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One of Us A Netflix Documentary about the harsh life of ex Hasidic Jews Nearly half of Brooklyn is Jewish but almost nobody knows that a significant number of them are part of these fundamentalist ultra Orthodox sects

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"Nobody leaves the Hasidic community, unless they're willing to pay the price." One of Us offers a look into the secretive world of Hasidic Judaism and those who wish to leave that community for a life among the non-religious, whatever the costs. One of Us, now streaming on Netflix. Watch One of Us on Netflix: SUBSCRIBE: About Netflix: Netflix is the world's leading internet entertainment service with 130 million memberships in over 190 countries enjoying TV series, documentaries and feature films across a wide variety of genres and languages. Members can watch as much as they want, anytime, anywhere, on any internet-connected screen. Members can play, pause and resume watching, all without commercials or commitments. Connect with Netflix Online: Visit Netflix WEBSITE: Like Netflix on FACEBOOK: Follow Netflix on TWITTER: Follow Netflix on INSTAGRAM: Follow Netflix on TUMBLR: One of Us | Official Trailer [HD] | Netflix


Miami Tactical : I understand how they want to build a community, and protect against a repeat holocaust, but when it gets to a point where u are controlling how people live, eat, dress, look, etc is a real problem and is wrong. Much respect to the people who say No more and take back control of their lives. Stay strong and move on.

Melvin & Jesse : Looks pretty interesting

Jennifer Wilson : They are a cult, pure and simple. Very sad.

J. J. : As an ex Jehovah's Witness I see so many parallels. The same intimidation same mind control same shunning same abuse. Living a double live is sometimes the only way forward and it takes courage to walk away but it comes at a huge cost. For some the just move away and fade.

psychopetica hermetico : It talks about a very closed community of Hasidic jews that is pretty separated from the general orthodox jews and even other Hasidic communities

SuckyMcSuckerson : His mom was like: jew said what ?

Silvermania : WHOA, The Last of Us sequel is looking awesome.

Radica Hura : This doc doesn't trigger anyone . It is just voice of the people who have had bad experiences and had to speak it up about it. The only one who has credibility to speak are is the person who had similar experiences. All the others, could just remind silent or support them. Conspiracy theories, they aren't that bad and similar arguments aren't helpful and credible. What's not my piece of cake or what haven't went thorough l have no credibility to speak about. I can just support or say nothing.

Angie Harper : One word...CULT.

Taya Baldridge : Brainwashing. Glad these 3 were able to get out.

K M : Even Jews don't like Hasidism. More often then not they're a burden on city they reside in since most of them collect benefits that are meant for the downtrodden and impoverished, but they manage to qualify even though they buyout apartment blocks and profit from them, case in point Brooklyn.

scottswan : True criminals hurt others because of belief.

Cool Guy : Realy not true, i know a lot of chassidim and they r gr8 people!

Jake Roosenbloom : Very interesting looking. I will definitely give it a watch.

Ian Stradian : I volunteered to set up donated house trailers in Israel in the 1990's, while taking a break from the heat during this volunteer work a Hasidic Jewish man asked me what I was doing, sitting and drinking water under a tree.... When I replied and he realized I was an American he spat on me and walked away.... My image of the Hasidic community was shattered. I was in shock that this man who only knew I was an American would judge me so harshly, he did not know my religion, or my background or that I was volunteering to house Jewish refugees fleeing oppression.

irini koun : Jesus Christ is alive.most of them live in Jerusalem and don't recognize the holy light by the Christian orthodox patriarch

Dashtag Mania : This movie looks AMAZING! I love all the work by the directors of this film! IT'S GONNA BE SO AMAZING! EVERYONE SHOULD SEE IT!

Milia North : The Ari guy is a lovely guy. I hope he finds peace.

Preston Halle : OY VEY!

iEatShotguns : I'm an ex muslim and let me say, ex hasidic jews, you guys are very brave. I know what it's like to have to live a lie, to suffer physical abuse, emotional blackmail to be forced to remain in your religion. Stay strong.

Alex Sylvian : The funny thing is that the true insanely culty jews aren't even shown here. The Hasidim are relatively normal, and are mostly wonderful people, with a few exceptions, just like every minority. But then there's the Neturei Karta, which is so insane they kinda collaborated with Ahmadinejad to oppose israel. Or the subgroup in Jerusalem where the women 'voluntarily' wear full-on burkas. I'd want to see a documentary about that.

Bentley : Hasidic Jewish people have always really interested me. I'm excited to watch this.

Jonathan Pinis0N : I have a ton of Jewish friends and they usually do things differently and I mean different!

David Copperfield : For once it's not the muslims ! Thanks for showing us the other side of the coin NETFLIX !

nomad783 : Now Netflix rocks for making this...great piece πŸ‘πŸ‘

ttaylor70ify : When the process become more important than the mission this happens... Watching it

NR : Look forward to the Netflix expose on oppressive Sharia communities. Oh wait, that wouldn't be anti Semitic would it so I won't hold my breath.

aron rosenberg : As a jew who was born to a hasidic family and left religion. I just want to say that thisnis just a very small and very strong percentage of the jewish community. I'm actually on my way to shabbat meal with my family just now. Shabat shalom πŸ‘Œ

lonepanther : They need to make one about Islam

YOCH TWINA : no matter what religion there will always be extremists who are absolutely idiotic but that doesn’t mean everyone in that particular religion is idiotic. So before you make anti semitic comments please think twice

El Australiano : Superb documentary - complex, beautiful and heartbreaking all in one. As a resident of NYC, these stories seemed painfully close.

Samuel Pringle : Oh my

Lake : The hasidic community in Brooklyn.... Has me shook Everytime I walk through the neighborhoods 🀐🀐🀐

Sue Hundere : OMG! I love Netflix Documentaries and this looks soooo intriguing! A topic that opens the mind to the plight of others.

Dvir :

JG Alegria : brilliant! well done for making this and taking it to Netflix. I was a Jehovah's Witness so I have an inkling what it would be like, even though they JWs go to work and school etc. All the rules, being afraid to leave, hiding abuse and so on. I left at age 23 and was shunned by a whole community including immediate family.

yocampout : Netflix swinging hard this season

James Russell : Such furry hats...

Bendydick Cuckatoo : his actual name is luzer? poor guy never stood a chance

Jessica Vargas : This made me so sad. I watched it the morning after flying in from NY. I actually stayed in South Williamsburg where a lot of them live!

Stoney McMechan : His mom was like: Oy Vey!! And he thought it was: OK!

Mary Therese McCool : As long as the lifestyle is a free choice, I'm good with it.

infinityryvus : OMG... Sacha Sacket - "All in the Way"!

Kyrie : 2 Jesus 2 Camp: Electric Jewgaloo

devilpupbear09 : makes more sense if they were Amish

Adrian Collins : I have an ongoing crush on Hasidic men! I drive Lyft and while in the Fairfax Hancock park area; on the rare occasion I pick one up; I’m very happy about it! However; being trapped in any cult is a sad and disturbing circumstance...

Dov Gewirtz : The Hassidic communtity has a very hard time staying insulated when the whole world is so connected

UndeadSoldierE : When belief in god becomes a cult. Looks really interesting.

Itay Rokban : I am a Jew, and these people are a very separate and extreme part of Judaism. I do not support these people at all. They are very extreme, they do not work almost and they are not prepared for anyone to live in his own way. They think that everyone must live like them and whoever does not live like them will die. They represent Judaism in an ugly, extreme way and are one of the (perhaps justified) reasons why they are hated in the world. I do not really like them either. I feel sorry for the people who live as part of this "cake."