The Expert: Progress Meeting (Short Comedy Sketch)

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Lauris Beinerts : Check out the previous episodes of The Expert: Square Project! Have you seen the original video? Watch The Expert:

Adam Nicholls : I feel for Anderson, as a developer I've been in similar non-sensical meetings.

CptObvious : A project manager is the sort of person that thinks, 3 women can produce one baby in 3 months

Nicholas Lau : I wonder what would happen to this company if this guy quits

Nambeye J Katebe : This is painful to watch. Especially if you're a real life Anderson.

eric yu : 75% is also 75 / 100 which means they can produce 75 prototypes and when he's done we can ship the other 25. Its much more efficient than shipping only 3!

Kapitan Blue : This scenario happened exactly 3 hours ago in our project meeting

JCarlos Quebrado : What I don't understand is why 90 degrees was the bottom value tested for right angles. I believe an 81 degree right angle would be better. It is 10% more efficient than a 90 degree right angle, and so we could expect it to work perfectly 9 out of 10 times. Alternatively, the right angle problem would have been resolved using a straight angle. R&D should look into developing straight angles. As we all know, in theory, straight angles are ambidextrous, so using them would allow them to be used for both right angle and left angle applications.

undercrackers56 : It would be funny if it wasn't so true. I invariably find myself working for ass-holes who not only don't understand the technological issues - they just don't WANT to. So they believe whatever is convenient and then blame the "experts" for the consequences of their uninformed decisions.

eltimbalino : I feel like I missed the "Design me a pie chart to show 114%" episode. I can just see how it would have gone down. "Anderson, you seem fixated on circles with this pie-chart problem. You're the expert, I shouldn't have to be creative for you, but maybe you should try a square. Think outside the box a bit." Then, someone else, "Clearly if he can't show 114% with his circle, then he needs a bigger circle. I'm not saying I understand everything Anderson does, but this is obvious. If you need more, make it bigger."

tipetu : This is painfully accurate.

lestersys : Brilliant writing, brilliant acting. He has the perfect WTF face, someone should make a meme out of it. LoL

Joseph Douglas : Before it was funny. Now I'm just conflicted on whether I should give Anderson a hug or just punch everyone else.

Vlad Slavin : Unfortunately this is very accurate.

Ultimate Pixel : As much as I love these videos, they make me really angry :D keep it up!

fuzzylumpkin49 : He's decided to use the right angle for the square project, and he's getting Anderson to remove any pesky left angles, but he forget to tell Anderson to make sure the lines in the right angle run parallel to each other. ^_^

keeflookeem : I do technical stuff that are hard to explain to laypeople in any kind of comprehensive way without explaining like 10 different technologies. Sometimes I have similarly frustrating meetings and interactions at work. I often show these skits to friends and family to explain what those are like for me. I'd gladly support a patreon or whatever to keep these coming!

Peter Liljebladh : Just like in real life then. 10 office crawlers in suits bragging away with the results left for one single worker to sort out months in advance of the regular predetermined schedule.

Moving Forward Adventures : Squares on wall paper, squares on shirts, on ties, on drinking glasses, out in the hall there are squares everywhere in this video! are you trying to brainwash us? lol Seriously love this series!!

VannTile Ianito : I hope he quits, goes to an interview and gets the exact same treatment. That would be a bummer

TheSLK66 : I feel like Anderson is going to shoot them all one day XD

jinxatron : I feel so sorry for Anderson. Cant he get a break just once? maybe meeting someone that isn't a complete tool at the office? (Like a soulmate or another expert from another company?) It just seems like hes ready to jump the building soon xD

GraphX : This is an accurate representation of how most game companies publish games?

Lauris Beinerts : How much is 23%?

Septian Ahmad Fujianto : Just like most startup.. let the users be the tester 😂

infirmux : Managers after management school of managerial management of managing. In it for the money, but no actual skills or even willingness to understand. Actual good managers - so few of them.

butts : Wasn't he suppose to print out the product video ?

Petr Svoboda : I am getting depression just from watching this video.. :D

Hung Vo : 1:47 - His utterly confused/stunned face kills me every time.

Thiesi : Thank you so much for providing us with more insight into the life of a true expert.

James Gell : This must be similar to how Brexit negotiations are going

Андрей Мишин : Wow, that's exactly how my company operates...

jim ewok : i'm so disappointed …i was really looking forward to seeing that glass wall painted with the blood of marketing middle executives.

Frank Looman : These sketches give me panic attacks

axl the slacker : why on earth do I keep clicking these? they are very upsetting. I feel for poor anderson.

aklosterboer : What Anderson is missing is a good team lead. As a developer, Anderson should never have been in that meeting. He should have been working on the 'Linear Solutions' project. A good team lead knows how to placate an aggressive project manager while still looking out for the best interest of his/her team.

David Johnson : I hate all that wasted paper on a psychological level. Edit: I know that most of it is probably blank and reused, I'm just saying.

Ashis Mandal : This video makes me aware of the astronomical salary difference between engineers and managers. P.S engineers are way underpaid.

o2boutdoors : As part of a project that had a promised ship date for a product that wasn't even designed yet, this is all too familiar. One of the funnier/sadder lines came from a "marketing" person in the meeting, when "engineering" said that one of the prototype components was failing in testing, and they couldn't figure out why. "Is this going to affect the ship date?"

Azar K. : I want to scratch my own skin off my body to compensate this mental *pain*.

Thomas L : So much paper wasted! It sets my teeth on edge

Hugh G : I love this series so much but it's absolutely infuriating. I can't take it they are so stupid!!

Ahmed Anwar : Amir el masry good to see an Egyptian

Linda Shi : Anderson I can help you out with the performance testing ;)

Sera Kirk : So true it hurts.

Kazema Hussain : The best comedy sketch ever👌👌👌👌👌👌👍👍👍👍👍👍👐👐👐👐👐👐👐👐👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏

Ivy I. : More of The expert and Anderson please...

combatjumpmaster89 : Poor Anderson - not a team player I guess.....

jazko : We are 75% done, this means 3 out of every 4 ... I died :D :D

Cédric Yvon : Welcome in big compagnie that will fail soon. Too many uncompétant manager that speack on empty boxes.