Futurama - eyePhone

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De55MP : Thus, a meme was born....

Tracy Danger : Remember when a iphone was only $500

ToastyThe PyroMain : It’s cheaper than the damn iPhone 7

mikkelnpetersen : "Short supply" = we have plenty, but now it's more expensive

gamrage : Futurama became a meme before memes became a thing..

Luissv72 : "Is there an app for kissing my shiny metal ass?" "Several!" "Ooh"

James Rowe : 1:39 While everyone is talking about the meme, I love the commentary right before it. - $500 (ON CONTRACT) - No choice of carrier - Tiny battery - Poor reception. Yup. Sure sounds like the original iPhone 2G on AT&T.

Kyle Medlyn : My favorite meme. Shut up and take my likes

Henry Johnston : "Why, here's a twit now" this line goes unappreciated

Dante : Remember when you could get an Android that works 10x better and costs 10x less?

Winged Turd : I guess I'm off to Hell.

Anonymous : So this is where the meme came from

Flash Productions : $500. Still cheaper than the iPhone X

oG Warteck : "I guess I'm off to hell" lmfao I died at that oart

Nicholas Gregoire : Nintendo Switch coming out be like

Roze Rec : They even predicted snapchat in a sense

Avishek Das : one of them had a shellphone.

Fawful benivictor : "Oh no the light! Welp I guess im off to hell"

0fficial._.farrah 5 : They predicted the future

Jon Sadler : "Stop thinking Fry" 😂


RAsplez 98 : The writer thought $500 was an outrageously high price with comedic value.. hehe...

tromolon motions : Cunt had a seashell. 😂😂

Goku Black : Cheaper than the eye phone X

ralf 98 : oh my god,did the man just injected the eyephone to that guys eye,hell

Sverrir Geir Guðmundsson : thats why I have samsung :)

Samurai ITZ : 1:40

Ariok : With Twitcher, did they mean Twitter, Twitch or Snapchat?

mattysreviews1 : The meme came from here

Mister jackster : imagine if this was real

b1njjj95 : I love how this episode showed us how people look like mindless sheep when they run off to go buy the latest phone model or newest techno gadget just because of the brand name. 😂

Kitten Jibanyan : Shut up and take my money!

Hardline 25 : Shut up and take my bottlecaps!!!

BrokeBot : Can't wait for liquid game grumps

eternallegacy89 : Oh no the light, I guess I am off to Hell. XD

Grumbles : Mom corp is basically Apple and Google's love child

Flap Jacks : A little too relevant..

sotocorderoa18 : Shut up and take my money!! Lol 😂😂😂 i love fry jajaja

NATHAN ESTRADA : 1:45 a meme was born

Gamer JuelzTV And Gacha's : 0:38 ohhh shit vanoss friend nogla

The Anti Cancer : "Oh no! The light! I guess I'm off to hell." I'm going to say this when I'm 73 in the bed in the hospital on the verge of death.

Eugene Oliveros : Is there an app to kiss my metal ass? Several Ooh!

Awesome Mann : Is there an app for kissing my shiny metal ass? Several! Ooh

Lil_gothboi : A mixture of twitter and twitch

UNKNOWNGAM3r : How do you charge it?? Also, *Obligitory earpiece joke*

Beast Slayer : 2:21 oh look here's a twit now

Bristol Pusher : If this was real people would definitely get it....

Supercoollink : Oh no the light I guess I'm off to hell

RaidiarS015 : But I thought Fry doesn't have a brain.

zirconviper : One of those devices that makes me thankful for what I have that is of plenty entertainment without the painful installation.