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Melvin & Jesse : Looks pretty interesting

Silvermania : WHOA, The Last of Us sequel is looking awesome.

Angie Harper : One word...CULT.

J. J. : As an ex Jehovah's Witness I see so many parallels. The same intimidation same mind control same shunning same abuse. Living a double live is sometimes the only way forward and it takes courage to walk away but it comes at a huge cost. For some the just move away and fade.

psychopetica hermetico : It talks about a very closed community of Hasidic jews that is pretty separated from the general orthodox jews and even other Hasidic communities

DAIBLA81 : Any religion that goes to extremes is WRONG!!!

Miami Tactical : I understand how they want to build a community, and protect against a repeat holocaust, but when it gets to a point where u are controlling how people live, eat, dress, look, etc is a real problem and is wrong. Much respect to the people who say No more and take back control of their lives. Stay strong and move on.

Nasty Goy : OY VEY!

K M : Even Jews don't like Hasidism. More often then not they're a burden on city they reside in since most of them collect benefits that are meant for the downtrodden and impoverished, but they manage to qualify even though they buyout apartment blocks and profit from them, case in point Brooklyn.

shinethelove1 : I personally know many people in the orthodox jewish community, and they are nothing but kind, humble, sweet people. I’m sure there are issues in any situation but from my experiences these are generally good people.

Radica Hura : This doc doesn't trigger anyone . It is just voice of the people who have had bad experiences and had to speak it up about it. The only one who has credibility to speak are is the person who had similar experiences. All the others, could just remind silent or support them. Conspiracy theories, they aren't that bad and similar arguments aren't helpful and credible. What's not my piece of cake or what haven't went thorough l have no credibility to speak about. I can just support or say nothing.

mj belanger : I watched this and my opinion is this only 2% leave so that’s a 98% stay which is very high and while I don’t believe ppl who leave should be tormented like Etty was it’s common to shun the person who left a group any group social or religious so that’s a normal thing in society also since the community helps each other and cares for each other while in the community and because ur not taught the live skills needed to survive outside of it why not just stay especially the ones with kids I get etty was in a terribly abusive marriage but couldn’t she have gotten divorced and stayed with her family that way she was still in the community but not getting hurt by her husband. Those that left and r happy and actually do well are extremely few and far between also the same issues u have in one society usually is in every society since it’s a human nature issue not really specific groups

Graham Kaplan : As a Jew who knows people who have left the Hasidic community, they aren't crazy like these people. Not saying that these aren't real experiences and real stories, but it's a small sample of the big picture.

Jonathan Pinzonジョナサン・ピンソン : I have a ton of Jewish friends and they usually do things differently and I mean different!

Zaid Islam : > documentary showing issues in extreme Jewish Communities > No one care because it doesn't follow the media narrative that only Muslims can be bad no one else

aesp51 : I don't entirely know what to think of this. On the one hand, just like any ultra-religious community, there are extremes and some people take it too far. On the other hand, it seems as if this is just painting the hassidic community with a broad brush, most hassidim are caring and wonderful, in fact, hassidim have invented multiple humanitarian organizations throughout the U.S. and other countries, including hatzola: a sort of auxilary first responders organization, which trains regular people in first aid among other things, so that there is much less of a wait for help in emergencies, among other great organizations. Yet this seems to act as if hassidim are an extremist cult within judaism.

YB E : This is sadly going to stereotype a faction of Judaism that does not represent the majority. It makes it look like a cult and further spreads hatred toward Jews. I think if someone is in trouble they should reach out but there are ways of doing so without dragging your people into the gutter.

Hertz Hur : This is ridiculous if you want to leave leave. This over dramatic typical for Netflix

Speight .B : You guys should turn off the comment section for this one

tony banks : Slightly over dramatized

R S : Wow stereotyping much! Every community has some obusive people or crazy people! Thst doesn't make the whole community like that! These people want to make all the religious orthodox news out as bad and stupid. As if all those that stay religious are narrow minded and dumb for not leaving! I'm so sorry for them that they went through abuse and had bad experiences. However just because that was their experience doesn't mean it's the whole community's fault. They had hard lives and deserve help for that but they need to stop trying to make money off of painting the entire community in a bad light! Not everyone in the community is like ettys husband or like the other guys mother or the other few opinions in this movie! Many men are amazing husbands who will do anything for their wives and many of the mothers are the most accepting amazing mother out there! Just because these few people had bad experiences doesn't mean everyone is like thst. Again I am truly sorry for the pain and suffering they went and go through and I do hope they find peace. But this is not the way. I don't see how slandering the entire community will bring these people peace comfort or a change... The only point I see is a way for them to get money and attention apparently... I wish them lots of luck....

