That Spell Looks Dangerous.

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Justin Y. : Rare footage if the trinity test, the first detonation of a nuclear device *(1945, recolorized)*

The_Mad_Bear 1096 : North korean missle test (2018) colorized

Justin Hurowitz : I don't think "keeping your distance" would've helped much anyway

Nathan Kingham : “That spell looks dangerous” *proceeds to detonate the tsar bomba right next to his face*

Elzeta : And thats how the Fallout saga was made.

Dr. Amethyst Spell : It so powerful it affects the real world XD

Pedro : A mod by Michael Bay

NightmareGats : Top 10 Most OP Anime Spells

Steakee : "Spell looks dangerous. Keep your distance." *Gets right next to him* *Whispers "Spell is dangerous. Keep your distance."* *Uses spell*

Its Red Sky : *i think you got him*

Tepig Ninja : NPC: That spell looks dangerous, keep your distance. Dragonborn: **Casts spell, PC blows up**

The Tiniest Unisquirrel : How it feels to chew 5 gum.

NiceAwesumDude : RIP sound card

Master Of Offending : That spell looks safe. Come closer.

Hans Georg Otto Hermann Fegelein : *WHO WOULD WIN???* *1-A COMPUTER WITH 32GB RAM,GT1080I,INTEL CORE I7* *2-SOME MODY BOI*

Mr. Kitty Saves The World : Proof that Skyrim and Fallout exist in the same universe.

TheWarburner : Why isn't this more popular? Best Skyrim short in a while. xD

Necrotoyip : keep your distance >nukes markarth

Chaton : Hiroshima, but in VR

tacticute : that looks like a dangerous spell

The Username : Destruction has increased to level 100

Rokador ʇɥǝ qox ɥoɐɹpǝɹ : "Spell looks dangerous" *Proceeds to turn the world and his PC into ashes*

Jennifer Shope : R.I.P Headphone users

Youssef A. : Elder Scrolls VI: Fallout Or: Fallout: Tamriel

Victor Chong : The great collapse of winterhold in a nutshell.

Krimson Kyago : *”Destruction magic is fine” they said. “Just don’t go burning down any buildings” they said.*

Reishou : Like they always say, *Two nukes weren't enough.*

Whyolent D.K : "That looks fun." And those were the last words of the doom-bringer.

Logan Bedenis : Wow I am legitimately tearing up from how hard I am laughing. The best part is how everyone in the background is cracking up too. It's so contagious.

Mihael Čudak : See the spell Fell the spell BE THE SPELL


jirja3 : I dont need "Fus ro dah" anymore.

StrawberryDingDong : Imagine accidentally using this against a mudcrab Pesky mudcrab! *destroys universe*

Keep It Zen : Legend has it... That spell blew up his computer, and took him along with it. Friend survived with major injuries. RIP Chris Miller, a reminder to modders everywhere.

Firewolf12937 : That spell looks dangero- *proceeds to cause a supernova across Skyrim*

Capstone Automobile : End of WW2 in a nutshell

Skirdus : *new ability acquired:* divide atom

Schlomo Ofenstein : *multiverse dies*

K T : when u try fatman in fallout for the first time and u underestimated the explosion

Onifey : Woah woah, that spell is supposed to have a Half Minute cast time.

X Ronixx X : The sound itself got nuked.

Personalejcr : The ability that you are currently casting related to the arts of magic seems to oppose great thread, I suggest we relocate to a place that is considered far from th-0:10

Conor Davies : A spell so strong that it could destroy not only everything in Skyrim but also your GPU.

Elijah Thomas : “Meh meh ‘keep yer distance’ meh meh” *vaporizes*

TheDarkPredator92 : Now that's a sentient npc if I've ever seen one

CARLOSelf100 : Did dwemmer dissappeared because of this?

Toasted Fan Art : I don't remember this shout 🤔

Mox ಠ ᴥ ಠ : >dangerous >healthbar doesn't change

The Pope : No amount of distance will keep you safe from that

Skirdus : you didn't keep your distance