Michael Cera Experiences Mouth Pains While Eating Spicy Wings | Hot Ones

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First We Feast : Michael Cera Goes to the Farmers Market should be a show. Agree/disagree?

Bøbby, that Bearded Kid : I lost my mind when he asked for floss. That's that most Michael Cera thing that could've happen...

Trinity Apologetics : Out of all the Hot Ones I've seen, Cera definitely enjoyed the wings the most even the very hot ones and handled the spice the best. Who would've expected that lol

Gerardo Avalos : He look like the definition of the word “moist”

Kedori Chint : Why does my boi look old but young

David Kelley : Michael cera getting angry with a lady selling soup at a farmer’s market but not actually confronting her because she was a little old lady is the most michael cera thing ive ever heard lmao

Do It With Dan : Wow this was totally unexpected. He's probably the best guest so far!

Genius.Beauty : We need a hot ones Russian roulette where you never know what Scoville level you get

Monogatari Papi : They should Get John Krasinski on this show.

Twigg4075 : He danced for an hour straight for a blu-ray menu. That's dedication.

King Dru : Michael Cera looks like a Dr Seuss character

Loreli G : Ive never seen him in anything where he isnt acting, and he just seems like a genuinely cool dude. He was super polite and like, clearly jazzed to be there. What a swell guy.

HippoButtSecks : He looks 13 and 30 at the same time


North Accent : You need Gordon Ramsey on here.

Omar Al Fil : Michael Cera is the chillest dude ever goddamn.

Scott Cramer : I've never called anyone this before, but it just fits him so well... he's a sweetheart. A real sweetheart.

displacedjim : I've watched quite a few of these vids, and I don't recall anyone handling the challenge like he did. Michael Cera is da bomb.

B1G R3D : Why did watching this interview make me so happy?

will hall : Michael Cera is more Michael Cera than I thought even Michael Cera could be.

Nik Dybdahl : damn Michael Cera can take the heat like a camp?! super impressiv. and what a really nice and polite guy. respect.

Simte : He's hidding the secret of eternal youth... Quickly, capture him.

One Flower : Still looks like a 16 yr old suffering

Cobalt136 : I wanna see Jensen Ackles and Jared Padelecki on here. That'd be great.

Jay Bisky : Michael Serra in 30 years will look identical to this

Andyflo : Get Kid Cudi on the show!

Martijn Van hoof : Get reviewbrah!!

Drew Winchester : This was so calming and entertaining at the same time

Ellie Lindsey : before I even watched, I knew Michael Cera wouldn't let himself be visibly defeated by the hot wings.

Rem Ruati : Do Gordon Ramsey pls

jose quintanilla : Scott pilgrim vs the Wings

WTFemon : I️ want to see an Alex jones hot ones lol

iruthless _ : Wheres eminems episode!!?

Cristina Smith : This is how i'd picture Micheal Cera being as a person.

Cam_ 401 : "I didn't mean to dig up any trauma" 😂 😂

Håvard Ramberg : Michael looks like an old Morty

Natalie Cruz : Michael Cera is so odd I love him

Luca Vincent : i was the ultra-successful commercial kid

Maressa Lane : Omg!! I remember I fell asleep at the end of SuperBad & waking up like wtf why is the menu screen STILL GOING ?!? #IFinallyKnow 😂😂

Juvenile Machine : His chin is gradually disappearing. Thought this was leafyishere for a minute

WorldsWorstBoy : He has the face of a *sweet baby angel...*

RayJ-HT : Interesting guy. He was so self conscious when he ate the wings. He would put his head down as he got a bite.

Eric Santarsiero : There's some sadness behind those eyes at 8:01.

Laura Rosales : Can I hella request BRANDON URIE it’d be amazing to see this interaction 👀

Blink Maen : He always looks like he's about to burst into tears

Sugar Pine 7 : Michael Cera is so genuine

Jordansg : Get Ski Mask on this show

Sabrina Hopken : i wanna see adam driver on here!!

Rem Ruati : Our old favourite nerd before Jesee Eisenberg came along

Ralph N. : We need Gordon Ramsay!