Michael Cera Experiences Mouth Pains While Eating Spicy Wings | Hot Ones

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First We Feast : Michael Cera Goes to the Farmers Market should be a show. Agree/disagree?

Loreli G : Ive never seen him in anything where he isnt acting, and he just seems like a genuinely cool dude. He was super polite and like, clearly jazzed to be there. What a swell guy.

Dallas Fuel : This guy is a national treasure.

Monogatari Papi : They should Get John Krasinski on this show.

Kedori Chint : Why does my boi look old but young

Genius.Beauty : We need a hot ones Russian roulette where you never know what Scoville level you get

Bøbby, that Bearded Kid : I lost my mind when he asked for floss. That's that most Michael Cera thing that could've happen...

King Dru : Michael Cera looks like a Dr Seuss character

North Accent : You need Gordon Ramsey on here.

Causmic : Wheres that toothpick / floss footage at tho?

displacedjim : I've watched quite a few of these vids, and I don't recall anyone handling the challenge like he did. Michael Cera is da bomb.


MellowJelly : Wow I made a mean comment but I deleted it when he mentioned Fantastic Planet and Spirited Away. ugh I'm a jackass

IndigoBeatz : Only thing that aged is his jaw

Omar Al Fil : Michael Cera is the chillest dude ever goddamn.

McLovin : Gangstasss Wasssup guys🙋🏻‍♂️

One Flower : Still looks like a 16 yr old suffering

Jay Bisky : Michael Serra in 30 years will look identical to this

William F : You need to get Dave Grohl on here!

Nik Dybdahl : damn Michael Cera can take the heat like a camp?! super impressiv. and what a really nice and polite guy. respect.

Scott Cramer : I've never called anyone this before, but it just fits him so well... he's a sweetheart. A real sweetheart.

Andyflo : Get Kid Cudi on the show!

Ellie Lindsey : before I even watched, I knew Michael Cera wouldn't let himself be visibly defeated by the hot wings.

B1G R3D : Why did watching this interview make me so happy?

Martijn Van hoof : Get reviewbrah!!

jose quintanilla : Scott pilgrim vs the Wings

Cam_ 401 : "I didn't mean to dig up any trauma" 😂 😂

Rem Ruati : Do Gordon Ramsey pls

Juvenile Machine : His chin is gradually disappearing. Thought this was leafyishere for a minute

Squeet : I cheated and read the comments about the floss thing. I didn't think it was going to be that funny. I was mistaken. lol

WorldsWorstBoy : He has the face of a *sweet baby angel...*

DRIVER : Wow...Jesse Eisenberg is looking kinda rough

Maressa Lane : Omg!! I remember I fell asleep at the end of SuperBad & waking up like wtf why is the menu screen STILL GOING ?!? #IFinallyKnow 😂😂

Natalie Cruz : Michael Cera is so odd I love him

Ladondorf : Glad you guys finally got Jon Arbuckle on the show.

Do It With Dan : Wow this was totally unexpected. He's probably the best guest so far!

nia smith : Michael Cera is the love of my life, and every november he's my wallpaper bc its this hilarious photo of him in a giant coat and holding a huge instrument case (i wanna, say guitar) and one red glove and a bright blue beanie. he's looking straight at the camera so awkwardly and i love him. michael you are my babe, i truly love you

Jordansg : Get Ski Mask on this show

HippoButtSecks : He looks 13 and 30 at the same time

Gabrial : 2018 and still no chin

Simte : He's hidding the secret of eternal youth... Quickly, capture him.

Mamom Time FV : The only reason I watched this was to make me want to eat spicy chicken wings

WTFemon : I️ want to see an Alex jones hot ones lol

iruthless _ : Wheres eminems episode!!?

RayJ-HT : Interesting guy. He was so self conscious when he ate the wings. He would put his head down as he got a bite.

Sugar Pine 7 : Michael Cera is so genuine

Kayla Skye : I love Michael!!! His personality is the cutest. I feel like he’s the kind of person who can’t make enemies bc he’s so nice and friendly :)

Cristina Smith : This is how i'd picture Micheal Cera being as a person.

will hall : Michael Cera is more Michael Cera than I thought even Michael Cera could be.

stratchic : I must be out of the loop, but I haven't seen Michael Cera in a long time.