Devin Williams :

M. Arbabistocrat : : R.I.P. NETFLIX

Shoshanna Silcove : Anti Religious anti Jewish propaganda. Not all sects are the same. In Lubavitch we allow people to have doubts and ask questions and they are not disowned or shunned for that, in fact, when we see someone struggling with Judaism we try to love them even more.

Shoshanna Silcove : That trailer shows what I would call a piece of anti religious propaganda, meant to show religiousJewish life in the worst possible light and it is sensationalism at its worst, showing these people Ari, Luzer, and Etty in an extremely biased way, showing only one side of their stories, slandering their families and communities as totally immoral bad corrupt people, thereby manipulating the audience's emotions to feel sorry for them as victims and to hate the Hasidic world. This movie is hate speech against frum Jews.

Bez29 : Ha-dayum this looks good.

Sahlav Dino : This is the wrong timing to post shit like that. Also not everyone who is haredic lives like this, this is the extreme

Anthony Nuzzo : The bias is immediately palpable. It seems as though the intent of the film makers from the outset is never to celebrate the beauty of of the religion or the culture it gives birth to but only the side of it that is plagued with the same pathologies that all societies are afflicted with.

dev peace : This is not true. Chassidim are wonderful people. But it's not for everyone. Just like being Amish is not for everyone. This is a disgrace.

Jewel Mathews : more yellow journalism, hatespeech!

tovi haltovsky : I dont undetstand this!!why they need to go the other way around,you wanna leave the Chassidic community?fine,go to Chabad ,go to litvish ,go to sepharadim ,go to bbalei teshuva places ,but dont Leave the DErech!!!!!so SAD!!

anonymous anonymous : Just watched the movie. As someone living and residing in my precious community, the depiction is painful for the sole reason that 1) it's a movie and parts are just fiction...not that the essence is a lie or that the feelings portrayed are not genuine...but it begs for a clear understanding that we are talking about a few particular people who have experienced pain and possible trauma in their lives. As with any society, race or religion, we are imperfect and flawed humans and subject to behavior unbecoming our status. True to the fact that there is abuse and pain all over, it gives a very exploitive and manipulated view...of how, in essence...we lead a - yes - structured life. I am proud of the structure my religion a life without rules and a country without laws would be swept into choas.. We set rules for our children in every society...race..or religious persuasion, dont we? Why do we do that? Why not give them the freedom to figure it out for themselves from birth. Why teach them not to lie or steal, if potentially it may work in their favor? Aaah, you say...c' mon, that's not right, right? Who decided that? Maybe it is...if the end justifies the means. Well, no, it's not about the's about the middle...the is all about the journey, and for the believers of this world, which I assume is the majority...the journey to find meaning in life ...which is what most of us seek...that journey needs to be guided by wisdom...wisdom of the ages, wisdom of the sages, our parents and wisdom of G-d Almighty. G-D IN HIS INFINITE WISDOM directed and paved a path for us; when, if adhered to and followed ...will bring us that end result...meaning and purpose and a closer bond with Him which eventually will propell us further and further ... into an enhanced , purposeful existence. I cannot imagine a life without rules as I cannot imagine a country without laws. The biggest freedom comes through regulations and limits...Yes LIMITS...LIMITS that give us the ability to becme strong...empowered...not through frivolous and mindless activities with no meaning...but by structure that does not only NOT limit us, but ENHANCES the beauty in everthing we do and live. For the secular world to understand our laws and what motivates us, we need more than a movie or post in utube. For those questioning our faith and calling us names... we are and will be triumphant in our love of G-d, his rule and his order. We are here to stay. ALL the nations of the world have crumbled, yet we remain alive. It is G-ds promise to us, we will not go asunder. If there are questions, there are answers...maybe they may not please everyone, but there are answers...and much as I respect the Rabbi talking to Ari, he or the producers, did not give Ari the answer to his query, and all those seeking answers...Luzer included. My post is to make people understand 2 things, 1)...that if you rely on a documentary to give you insight into ALL OUR LIVES AND ALL OF THE RELIGION...this portrayal is a figment and perception from pained and frustrated human beings...but not the truth. There may be individual doubt...but not overall. And 2) If you are on a journey to find truth...start your journey by asking the proper authorities who understand the confusion and are able to articulate clearly and address your questions with love, understanding and truth. It hurts my heart to see my people, through this and other portrayals of us, be ostracized, diminished, cursed and most of all lied about because of the pain of a few. It is unfair, unjust and inhumane...yes inhumane, to take a people, who cherish their lives...who would not trade it for anything in the world, be so diminished in the eyes of the world. The pain of these people to be let and manipulated into reports, writeups, books, movies, and the like, to wash away everything they once held dear ( and trust me, deep down do...but will never admit it...whole other story) and go the the media and sell us out....and particularly to embellish even that which can be mind boggling and sinful. For us, who know our truth...breathe and live our truth...we don't care...but it is to those innocent people in the world who are gullible enough to absorb and celebrate these untuths, by forming a picture of us that eventually breeds hatred and is to you that I speak. If you're a man of truth...ask questions....not from just anyone..prejudices exist, so seek until u find... Don't accept the truth of filmmakers, reporters, producers, and publishers.. they are motivated by greed, prejudices...or other ulterior motives, truth...being the last of their worries. They bring their own preconceived or false perceptions to the picture...drama talks! We live in a free society with liberties...and just like the rule that you cannot yell fire in a crowded theater and harm anyone...because you will be escorted out and cannot yell " wrong" or any of your preferred adjectives we are subject to see in print...when all we ask for is for you to let us live our lives with respect and to honor G-d in the way he has proscribed. We don't need or ask for validation...only to let us live our you live yours.

