Celebrations gone wrong

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Paul Basta : how to hold a cake: 1. use 1 hand 2. extend it from your body 3. don't look at the cake or where you're walking 4. nearly light your sons head on fire with the candles 5. drop the cake

silencedknight : 3:26 guy cleaning the floor or a cameraman like "woop I'm out"

Robert J. Williamson : I'll never understand these people who celebrate before they cross the line. Have they never seen this videos of people making an ass of themselves doing that on YouTube?

DaysWithoutSun™ : Who throws a trophy? lmao the f#ck was that hahaha

Alfredo Haurissa : i can't stop laughing for the mma asian guy.... stupid level 99 😂

Samuel H.M : "Miss Universe 2015" Colombia needs to join the compilation.

TheSnoopyclone : The basketball one is hands down the best in your face moment! lol.

Sheyandaar : No one deserves to lose more than the one that celebrates early.

Christian Wyche : That lady is stupid why would you hold it on one hand

Paolo Tk_9 : 3:24 wait was that blood? Daaaamn

kookie4nookie : Yo that Jamaican with the mascot tho had me dyingggggg hahaha

Michael Freeberg : Sometimes I leave my headphones in without the music on, just so I don't have to communicate with people

Karen Vardanyan : 3:38 attempt suicide right after victory LOL

Stephen Troup : Most of these are accidents or players thinking they have won / scored...but WHO deliberately throws a heavy, pointed trophy like that 10-15 in the air toward a group of people!!!!!!!!!! 0:32 Could have seriously hurt somone!

Genrey Lino Gonzales : I felt bad about myself laughing at the girl when the cake feel and she cried.

Rick Dangerous : why did it look like the guy at 2:07 meant to hit his teammate?

kckcmctcrc : what in the wide world of sports happened at 2:07?

Matej Bukovec : 5:10 was the best. I guess there was a 2 points difference and then both teams gave 3s in the last second?

edisonsun21c : that internal bleeding.....

Edlar89 : Failebrations?

jtymusic100 : It look like he out right just punched his teammate on purpose.

Brett Wilson : One soccer player celebrated a goal by doing backflips and landed awkwardly on the last one and broke his back and died

TheNewRiflemanBob : Did the guy spit out a combination of blood and stomach acid at 3:27?

FreedomForce100 : No pleasure in seeing people getting hurt.

Velha Guarda Tricolor : 4:51 The best of them all

dkchen : Lesson of the day... be humble when you win. So you don't look like an idiot.

Robert Hardy : Sad when your celebration needs a translation......

Peter Stephen : 2:14....oh boy..ha..ha ...ha

Brandon Van : 3:07 LOL at the mascot

Neil Craig : Spewing up that amount of blood at 3:25.......Get to the Doctors - Sharpish!

Spicy Kielbasa : Cocky people who celebrate before it's over deserve this.

RTZUISF GTQWXJP : The stupid rollerskate lolz

Real Indian : Next time add mushfiqur Rahim of Bangladesh who is a crickets Everytime he his teammates and peoples start a early celebration but 99℅ time they lose the match later lol

Amristar : Estupido Colombiano!

Dougy : yall complain about the cake but not the people throwing / hitting team mates wtf ?!?!

DADRU808 : 3:41 That Japanese guy is really down to earth...even after a win!

im whitemeat : 3:41 omg hahaha..funny he crawl xD

Ilyas Fhg : Hahah that UFC fighter is so stupid

Ryan Drehmann : 3:37 is the best thing these eyes have ever seen

M Frusciante : 2:23 I didn't know Arnold was into soccer

97channel : Schools just don't teach you how to un-celebrate.

Crazy Masina : like my boy Andy Samberg says never stop never stopping

الله سمانا المسلمين ،من أنتم يا سنة وشيعة ؟ : that vomit scene reminded me of the movie the Boom.

Sasa Stojiljkovic : DUSAN KECMAN! 0.6 SECONDS

jack4xxnew : Gone wrong, gone sexual

Ћероман Ћеранствени : 5:17 Serbs fking nazi croats!

Alex Here : man the birthday cake i am sorry for her

Jorge Gaytan : basketball one. best one

cheesesteakphilly : I don't get soccer players. Someone can accidentally uppercut a teammate in the face from a celebration and they are fine.... ....but when a player of the opposing team steps on their shoelace, they have to be carried off of the field.

Joe Beef : that basketball one lmao damn!!!