, it is entirely subject to obscure lines of code and aggravating updates out of its owner's control instead of actual crafted complications, simple legibility, self or manual winding. Worst of all every body is already wearing a version of it. I mean Everyone! Maybe this will be acceptable to log a quick run, although I would trust my Suunto or Garmin to do that. Anyway by wanting to be a watch that does everything, it really achieves nothing in the long run. I do appreciate the finish and the machining of the case but it has little merit since millions of units will be coming out of a factory.

mena seven : For me the Apple watch is a redondant gadget, for me the IWatch is a miniature IPhone. why having an Apple Phone on my wrist when the cell phone in my pocket can do a better job managing 01 with a bigger screen then the Apple watch. I will rather have a Swiss and Japanese mechanical watch in my left hand and a gold or silver or platinum or stainless steel bracelet on my right wrist then a Apple watch. Some cell phone can also measure your heart rate. I will rather have a Casio quartz watch in my mechanical watch collection to have accurate time then a IWatch. I think the Apple watch is for geek and senior citizen who want to monitor their health. Watchfinder congratulation on your 200,000 subscribers, I also want to win the free Apple Watch series 4.

DrKlaja : What about Hybrid watches? Combining the high-tech precision and functionality of the Apple Watch, and the pleasure and experience of the more vintage mechanical watch that we all appreciate. By that, I don't mean a quartz or any of that nonsense. If we were to compare that to cars, I would say that Apple is Tesla, the Rolex is a nice Porsche speedster 1600, while quartz is the Smart (functional, fun(?) but a bit booring). In conclusion, what I have in mind would be to mix it all and generate a P1, a Senna, or a 918. Anyone agrees?

indranipandey : Would you consider the Apple Watch Hermès in a good watch standard?

TigerTanks : How about wearing both (mechanical and smartwatch) at the same time? We have got two wrists...

Jeviar Firsta : Congratulation on 200k! While I would love to own apple watch, I got an android phone which won't be a able to work with this. Well, this thing is cool, but I'm not sure if one could be serviced in the future 10-15 years. And the cycle of gadget is always around 1-2 years of usage and people stats to sell or dispose it away out to the garbage disposal. Like how many of us still use the Nokia N series? Or how many of us still using the OG iPhone 3G?

Kapil Madhan : The fascination of possing a smart watch is ephemeral whereas the one for possing a mechanical watch is eternal. Just like the technology used in its making, a smart watch is not an everlasting invention... It becomes obsolete every year. 5 years from now and we might be having watches projecting Time in mid air like we have been seeing in movies... Still there will many Pateks, Rolexes, JLCs, Seiko etc ticking flawlessly...

jose pantojas : To me there’s only one way to wear a wrist watch, mechanical. I already have and depend on my iPhone for everything. I actually live my life and function through my phone. It’s like a well tailored suit, one wears it with pride, and that’s how I feel when wearing one of my watches. In my humble collection there’s , 14 karat gold Jules Jurgensen, a vintage Omega, Rolex, Rado, Seiko, Catier, Bulova and , for everyday wear mamona. Therefore to me, there’s only a gentleman wears a watch. Just ask James Bond.

Richard Northwood : I like wearable tech. But I also like my mechanical watches. I think there's more than enough room for both. But it's worth noting that I've just been looking at a vintage rolex that was assembled in 1969. In 50 years time I will be very surprised if any of the apple watches made this year will still be functional.

Matt McLoughlin : No. You have one in your pocket that's easier to use, easier to see, and equally disposable.

Alvin Choo : Great Videos by the way. Had watch quite a number of watch videos here and makes me salivate for more. Had always loved watches, never missed looking at them when I walk into the malls. Sadly, can never afford one. My favourite brands are Patek Phillipe, Jaeger Lecoultre, Vacheron Constantin, Franck Muller, Breitling. Ball, Omega etc. Never a fan of Rolex, don’t know why. Keep up the good work !