marquess foust : All religion is evil and man made for interior gain and motive by the leaders who teach it!

David Roberts : Great another hit piece against the Jews. Portraying the entire Hasidic community with a broad negative brush. #AntisemitismIsReal

Unbroken : I'm not religious but I wanted to experience a Hasidic lifestyle so I went to stay with a family keeping all there traditions for a week .it was extremely hard but I found that these people are amazing, holy and pure. They see life for what matters and purposely don't fall into the modern trash of today's Days. Its not because they can't but it's because they don't want to. I have so much respect for them. I'm not saying they're perfect but in every Community there are problems like beating, taking your freedom away and more horrific crimes that people should never go through.

Giorgio ItaloVzla : Id love to see a similar one about Islam

Kanadabalsam : Oy vey delet this goyim

Polly Sen : Reeeeeeeaaaaaaaally looking forward to watching a similar documentary on islam

gal orkh : לכל הישראלים שצופים, אל תתעצבנו מהדברים השקריים הללו, אני בעצמי לא מאמין גדול בתורה אך אני מכיר חסידים רבים, נכון ישנם קשיים רבים בלחזור בשאלה אבל זה לא מתקרב בכלל לאיך שהוציאו את זה בסרט ואני בטוח שרבים מכם יסכימו איתי.

gal orkh : As a Jew who lives in Israel (I'm not a tight believer) the hasidic community is not that bad. Sure there are some extremists but every religion has those. Netflix, stop blowing things out of proportion u make Judaism look like a crash cult

Yisroel Gutnick : hello I would like to provide some clarification on this. I am fully part of the Hasidic Community known as chabad-lubavitch. in this community there is absolutely no general restrictions on using the internet and modern technology and integrating with Society in general. which brings me to several points mentioned in the trailer. 1. the Hasidic Community is separate and isolated. this is not true as adults are required to find work and that does not need to be within their own. community. 2. internet is allowed for work purposes. 3. probably the most serious error in this trailer is spousal physical abuse is tolerated. this is absolutely and unequivocally prohibited by Jewish law regardless of Hasidic status or not. 4. in the vast majority of Hasidic circles one who leaves the fold will be tolerated and usually more so than before. true there are extremes but they are the real real minority. Some of these points may be true but are the extreme cases OF the extreme circles, being used to paint a broad brush in a large group. I could go on and on. please, f you have any questions at all, reply to me and I will reply back.

Family Hershowitz : No place in judaism does it say that a man can beat his wife, if she didn't leave him she is a coward for not walking out on him and she can't blame the community, just imagine if someone would be ex Cristian and would go around blaming the Christian religion because her husband beat her, everybody would say you should have gotten a divorce, so please don't be bias against judaism.

ElKwesi : I have no problems with Jews WHATSOEVER, but I grew up in NYC close to hasidic Jews, and that's a completely different type of beast. Hasidic Jews can watch you get hit by a car and not even think about calling 911 or anything, just keep on walking by.

Milia North : The Ari guy is a lovely guy. I hope he finds peace.

David Copperfield : For once it's not the muslims ! Thanks for showing us the other side of the coin NETFLIX !

WorldPaperMoney : Keep this in mind before coming to a conclusion: there's two sides to every story. People drop out from every society and religion. No movement or establishment is perfect. And of course no moving picture, be it a movie, documentary or anything similar is without lies, errors or bias.

Josef Plays Games : This looks really biased. I hope it will be fair to the other side.

Lexi Zager : I feel like this only highlights the worst of extremist Hasidism and from the trailer alone ignores the rest of the community. This is a small minority I would say. That said it is terribly sad to say the least

GENTILES RUN MEDIA & WORLD : Nickname +Blue Berry is 8 y/o MUSLIM TROLL , pretending to be 'crazy jew'.. Before discussing with this troll, check nazi-uploads on his channel , only imbeciles can take this trolling seriously.

Deku The Hero : Cool