Observation of the Development of Chick Embryo
Shell less Egg to Chick Development Caught on Camera

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Observation of the development of chick embryo by shell-less hatching method. This demonstration is practiced mainly based on the scientific article written by Tahara et. al. If you are scientist, you can reach it easily, because it is open accessed article. The eggs sold in store are usually unfertilized egg and never develop to chick, hence you don't have to worry about eating embryo or baby chick. Now a days, fertilized egg is sold only in "organic" or "natural" store, family poultry farm etc. The chick grows just same as normal chick. BGM1: 夕焼けの街 (Yuyake no machi, Sunset town): https://dova-s.jp/bgm/play8091.html BGM2: round_breasts: https://dova-s.jp/bgm/play8082.html


ElectroManiac : I didnt know i was going to leave this video feeling like a proud father

Darth Tyrannus : *God would like to know your location*

Shantanu Singh dhiman : I never thought chicken's embryo can be developed outside the eggs shell!! Great video !! Edit: 1.2k likes ?? 😮 Thanks guys Never had so many likes ❤️

Alansar Trignot : It is incredible how early the heart starts beating! Right?!

Carl Wheezer : How to turn people vegan 101

Rafael Negret : Chicken: so where were you guys born? Other chickens: From eggs, you? Chicken: A cup

meeya mon : I feel bad eating chickens. Damn Youtube's giving me lessons

MCK : I thought you just have to smash them on the ground for a small chance to spawn a chicken?!?

JN N : Imagine waking up to existence in a cup.

Luxurious03 : Chicks recognize the first person it sees after getting out of the shell as their mom Wait, this egg is too transparent

Ashish Jangde : After watching this video my mind tell me to stop eating chicken..

MarfMagic : YouTube recommendations still baffle me, how the hell did it know that I would enjoy something so odd...

Lawgx : Jokes and memes aside, it's really hard to believe that life just happened from a singular cell

Mike Hunt : This was honestly one of the most amazing videos I’ve ever seen on YouTube. Thank you for this

Paranoint DE : **leaves opened Egg in a Bowl** **After vacation* "Where is my Egg?"

Stan Kai Joongi : Other chicks: I developed in an egg and my mom's a hen. This chick: I developed in a cup and my mom's a human. Me: weird flex, but okay.

hard rock : Damn, I will never feel that joy I used to feel while eating eggs.

Splendid : My YouTube recommendations are getting scarier...

Sskrimp_TeX • : next video: Growing a human in a car engine

Skepticism : Humans: Grows chicks in an artificial "shell". God: Am I a joke to you?

crymitas : Wow, this video really made me re-understand the miracle of life, thank you for that great video <3

The Unknown Fish : The background music was so relaxing 😌

maz maz : Very interesting...even my 3 sons enjoyed watching this....hope u kept this chick as beloved pet

Stephen Gonzales : Damn.... I am Hungry... Just kidding I'm not that cruel

puaka : Everyone : Kylie Jenner : Is that a chicken???

Epoch The Kid : You know what, maybe I'll skip the sunny side up tomorrow. I need to forget about this lul

Ean Scott Westridge : Day 168 - The chick is now a fully grown chicken and has been sent to the slaughterhouse.

Aiman Hafeez : other chick : do you guys remember the day when you still developing in egg and the day when you gotta break the egg shell when hatching? this chick in particular : you guys grow in egg??

Jhee Grande : Idk but i am emotional rightnow coz of this at 12 midnight lmao it's just so cute

Iliyana S : Nobody: YouTube recommendations: 🐣👄🐣 hii

BLUE STAR : Chicken: where were u born from Chicks: a egg where were u Chicken: a cup Chicks: ur not normal

Elisabeth s : You should time lapse

Amanda Bentes : this is crazy!! and actually really beautiful. i hope this chick's having a great life

antoine soto : Me: i need to sleep Also me at 3 am: Observation of the development of chick embryo

Radhika Malhotra : YouTube be trying to turn me vegan. Well I am convinced. The moment forth I am vegan

Tiffany Nguyen : The vids I watch in the middle of the night... I think it’s a sign I should sleep now lmaooo

ConfrmedKill99 : Imagine how many failed attempts there were in order to hatch this one chick.

Potato Qween : So I have been eating scrambled chicks for my whole life

Ritesh Chimankar : You are a proud father now....

Waddia S. : Most beautiful video I saw today. Nature is amazing

OK : Me: incubating chicken egg *After 1 month* Mom: what are you doing Me: incubating this egg why? Mom: That egg is not fertilized Me: ...

elise torp : so you’re saying, i could buy a bunch of eggs then have a whole chicken farm? because that is exactly what i am going to do

samved jain : Wow 😮 Greatest work beyond imagination, birth of chick without shell & I m very luck to see a magical growth of embryo. Thanks a lot for Excellent creation😍😍😘🙌🙌👏👏👏🙏🙏🐣🐤


Tsusame : What if you put two yolks together

Boss Prime : Congratulations now you're a dad

Danish Barudwale : 8:36 😮😳 *Scientists are using millions and u did it in just a dollar*

vinay ms : All the other chicks will call this one a freak coz it constantly tells stories of what it saw but can't remember where exactly.

Jatin Prajapati : This is amazing but It survived or not ????