Michael Cera Experiences Mouth Pains While Eating Spicy Wings | Hot Ones

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First We Feast : Michael Cera Goes to the Farmers Market should be a show. Agree/disagree?

Bøbby, that Bearded Kid : I lost my mind when he asked for floss. That's that most Michael Cera thing that could've happen...

Azaria Bell : Does this man age? Ever?

THE VEST : 20:26 "Your so expressive" Shows picture of 3 of the same expressions lmao

5000 Subscribers with No Videos : *#4 ON TRENDING!*

ReptileLegitgaming : pls bring billie eilish in

JaxBlade : OMFG I havent seen Michael Cera in what feels like Decades haha glad hes doing well haha

Larissa Smilios : He looks like a sad turtle

RuK? : *Just imagine if girls weren't weirded out by our boners, and just, like, wanted to see them* *I mean, you know, that's the world I one day wanna live in*

BigGeekEmpire : Wow how does Michael Cera manage to look 40 and 12 years old at the same time?

Alec Baker : Shia Labeouf or Rick Ross please

Loreli G : Ive never seen him in anything where he isnt acting, and he just seems like a genuinely cool dude. He was super polite and like, clearly jazzed to be there. What a swell guy.

Genguu : Anyone scrolling thru the comments have a nice day!

Tai Pham : You know who would be wild... Elon Musk.

RyuDaBurninator : Scott Pilgrim Vs The Heat.

lal 11 : Bring tyler the creator or Donald glover

Sugar Pine 7 : Michael Cera is so genuine

Luis Diego Cano Torrecillas : GET *REVIEWBRAH* ON THE SHOW

Chris Newby : This guy is so Canadian I love it, making us look good :)

Titi squad : They should get Shane Dawson on here, that would be hilarious 😂

Broccoli Slingshot Int. : No instagram? Now I love him even more

Deburke321 : I love all the questions he asked, it's great when the guests are curious about the show

Jordan Ahamed : You could tell Sean was enjoying himself with this one. I would almost say Sean makes it too obvious when he's not feeling the guest... Maybe he should be careful how he gages his emotions to each guest

John Basedow : Asking for floss like a Boss. His low key ways are hilarious.

Rodrigo Astorga : If y'all got Snoop Dogg on this show, that'd be LEGENDARY.

Yaseen Baker : I'm not gay or anything, but Michael Cera can have this!

RoachDoggJr : He has the face of a *sweet baby angel...*

Charles Cleyn : I was dying when he said "They're doing great up there" So great.

Kittyous : woah, micahel cera experiences painful sensations in his mouth when he eats hot wings? woah what a trip.

SycoLogic : In one of Eminems songs he has the "Marshall Mathers, Eminem... The rapper Eminem" in it.

thatoneguy 0722 : CAN WE GET BAM MARGERA ON THE SHOW??!?!?!?!?!

jose quintanilla : Scott pilgrim vs the Wings



Real Hedi : He is so nice! so sweet! polite! everything! great guy

Raquel Guzmam : I love Michael cera's eye contact lol

Scott Cramer : I've never called anyone this before, but it just fits him so well... he's a sweetheart. A real sweetheart.

StarsMarsRadio : Invite the L.A. Beast!

Ebony White : I enjoy him

Red : Michael Cera's Precious Little Life

Kareem Wilson : Aubrey Plaza next!

Håvard Ramberg : Michael looks like an old Morty

James Gigantes : He kinda frightens me

Lemon Z : I'm just wondering.... WHY? 😳

DeclandJack : Michael Cera literally looks like he once walked onto the set of a movie, by accident, and awkwardly made a career out of it ever since.

Snoodballla ! : get chip chipperson

Do It With Dan : Wow this was totally unexpected. He's probably the best guest so far!

Jake D : I found Morty of dimension c169

asmaa as : you have to Do it with the Rock

Hey Monse! : Hey Scott where is Ramona???