Sideways Scene: 'Transformers' & 'King Kong' - Fast and Loose Episode 3 - BBC Two

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claclaclac : Damn i could watch that all day xD

Neenar Person : I cant breathe!

Константин Иванов : it's transocock

SilentNightmare : "I'm special hat bot" Wraps his legs round the other guys head lmao

FinalHeresy : I just got done watching the new whose line is it anyway skit where they did this and i came here looking for more. I was sorely disappointed. sad day.

Lottie B : They should bring back this show

tripboy24 : its a set list that never changes, the girl acts with the fat guy and the bald guy always enters into the situation. gets boring after the 3rd run. same goes for the american version. set ideas and acts lined up.

tampol99 : Marek is so hillarious :)

Michael Tavares : Colin and Brad just can't be topped at this game..

DanTheDiver : Looks like they are QWOP players when they walk

Eden Orulfo : hahahahahaha

Romm Decena : Level Creators of Happy Wheels will get this more funnier

Miguel Macalopú : 2:01 the best part.

jomps : This is the British equivalent of Trust Us With Your Life.

Jaxen Crash : These shows make me laugh so hard

Sadie Blake : mareck is so so funny

JeromeBeckett : Yes because the producers on Fast and Loose speak for the entirety of Britain.

Александр Гузенко : куета

Atrax-Divinum : poltergeist was the best

yosef life : great show, thanks bbc.

shrikanthkalyan : Marek Larwood is the best in these sideways scenes !

firthy17 : and great escape, transformers, poltergeist ? HAHAHAHA you're so funny

TornSilence : \wtf......LOLOL

NeonRoseXD : 3:12 someone looks breathless xD

cryztalfox : its not ?!? :O

SantomPh : @jahahn91 he is a meme, so he is a genre

xilent234 : @jahahn91 Jackie Chan is such a legend, he IS a genre now.

scottyraw13 : @jahahn91 o it is

Aoi37una : a helicopter!!! ahahahaha!!!

joeyauggiii1 : whats da guys name in the red top does any1 know??

PromodUltra : Real life QWOP

Eden Fleming : @jahahn91 It's just funnier if they give an exact film to work around sometimes. They give genres like Alien or Explosive Action :)

Mordoz : @jahahn91 I suspect Jackie would find that hilarious lol

Sally Lee : almost peed my pants with the 3 of the transforming

Larka Lokasdottir : IT'S THE QWOP GAME COME TO LIFE.

Lauren Headon : I was certain they were snuggling at 0:20 x

Poppy Sanderson : marek's helicopter <3

Tommy Wiseau : at the transformers part all they had to do was scream "OPTIMUUUS!"

Craft & Art Creations : never saw something like this before. i'm speechless

CeriGotGame : brb laughing forever

stezii : watch "whose line is it anyway" or "improv-a-ganza" if you like this format.

Wes Boyd : 3:25 TEABAGGED

Bearster : Apparently the British think Jackie Chan is a genre

Niels Dekker : i don't speak english verry well but i have to law every time i see theese videos

TheLegendaryZed : ministry of silly walks?


bombygriz : I hope history repeats itself and this show migrates to the US. We need a regular improv comedy show!

Sylphritz : His roflcopter goes soi soi soi soi

Joel Beltman : QWOP

zuzka k. : headbot :D transforco*k??? :D:D::D:D:D:D