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iEatShotguns : I'm an ex muslim and let me say, ex hasidic jews, you guys are very brave. I know what it's like to have to live a lie, to suffer physical abuse, emotional blackmail to be forced to remain in your religion. Stay strong.

DAIBLA81 : Any religion that goes to extremes is WRONG!!!

Melvin & Jesse : Looks pretty interesting

SuckyMcSuckerson : His mom was like: jew said what ?

J. J. : As an ex Jehovah's Witness I see so many parallels. The same intimidation same mind control same shunning same abuse. Living a double live is sometimes the only way forward and it takes courage to walk away but it comes at a huge cost. For some the just move away and fade.

David Copperfield : For once it's not the muslims ! Thanks for showing us the other side of the coin NETFLIX !

Miami Tactical : I understand how they want to build a community, and protect against a repeat holocaust, but when it gets to a point where u are controlling how people live, eat, dress, look, etc is a real problem and is wrong. Much respect to the people who say No more and take back control of their lives. Stay strong and move on.

Angie Harper : One word...CULT.

Speight .B : You guys should turn off the comment section for this one

K M : Even Jews don't like Hasidism. More often then not they're a burden on city they reside in since most of them collect benefits that are meant for the downtrodden and impoverished, but they manage to qualify even though they buyout apartment blocks and profit from them, case in point Brooklyn.

aron rosenberg : As a jew who was born to a hasidic family and left religion. I just want to say that thisnis just a very small and very strong percentage of the jewish community. I'm actually on my way to shabbat meal with my family just now. Shabat shalom 👌

ElKwesi : I have no problems with Jews WHATSOEVER, but I grew up in NYC close to hasidic Jews, and that's a completely different type of beast. Hasidic Jews can watch you get hit by a car and not even think about calling 911 or anything, just keep on walking by.

Silvermania : WHOA, The Last of Us sequel is looking awesome.

daniel albo : Hasidic Jews are such a small group of Jews that most of us Jews don't even come across ourselves

psychopetica hermetico : It talks about a very closed community of Hasidic jews that is pretty separated from the general orthodox jews and even other Hasidic communities

Zaid Islam : > documentary showing issues in extreme Jewish Communities > No one care because it doesn't follow the media narrative that only Muslims can be bad no one else

Rr music : Shame on u Netflix what do u know about Jewish religion? U should research Jewish religion really well before portraying this. When it comes to anti semitism no one gives a dam we have to stand up for ourselves but when it comes to say Christians, Muslims etc.. everyone makes sure to protest and makes sure the media covers it. Shame on u!!!

Dhruv Kumar : The Hasidic Jewish community is not normal. I know it's unpopular to say that in America because if you ever say anything against religion you are automatically a bigot but come on; if you force your daughters into marriage at 18, brainwash your children, block the internet, fail to provide basic education, and deny freedom of thought and movement to your members how am I supposed to stand back silent and just pretend everything is alright. We should encourage people to leave this community and help them integrate into civilized society. I should clarify, I would say this about any religion but the Hasidic Jewish community has gone so far to the extreme that it is at-least in cult territory.

Ian Stradian : I volunteered to set up donated house trailers in Israel in the 1990's, while taking a break from the heat during this volunteer work a Hasidic Jewish man asked me what I was doing, sitting and drinking water under a tree.... When I replied and he realized I was an American he spat on me and walked away.... My image of the Hasidic community was shattered. I was in shock that this man who only knew I was an American would judge me so harshly, he did not know my religion, or my background or that I was volunteering to house Jewish refugees fleeing oppression.

Bentley : Hasidic Jewish people have always really interested me. I'm excited to watch this.

Zoe Smith : And they say Muslim and Sharia law is taking over the country. At least mainstream Muslim are allowed to live the lives they want to live. Like most do. Go to work, try to enjoy life and do what the people in the country are doing. So inward looking these Jewish people are.

YOCH TWINA : no matter what religion there will always be extremists who are absolutely idiotic but that doesn’t mean everyone in that particular religion is idiotic. So before you make anti semitic comments please think twice

Polly Sen : Reeeeeeeaaaaaaaally looking forward to watching a similar documentary on islam

Giorgio ItaloVzla : Id love to see a similar one about Islam

Radica Hura : This doc doesn't trigger anyone . It is just voice of the people who have had bad experiences and had to speak it up about it. The only one who has credibility to speak are is the person who had similar experiences. All the others, could just remind silent or support them. Conspiracy theories, they aren't that bad and similar arguments aren't helpful and credible. What's not my piece of cake or what haven't went thorough l have no credibility to speak about. I can just support or say nothing.

gal orkh : As a Jew who lives in Israel (I'm not a tight believer) the hasidic community is not that bad. Sure there are some extremists but every religion has those. Netflix, stop blowing things out of proportion u make Judaism look like a crash cult

Corey Holland : This is actually really poor timing to share something like this. I'm a secular jew, barely religious. The most important holidays are coming up and i dont plan on attending. That said, we are currently facing lots of issues with public opinion and nazis and so much more. This "horror" documentary coming out is really not going to be good. Obviously there's lots of toxicity in these communities. And it needs to be publicized. It's just tough to decide how to do it.

Graham Kaplan : As a Jew who knows people who have left the Hasidic community, they aren't crazy like these people. Not saying that these aren't real experiences and real stories, but it's a small sample of the big picture.

Aleph Sharp : I don't entirely know what to think of this. On the one hand, just like any ultra-religious community, there are extremes and some people take it too far. On the other hand, it seems as if this is just painting the hassidic community with a broad brush, most hassidim are caring and wonderful, in fact, hassidim have invented multiple humanitarian organizations throughout the U.S. and other countries, including hatzola: a sort of auxilary first responders organization, which trains regular people in first aid among other things, so that there is much less of a wait for help in emergencies, among other great organizations. Yet this seems to act as if hassidim are an extremist cult within judaism.

