Chris D'Eminem - Bapkins (Official Music Video)

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The AWSM Media Guy : 2018: The Chris D'Eli-m Shady LP 2021: The Marshall Mapkins LP 2023: The D'Elia-minem Show 2024: Encor-se I'm World Touring 2029: Reelbapse 2030: Bapk-overy 2033: The Marshall Mapkins LP 2 Many Napkins 2037: Reviv'Elia 2038: Blanikin-ikaze

Joe C : You're using way too many napkins

Raiden afc : In a porsche on floorboards ? god damn.

Bow Lavery : Japkins 😂0:54

RyFry : Lmao

Teresa Green : Now comedians are using Em for recognition. Wow.

funnyguyhahahaha : Fantastic

ArtSamurai : Awesome Job man, check out my animation from the locker room bit from D'elia's podcast

Mike Goins : Chris is fuckin funny! Was the best impersonation of eminem ever.