Sideways Scene: 'Transformers' & 'King Kong' - Fast and Loose Episode 3 - BBC Two

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claclaclac : Damn i could watch that all day xD

FinalHeresy : I just got done watching the new whose line is it anyway skit where they did this and i came here looking for more. I was sorely disappointed. sad day.

Константин Иванов : it's transocock

chloe21091 : it's TRENZOCOCK! XD

KyleAB5000 / Kyle Brook : @Azkazan coz USA sucks at comedy (no offence)

HoneyLion : That poltergeist thing was the best!

Sally Lee : almost peed my pants with the 3 of the transforming

CeriGotGame : brb laughing forever

Chris Buchanan : It's like Whose Line, but without the jokes.

biologyprodigy : Do the Matrix!!

Sylphritz : His roflcopter goes soi soi soi soi

Pesky Peeves : aaaaw this is sooo funny!!!

SantomPh : @jahahn91 he is a meme, so he is a genre

Davey Johns : Back to the future, all 3 of them. Ha Ha.

Amy Arkle Jones : 3:35 "It's trans-o-cock" LOL! xD

Александр Гузенко : куета

TheMonyow : nice ^_^

Atrax-Divinum : poltergeist was the best

Ben Gross : @Azkazan They's called whose line is it anyway...and it's better than this (I'm Birtish)

Lmfaoatyourvideos : How the hell have I missed this show??? When is it on??? Love it!

Francesca Attard : HILARIOUS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Brownie Lottie : They should bring back this show

jomps : This is the British equivalent of Trust Us With Your Life.

badt1 : I think i'm alright! ooh Noooo:D

Anti Rästa : "it's trans'o'cock"

robertone10 : never saw something like this before. i'm speechless

Aoi37una : a helicopter!!! ahahahaha!!!

rachel237linda : LOVE IT!!! so flipping hilarious! it looks like they're doing it all at zero gravity :')

RS14988 : 6 people weren't in a helicopter

808 : @devilbegins see*

edstercw : I wudv gone for "Robocock" myself but hey spur of the moment

stezii : watch "whose line is it anyway" or "improv-a-ganza" if you like this format.

Leonor Fleming : "luckily my husband isn't here" and "so when is the wedding?" LOL?

James Ohh : @wygram the british version was, and will always be funnier than the american one. just like all british vs american humour.

Mordoz : @jahahn91 I suspect Jackie would find that hilarious lol

Romm Decena : Level Creators of Happy Wheels will get this more funnier

DanTheDiver : Looks like they are QWOP players when they walk

nack287 : ah dont you just love brittish television

TheLegendaryZed : ministry of silly walks?

Mythaldin : @babygyrlkatara I live in the US. Not stereotyping, I'm just pointing out the facts.

missoptimus : -.- "jackie chan" is not a genre

Freddyfootlong : This show is EPIC!!!

thebigfly124 : Ahahha Great! It is so well done!

Rafika AS : @Azkazan shocking huh ?

Larka Lokasdottir : IT'S THE QWOP GAME COME TO LIFE.

Squishiefuzz : I love britts <3

jeessiccaax : i LOVE Sideways Scene..(:

PromodUltra : Real life QWOP

tampol99 : Marek is so hillarious :)

shrikanthkalyan : Marek Larwood is the best in these sideways scenes !