Lost Cosmonauts: Did Russia Lose the 1st Astronauts in Space?

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Arku : Being from a former Soviet state, I can with 100% certainty tell you that things were covered up. It was a very Soviet thing to do. You never spoke of anything that failed or didn't go as planned. Only victories and successes were shouted at you from every radio, tv and newspaper. There's no reason o cover some of these things up, sure, but they were covered up anyway.

efekok : can we call this "SPACE GULAG"?

DATING HARLEY QUINN : Here in Bulgaria is is open knowledge that the Russians lost several early pioneers in space - open as in taught in school. That is not proof one way or the other but it is interesting.

Ian Macfarlane : Fantastic video as always. I've always leant towards these stories being true, although the reasoning for the cover ups made no sense, and I thought that it was tremendously sad that pioneers would die lonely & horrible deaths without recognition. Because of that it's great to hear that there is serious doubt about the veracity of these claims. I don't really get the idea of national 'shame' in this respect. Many countries have lost pioneers and they are usually regarded as heroes - in the UK people like Scott, Shackleton or Donald Campbell are held in the highest regard.

VladimirLenin : Lost cosmonauts? No no, we call orbit gulag. Less mouths to feed. You would understand. You take this down or the Soviet state will do so for you

terrahawk2003 : It does make you wonder how many people have died in space

Darth Black and Mild : I love these docs. But I would double check the pronunciation of the Russian last names. Russian cosmonaut Yuri Gagarin, for example is mispronounced. Just an FYI. Keep up the good work!

Neil Legacy : My friends dad was a Russian engineer for Space program,he said that their was 16 astronauts killed before they actually succeeded in sending a man in space.His father passed away many year ago so I'm not sure if he lying about it,but he said that Russia had no qualms about sending men to their death.

Dmitry Pasyutin : I heard this recording and I recognized a clear italian accent in it. I'm Russian btw

Kevin McGlothlin : Excellent video. I do like how you give alternative "debunk" informaiton and genualy giving us food for thought.

Connor Ohoare : Why is it that people think the Russians sent and lost a lot of people before having a success story that they could talk about but it’s always believed the Americans did it first time !? Sounds awfully odd to me

Mike Oliver : To those, human and otherwise, who didn't make it home. 🚀

Agnostic Monk : I always thought these recordings were faked to disgrace the Soviets, like they were launching people into Space without employing proper safety measures.

benwyso810 : I'd like to see a video on the Philadelphia Experiment

The Unambiguous : Well flat earthers could give you this answers instantly with no facts but on theories

sintwoOone : So.... Their "father" just happened to be a cardiologist? And this anomoly just happened to contain a "heartbeat" on it?

904 CZV : I’ve heard the ‘female’ cosmonaut recording but not the others described in this video. Interesting!

THE agressionpardeuxfilles : The Italian brothers thing was fake

mysticx0 : wow you actually talk! its about time you bought a mic. i cant even watch the dark5 channel vids because text vids on youtube is ...well i'll be nice. its not my kind of video. this was great tho, i didnt feel like you were leading me one way or the other you just presented what happened without sensationalizing the conspiracy parts. note: what i expected when i clicked this was a lot of "ancient aliens" type of script where the narrator asks leading questions they dont answer just to hype the conspiracy. i got none of that. well done. subbed.

Timothy Thayer : I really do enjoy these Dark Docs. More than the original Dark 5 content, actually. I like that I can play them while I’m doing something else. I like to watch YouTube while I cook or fold laundry. Thanks for making these, Dark 5!

Saila Sobriquet : Well-balanced. Good job!

rstyrone : Some say their skeletons are still floating in space.

Kevin Tomes : A bit more than I've seen on the subject before. Nice.

Izzy Long : Ga-Gare-In

sandmanhh67 : You keep asking why the Soviiets would cover accidents up. I guess that is because you are young and didnt grow up during that period, and so find it difficult to understand the Soviet mindset. NO failure was acceptable as it was seen as a failure for Communism, and any failure was covered up both internally and externally. This was at the hight of the Cold War propoganda war remember, and in the USSR life was cheap when it came to protecting the image of the state. As for the lack of documentation....again thats down to a lack of understanding of the USSR mindset. Nothing much changed after the fall of communism, and if you think it has I suggest you have a go at accessing even basic military research materials in modern day Russia. In the USSR the space program was subject to the highest levels of security and secrecy, so if you think those documents will be available to foriegners you really are daft. The equivalent in the UK would be you as an American trying to access research documents from Porton Down.

