iPad Art - Morgan Freeman Finger Painting
iPad art Morgan Freeman

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Painted by Kyle Lambert www.kylelambert.co.uk The world's most realistic finger painting. Using only a finger, an iPad Air and the app Procreate, artist Kyle Lambert has painted a photorealistic portrait of actor Morgan Freeman. Original Photograph Taken by Scott Gries - http://www.scottgries.com Music by Richard Woolgar


VerdanaDaSkele : Me: Oh, that seems to be some photoshopped thumbnail Me: **Watches** Me: w a i t

Gay For Dio Sama : I was never a fan of hyper realistic art but this is pretty damn good.

Dzabrail Legende : Bevor painting: His finger: -I dont feel so good- After painting: His finger: *I feel so good*

BasicallyBlue : Now nobody got the excuse of "I can't draw without stylus"

Akane can’t Draw : Me: I’m actually liking my style- *sees video * NAH MAN IM OUT

cALiBr0 : Youtube alg 2013: 6 years later 2019: yeah that should be about it

Sonicopi : Draw me next Him: draws a trash can. Me: harsh, but accurate

The Gacha Sisters & Friends : *_Looks at thumbnail_* It's just a picture. 🙄 *_Watches the video_* Holy crap.

killshoT : When Morgan Freeman sees this, he'll be like: "When the hell did I take this photo?"

key legend : OK you are not a human. Tell me your specs

lol entertainer's : *PLOT TWIST:*it was a real photo he just edited the video reverse by erasing the photo** Just kidding lol

Q-Q : *When you practiced very hard and people keep saying you're lucky* ... OH MAH FU-

Molly Hitchcock : *draws stick figure cat* Me: pfft, I am way better than you

TWAT Lord : Me after reading the title Don't forget to add those chocolate chips

Cosmi : I if this is finger painting, have I been finger painting my entire life-

Autumn Granger : Me: As an artist, I think I’m pretty detail-oriented Kyle Lambert:

Bear Hugs : Nobody: This guy: I'm going lower every freaking artist's self esteem with just my finger! 😂

Tanner Welch : Too bad Bob Ross could do that in three brush strokes?

Magda : Doctor: you have three minutes and forty two seconds to live Me: pulls out phone

Ice Cream : Other great artist: we are the best This video: hold my tea

Lia Kagami : It's not that I doubt this but a speedpaint with yourself also recorded in it will be more convincing.

Daniel Strilchuk : Why was it slowly zooming in like he was gunna eat us?

FreeGoro : Why isn't morgan freeman narrating this?

Lord Explosion Murder : I draw with my fingers, on a cellphone. The struggle is real. Trust me.

Alessandro Calgaro : Me when I draw Morgan Freeman: *Arrives at* 0:50 *ok I'm done*

Ashton Powers : you even made his MOLES AND FRECKLES HAVE DIMENSION

Dimuh : What if we used 100 percent of our brain :

Silversmile 340 : Me showing this to my art teacher My teacher: WHAT THE FU-

Darkis : Plot twist this video was reversed

Cassie_ Gacha : **Watches This** Me:.. Me Again:MMOOOOOOOOOMM I WANT AN IPADDD!!

BeddaL : No fingercam or taps? I would say this is maked on pc

Love Deshwal : Now I have seen enough in this world. Bye bye everyone.

Gabriel Salgado : And I'm just here drawing stick figures...

Informasi Gamers : That's him in the painting... REAL HIM 🤣

garciafever : Morgan Freeman: every time I do something good, I earn a freckle. Me: hehe *proceeds to add multiple freckles*

can I get 1000 subscriber? CaN i? : FBI: *INHALES* , so tell me.. you are the one who steal Leonardo Da Vinci's fingers right?

*•weeb •* : Imagine if this guy would animate.

Misha Uzair - Dolphin Sr PS (1553) : I thought this was fricken click bait Welp, I guess I was wrong \(=_=)/ Oh. My. Effing. God How did I get so many likes

Nae Nae : Me: Let’s see what other artists are creating. Me After Video: Welp I’m done, (throws tablet at the wall.)

BilliesLove : Me: *Draws crooked stick man* Him : *Paints Morgan Freeman by finger*

Noobmaster69 : This video: **exists** Google images: Am I a joke to you?

Rakshana Selas : When click bait meet reality 😘😘

ᖇᗩ乙0229 : _When you're naturally born with brushes instead of fingers!_

Smurf Angel : No idea about the picture😰 peeery cool

Gamal Kevin : Reminds me of Grafitti app back then at Facebook. People would draw hyper-realistic drawing with it.

Off Beat Creator : : What will this painting cost Me: everything

No u : So how pointy was that finger? Needle thin?

CookieKat 104 : Me: Ugh that’s obviously photoshopped. **watches video** Also me: how the fu-

AlexyzNizty : Now i know how instagram models have the most perfect pictures😂😂