Nathan Caton Live at the Apollo

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Go here for more awesomeness - Season 10 Episode 4 - Nathan Caton takes to the Hammersmith Apollo for a very strong Episode 4, enjoy!


Katie Holton : "That's not racism, that's potassium." That should become a catchphrase.

Ts 03 : He said the urban joke on good news, still so funny

D Lucey : I hope he's having success because he's really talented. Thoroughly enjoyed his performances in this video and in good news.

Spartan H : That Mrs Bishop joke he used on Russel Howards Good News..

Brandon X : Chuck a Nando's menu at em lol 😂😂😂

ShineOnYouCrazyDiamond : He was very good. very very good.

suzawilo : Cool:D Aren't we all a little urban?; )

JYsTice89 : razy lacism...

EatSleepTrainRepeat : Only recently started watching this guy - he's brilliant!!

Mashood Ijaz : That ending XD

Pubertacus : he used the first home in Russell howards good news aswell

Peter Hicks : He gets better every time I see him. Very funny man

Louis Hamilton : Looks like lotto from 8 mile

IntEngT : Excellent Nathan!. Funny, clever and original.

sensur1 : Yes yes.. i'll say it. First.

Lone Axe : hahah that ending :D

Dorothy Gaby : Last bit reminds me of Wanda Sykes

Sn M : Hes done that joke about ms bishop quite alot of times but its still funny😂

Karim Adel : Dani Alves is not Black x)

Miles Jolly : I'm here because i had a banana for lunch

Dr 1986 : Saw him live last night was hilarious

Ayden Casey : at 1:27 did he actually mean she was black, too? I didn't get it

Abdulrahman Hamza : This man's a legend😂😂😂

Tomislav Brtan : this guy....awesome (y)

iifreshplayer : He's funny but his delivery needs work

Dionne Fletcher : This is the funniest thing😂😂

RayBolt 11 : legend

Lion Heart : Finally!!! been waiting this guy

stanpyrzanowski : Bloody loved him!

victor vargas : i love the what bboy. in my house. yeah Im urban

Device Help Network : Lol funny especially towards the end

Lani Jauregui-Hansen : I think Nathan kind of took that black/gay joke from Wanda Sykes but oh well he's still funny haha

A-Migos : That polish joke wasn't punny :'(

Zac Poueriet : Im urban

ABONESR : Good bit ! Funny SOB!  after  minutes 6 I couldn't stop laughing

blyat _man : 7:24 I die

Anas Ls : Dani Alves is not Black. He's white with green eyes

SPORTS DAILY : He just used exactly the swamp jokes as 2 years ago

blackbeauty281 : This guy is funny as heck lmao :D :D 

Drew Peacock : Dani Alves is Brazilian not black

Thefunksoulbro : Very good.