Anonymous Anonymous : we don't know that noone else recorded distress calls,imagine how much money the soviets would pay you to keep the tapes a secret,or what they'd do to you so you couldn't release said tapes...the mexican cartels refer to it as "silver or lead" but either way you're not talking

Frank Magnotto : Another great video, I’ve heard all these recordings, but didn’t know most of the other information you presented. As far as future videos, I would love to see your take on the Skinwalker Ranch.

Níłch’i naalkidí ᛏᛖᛚᛖᚹᛁᛋᛁᛟᚾ दूरदर्शन التلفاز : Could you do a Dark Docs on the Swedish Ghost Rockets?

Dark Satchel : I got a rock

a. banks. : Talk about possible hoax idea versus a real cover-up of a new truth. I wish that you would do a vid on what really happened to Amelia Earhart, because that still intrigues me. And while flying could she have possibly discovered some hidden truths about disinformation with flying around this planet solo, to find out it's not the way they said it was. Did she fly into areas that today are now restricted areas or no fly zones, that is agreed to by all countries? Did she possibly seen regions, she should not have seen, that support the real actual shape of this world, and possibly what covers over it, that many are starting to believe keep us trapped in this place? And how did she really die, or was she murdered, or was she somewhere still alive? Also I would love to here about the strange triangles that cover this planet. I know about the Bermuda Triangle, but isn't there also a mysterious and deadly triangle in Japan and also one somewhere in Lake Michigan? What's behind the mysterious happenings and disappearances that occur in these locations and is a correlation between the three. To do either topic, it would be very fascinating to see what you come up with! No matter, I do love watching your work. No matter which channel..

happosai27 : This bit about drifting away from orbit seems kind of far fetched. You don't leave earth orbit by accident. There is a lot of energy needed to get this done. Still pretty interesting. I wouldn't put it behind the russians to cover up deaths of astronauts

Alex Hunter : Changing the speed to 0.75 makes it a lot easier to listen to, great content though.

Marcus W : No that was aliens they came to this planet looking for intelligent life.... they gasped and said “oh honey no, non here moving on” that is what happened lol 😂

MagicalCoaster 1 : These are completely faked, Firstly you can’t have radio transmission on re entry.. also you can’t leave earths sphere of influence on accident.. Secondly The Vostok service module, only had enough fuel to retrograde out of orbit.. Just because the soviets made into space first and not America, doesn’t mean they killed poor souls..

TheNeverslept : Proved false. If they could have got the broadcast so would have everyone else.

Panic : I like this channel more than your other one, I'm so busy lately I can't even spare the time to read for 2 minutes ha. Keep up the good work!

EvilHomerSimpson : Why the creepy music, something like this should be informal

Hivolt Arc : Government propaganda was illegal in the US from 1948 until 2013 when El Presidente Obummer signed the NDAA repealing the Smith Mundt Act.

scorpJon : "drifting away from orbit" ? is that new internet physics?

ramairgto72 : A heart beat? I can't hear people on a 2018 speakerphone. That is 3 day old fish, I ain't buying it, and thank you Dark Docs for being "real".

TheRahsoft : didn't you cover this before??

Alex ja boi : lost cosmonauts gets killed on the dark side of the moon by the *NAZIS*

jonathan lavezzi : No way they could keep these deaths Secret after the fall of the USSR !

robleeandroid : Narration is super hammy, be best to tone it down, would be scarier for it. Kind of sounds like a bad impersonation of a 30's radio announcer... Also would help to slow down, you're stumbling / slurring through some words

zinca marian : Someone said : the history is wrote by the winners .

Tabby the HouseCat : being the first or to pioneer something of great achievement isn't as inspirational as most might imagine. the courage to bear the knowledge that one could end up being the darkest shade in a hidden shadow is just the beginning. rip to those men and women (if any) who lost not only their lives but entire identities & existence in the sacrifices they made & the roles they played in the history of mankind entering space

Krisztián Povázson : Too bad everything has been declassified since 1989, and the only actual coverups found are the N1 project and Bodarenko. Actual deaths, like Komarov and the Soyuz 11 crew weren't covered up.

The Top Cat : The early space-race stuff has always been my favorite topic, thanks!

Kaleb Millan : 0:17 early space expexcadixitions

Pepe : I wouldn't be surprised since negative news are being censored and information kept hidden by the state in communist shitholes.