Shoshanna Silcove : Anti Religious anti Jewish propaganda. Not all sects are the same. In Lubavitch we allow people to have doubts and ask questions and they are not disowned or shunned for that, in fact, when we see someone struggling with Judaism we try to love them even more.

shinethelove1 : I personally know many people in the orthodox jewish community, and they are nothing but kind, humble, sweet people. I’m sure there are issues in any situation but from my experiences these are generally good people.

Unbroken : I'm not religious but I wanted to experience a Hasidic lifestyle so I went to stay with a family keeping all there traditions for a week .it was extremely hard but I found that these people are amazing, holy and pure. They see life for what matters and purposely don't fall into the modern trash of today's Days. Its not because they can't but it's because they don't want to. I have so much respect for them. I'm not saying they're perfect but in every Community there are problems like beating, taking your freedom away and more horrific crimes that people should never go through.

Mr08Forever : Triggered Jews in the comment lol

YB E : This is sadly going to stereotype a faction of Judaism that does not represent the majority. It makes it look like a cult and further spreads hatred toward Jews. I think if someone is in trouble they should reach out but there are ways of doing so without dragging your people into the gutter.

WorldPaperMoney : Keep this in mind before coming to a conclusion: there's two sides to every story. People drop out from every society and religion. No movement or establishment is perfect. And of course no moving picture, be it a movie, documentary or anything similar is without lies, errors or bias.

Family Hershowitz : No place in judaism does it say that a man can beat his wife, if she didn't leave him she is a coward for not walking out on him and she can't blame the community, just imagine if someone would be ex Cristian and would go around blaming the Christian religion because her husband beat her, everybody would say you should have gotten a divorce, so please don't be bias against judaism.

Chasidic Life : Being an ultra orthodox chassid here is my (mostly) unbiased opinion on the matter. This is or seems to be completely bias, because they are taking people who dislike (to put it nicely) the chassidic life. But there is a completely different world which they seemed to have forgot to mention, a world which has beauty that is incredible. And to address the problems stated in this trailer/teaser, this is only showing the worst that can happen when things go horribly wrong. And although it may seem that Chassidic people are all completely mindless to the world, to the extent that they dont even know what google is, this is completely false. Although it is true that they are generally sheltered, this is only because these parents don't feel the need to expose their kids to the cruelty of parts of the internet that I think most of you have felt at one time. This is just showing some of the craziest things they can find that will cast a negative light on all Chassidic people. If anything there are parts of the Chassidic culture that are much more progressive than most other people. Lets say a women gives birth or someone experiences the grief of losing ones parents - which I hope no one here will experience - the whole comunity will get together to prepare meals or watch their kids etc. Like Chabad (an ultra orthodox group) for instance, is based around giving and building up communities that everyone benifits from. Although I can continue to go on for hours I am going to stop here because I think that most people have already gotten the drift and stopped reading. I hope that this made you understand adifferent point of view.

Abab Bleich : and most Jews today r not Orthodox but r proud to be jewish. and me as a Orthodox Jew i go around and try to bring Jews closer to God and back to Judaism. cause we r happy and feel like a million dollars that we r Jewish!! keep spreading Jewish light across the world and just be happy

Ira Tawil : WOW!! I live near Hasidim , i work with them , this documentary is one huge lie , wrongly portraying a community is wrong , ex-hasidim we feel for you, please get professional help !

Preston Halle : OY VEY!

scottswan : True criminals hurt others because of belief.

Shoshanna Silcove : That trailer shows what I would call a piece of anti religious propaganda, meant to show religiousJewish life in the worst possible light and it is sensationalism at its worst, showing these people Ari, Luzer, and Etty in an extremely biased way, showing only one side of their stories, slandering their families and communities as totally immoral bad corrupt people, thereby manipulating the audience's emotions to feel sorry for them as victims and to hate the Hasidic world. This movie is hate speech against frum Jews.

Random Guy : When its about Islam its RACIST when its about Judaisim or Christianity it is interesting and important to know next time do a show about Islamic closed groups in Europe or in the U.S but I guess it will be "racist" hypocrites

Tami P. : There are some truths here but otherwise majorly exaggerated. 1. If that Hasidic guy doesn't know how to use Google thats his own fault. 2. No part of Judaism says a husband can beat his wife and get away with it. If she was afraid to walk away from an abusive marriage then she's a coward, thats all... 3. There are many kinds of Hasidic Judaism ranging from very conservative to modern and the can't all be put under one stereotype.

marquess foust : All religion is evil and man made for interior gain and motive by the leaders who teach it!

Jake Roosenbloom : Very interesting looking. I will definitely give it a watch.

GENTILES RUN MEDIA & WORLD : Nickname +Blue Berry is 8 y/o MUSLIM TROLL , pretending to be 'crazy jew'.. Before discussing with this troll, check nazi-uploads on his channel , only imbeciles can take this trolling seriously.

EPA18 : < sigh > Yet another movie bashing the Orthodox, made by uninformed outsiders looking in. The opening of this trailer shows a man stating that when he told his mother he was no longer observant, she hung up the phone and didn't talk to him for 7 years, as if the mother were crazy. In truth, what the son did was a rejection of the parents - their beliefs, their values, their culture. And observant Judaism is not monolithic; you don't want to be hasidic? There are many other paths to religious Judaism other than hasidism. Why must a rejection of a hasidic lifestyle be all or nothing?


Mongoose Corsair : S H U T I T D O W N