iPad Art - Morgan Freeman Finger Painting

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Celestial Dragon : "Now time to delete the sketch layer" _accidently deletes the main layers*_ "AAAAHHHHH"

GameMoments : With finger... With finger... WITH FINGER!!!

Khetsui : Came here to prove it’s clickbait... But the madlad actually did it!

Arooba xxx : He’s just staring into my soul I just woke up and haven’t even left bed yet lol

アルファ : meanwhile, my finger is coated with powdered cheetos

Ultra Nerd : No. No way. I refuse to believe that you PAINTED that. It's gotta be a photo. There's no way you painted that on an iPad. Unbelievable.

subscribe me only if you are sad : *NO* you didn't it's realistic than *morgan freeman* himself

Cherry Nabal : It's like that Santa Claus one but with MS Paint O.O

YeahBoi : 0:54 Low Graphic settings 3:14 Ultra HD highest graphic settings

ほのか雪城 : *looks down at the anime drawing I just drew* *watches this* *cries*

Elizabeth Jasmine Nino : _Sees thumbnail and title_ *Pfft, ya right. I'll believe it when I see it.* *_Now that I've seen it.. I believes it... Beautiful art. ;-;_*

NDS Soulzy : That must be one pointy finger

Chris : That’s what I call playing God.


Matthew Burgos : This is too realistic

Corn Dude : You deserve a special place in heaven

Owen Lay : Me: Sees likes. Good Me: sees dislikes. ExCuSE Me WHaT ThE FucK

Reeve J Kanatt : It would've been really funny if at the end when they've zoomed in, his face suddenly says 'Boo'!!!!!!😂

Dawiz : *200+* hours to make it In the first 1 hour i would throw my pad away

Zono : If they did this all with their fingers, how did they get such tiny details without erasing?

Technicend : Please, Morgan Freeman NEEDS to see this!!

Ronald Kraft : dont want to troll but it looks like reverse painting, especially when u see his other portraits

ShubbyShabaas : The best word to describe this piece of art is going to be.. Unbelievable.

Marty Sam : Of course this is possible! I’m 15 and I’m improving every year. I don’t think I will ever have the patience like he does (200h, I usually do 20h drawings), but I know this is legit. For the people who think all the details wouldn’t be able to be added by using fingers, that’s right. But if you read the description he says he used the apple pencil, which is a highly advanced drawing tool for the iPad Pro.

FreeGoro : Why isn't morgan freeman narrating this?

Girija kumaran : It's unbelievable that u drawed it with finger! I mean like fingers to specify the small things like beard ,moustache and eyebrow.?? Anyway it was realistic

Alvira Bros : Who else looked up “most realistic drawing”? 😂

Tycho Frensch : When your'e in class and bored

Intern_tSlayer : I can't even do this with paper

Micah Cobb [Student HBHS] : He is about to finish then finger gets sweaty and slips pure black across hole screen with no step back button

Annie Playz Games : I cant even draw my pet...

Kookie Jar : That's a finger paint? I can make one too! *makes red dot* See?

Anime heaven : You are infected with a disease called perfection.

aqgrace : The people who disliked are just mad that this wasn’t clickbait for them.

Paras Singh : what will be the reaction of morgan if he will see this video

Alien Gamer : "And then he realized it wasn't recording "

Ricey Eyes : If you look at 1:30 too long, it looks like he is sticking his tongue out

Caulifla San : That looks exactly like a photo i found on google wtf

Harshil Agarwal : When expectations meet reality...

guy with a fortnite montage 118 subs : I can barely draw a square with a pen

Nikko Concha : *How Tell me How*


Gomi : And then the app crashed.

PDQG- GustPlayer : *quem é brasileiro da like*

Hi There : You draw better than me when I draw with a pencil and a paper. :(

Harsh Sampat : 1 star that doesn't look anything like Morgan Freeman's finger

C Plays : In the end it started getting very close to the nose ;^;

Heyit'smec : This looks more like Morgan Freeman than Morgan Freeman looks like Morgan Freeman

Mqddie : all i can think of is the moment you realize morgan freeman is a white-boy

Amayez : Where's Morgan in these comments. VIEW THIS AWESOME POTRAIT MR. FREEMAN