Family Guy King Of The Black People (Uncensored version)

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albertjester : *warning, actual results may vary*

L. Ron Hoyabembe : This is accurate all white people should try it

Shane C : The Uncensored version isn't much different from the original television broadcast.

Todd Biesel : On TV Peter says "the you-know-what word" and they don't show him in the black neighborhood about to say it.

Matthew McLaughlin-Phillips : if I did that it would be the complete opposite

Nabbit's Youtube : Donald Trump in a nutshell

Douglas Murphy : How Trump became president

MikeJ 2016 : Warning Actual outcome may Vary

Tatooine77 : Kentucky Fried Movie did it first

speed edwards : I want to do what peter did

What is the point of this channel : Go into a black neighbour hood and say the n word TODAY... results may vary

Robert Long : I did this once. east side downtown baltimore city in the ghetto. yelled it as loud as I could. they didn't do shit. Cus they either thought I was insane and just escaped a mental hospital or packing uzis. lol

bossfan49 : uncensored?

Dragonborn FTW : he's got balls

VGG Brayden : Censored: Doesn't say the N word Uncensored: STILL doesn't say it

theowlshack : I respect you too peter. if it wasn't for you the show wouldn't be so funny really.

Tic Tac Toot : Am I the only one who remembers Peter saying, "They made me their king."

Platah : The last time I heard a white boy say the N word he had 11 teeth knocked out and he's blind in one eye

hazel goodshepherd : What episode is it that Peter tells an inner city youth to point to the king while teaching him to play cards? He has the Hebrew boy point at himself then says something like "That's right, you're the king." Umm...

Imammasri_18 : I feel like Lois was referencing the Islamic belief that the Final Day is on a Friday...

devinmanx15 : Me Living in the hood I know this would actually happen

John Mauer : wow thats a bizarre surprise

Dragonborn FTW : anyone else think they went to far with this

Christopher Kopke : in the censored version, peter says "the you know what word" tben next shot is him in the sash and crown

Daniel Allen : Seth MacFarlane's friend: Hey Seth, I bet you couldn't trick a bunch of white kids into getting themselves beat up. Seth MacFarlane: Hold my beer, watch this.

Expand Carp : every dank memer in a nutshell

Antrick Dacres : If a white person comes to my area and yelled out the n-word it would be the equivalent of me going all white neighborhoods and yelling out where the white women at? We would both get the same end results.

NinjaPenguin77664 : Shouldve done this on a bridge lol

Baba Yaga : I want to say it but im afraid I'll get shot

arbknight12 : Question: What if a brown man from North Africa says it. Is it still considered offensive?

Joshua Olson Cook : Well, Peter has a black ancestor, so its okay...I guess. Also, I think there were some people who were in on Quahog News’ April Fools prank.

Noah Vlogs : In my hood if a white boi came into it and yelled it, he wouldn't get jumped. 😂😂

Jay Rice : Let's remember that peter tis half black

DaveyLeeRiot : Don't lie...none of us saw that coming

omed mushir : lol its the truth

devinmanx15 : So true

anxietydown : I must not have been loud enough, I am only Archduke of Black People.

Daniellian Gaming : I've earned enough respect to say it, but I didn't get it _from_ saying it...

Shane Cunningham : They respected me for saying it. But why? Did black neighbourhoods become more white friendly

Megan DeMand : And that’s why the N word is the only word beeped out in the dvd version.

Trollstation123 : Keaton James

Xigbar Braig : Awesome.

TheCosmaticGamer : You got the wrong episode number

King Spooper can we hit 7,442,000,000 subs? : Only because he’s Irish.

Ivin3690 : Lmao this is Pewdiepie right now!!

Sergiodlcowboys349 : More like king of racism