Win! Should Every Collection Have An Apple Watch? - Apple Watch Series 4 | Watchfinder & Co.

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The Great Gambino : Have nothing against a smartwatch I just can't bring myself to appreciate or enjoy one. I'll stick with my mechanical pieces.

Bark and Jack : One of my favourite watch channels. Congrats guys.

Horology House : Congratulations on 200k guys. Such a great achievement. Also thank you for paving the way for few of us other YouTubers, the ones who simply just want to share our love for watches. Bring on 300k ;)

naka7a : Mechanical watches will still be ticking away after decades of usage. Smart watches on the other hand...

Jan Sandberg : Well, watches are soon going to be forbidden on exams.

Thanh Lai : The Apple Watch is interesting but I'll choose the combination of a mechanical (or digital) watch and a smartphone any day of the week ;)

Josh Stone : Just bought my first Swiss piece yesterday, 2015 Oris Classic Date for $400 AUD

Loretta Mcdonald : Wow what a watch a mechanical experience in brilliance.The design of the face is sheer beauty and being compared to a Porsche more of a Bugatti Cherone.It would make my Christmas to win this 4series Apple watch & coming from the Bugatti of watch maker's_ Watchfinders&Co thanks for the opportunity to win this fab prize,.💕

StorKejsaren : I know it's blasphemy to say this, but the Apple watch actually reminds me a bit of a Nautilus with its square-ish case and seamless integration between case and bracelet, anyone else who see the resemblance?

Roy Kidd : I have friends who swear by their smart watches. I love having my simple wrist mechanical watch, also has the added benefit of avoiding looking at my phone, would be interesting to compare the two but think I'd have to double watch!

Drakotar : Seems like it was 100k a few months ago! Congrats guys, great quality content as always. With the Apple Watch 4 I’m tempted, seeing friends with the series 3 I can see it’s benefit with fitness as I am always down the gym. I do like the new screen on the 4.

Jason Yau : My objection is that the Apple Watch takes away wrist time from my other watches. Also, I presume it’ll feel like I’m having an affair! But the tech is very convincing!!!

timo dina : in my opinion the watch itself deserves to be used at least one time, it have so much style and tech features, its so versatile.

StarMichaelAOZGW nothing : I wish i could search for cats on my Rolex...

Kanye West : This was one of your best video yet!

GUNNERS FOR LIFE : 200k reason why your channel is one of the best watch reviews channel on youtube.High quality production and content .

SuperParve : Congratulations Watchfinder!

ruuat testissä : Y O U N E E D S O M E M I L K

Chris Wald : In my opinion the Apple Watch represents what an old Casio calculator watch used to represent (back in the day).

Muhammed Ikraam Cassim : Read more

Abhinay Raikar : Hey man, whoever you are, have been following the channel since a long time, love the way your narration of the history and legacy behind watchmaking, may your channel keep growing CONGRATULATIONS ON THAT 200K!

omiros326712 : NO!

BK H : I do hope I win this! I`ve been a huge fan of the channel since I stumpled onto it. Love from Denmark.

DanfriedAce : Good for journalists and dissidents, because it can let investigators know you were tortured and murdered.

Dr. ew : No, I don’t like the hippy high mind culture that thinks smart watches are useful and make you cool And especially no to APPLE...

Claudius Krämer : The Apple watch is something common. A mechanical watch is something really special. You see much more people with a Apple watch than with a mechanical watch. The Apple watch may have more features but if you understand the art behind a real mechanical watch you know you have real art on your wrist and not only an computer that was made by machines.

IlBeet : Don’t know if apple watch worth it... might give it a try!

N 187 : Apple > Rolex

Miguel Afonso : Even when reviewing non mechanical watches the quality of exquisite!

Frank Lin : I see this as future. Not for watch, but for phone. I know u might say it's all silly when have smartphone doing all the boring work, but it's just like when smartphone came out and we said it's silly we just want to make a call and I have a computer for all the boring work. We are fortunate to be born in the time when imformation can be store more and more compact, like how we downsize the computer, then laptop, then smartphone, and I believe this will be the next step. Well, at the end of the day, is it gonna replace a fine traditional watch? I don't think so, because I'll take both and place the smartphone next to the typewriter. Well just by the way. I still a huge huge fan of A fine traditional mechanical watch, I think it is hundreds years of mechanical intelligence refine under art and craftmanship. Apple simplely can't beat that!

John Sangalang : A smart watch is perfect for daily use but nothing beats luxury like a mechanical watch. I love your statement regarding why not have both? As they are meant to complement your life

Basim Khoja : One very important distinction to note is lifetime. An Apple Watch has a usable lifetime of five to seven years at best. More practically you would replace it in three years or less. A good mechanical watch would last a lifetime and can be passed down to generations.

guyinwheelchair33 : Love the channel. This would be a great gift to give for Christmas!

jared packer : No thanks to any smart watch

MrD2108 : I might give it a try when it have juice even longer than my mechanical watches.

Eileen B : Great job on hitting 200k. I have followed this website ever since my son introduced me to it! He loves mechanical watches and all things watches... I'd love to win this competition, so I could give him a watch. Thank you, and lovely videos. x

Richard Fife : That's a fishing weight. Nothing more or less.

Mauricio Takahashi : Your videos have such a high quality. Congratulations on the 200k. My favorite one is the Nomos vs JLV vs Lange.

Radhakrishna Pai : The essence of mechanical watches is unparalleled, but accepting technology is no harm. Hats off to Watchfinder & Co. for having capturing moments in time forever!

fsveen : Congrats on the 2k! Enjoy your work and wish u all the best. I prefer the mechanical watch, but will give the Apple watch a try if I win ;)

Pete Mirams : Enjoy your videos and find them informative

Harshit Singh : Congrats guys, your video quality is second to none. Best channel for watch reviews

George Brown : "Post a letter?" What's that?

TigerTanks : How about wearing both (mechanical and smartwatch) at the same time? We have got two wrists...

Semen Somkin : So, here is my winning comment!

Petia Ivanova : Looks good!

unlimitedfirepower : I like both smartwatches and mechanical watches but they both serve different purposes.

Jason Arringotn : Smart watches are cool... very futuristic. how ever they will never take the place of any fine mechanical watches.

Jude Danta : Congratulations on 200k, keep up the amazing videos!

Captain Rambunctious : As always, a concise, accurate and canny video. Well done!