How to build a chair in 15 minutes

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Big Ben : Probably the best DeWalt ad I've seen in ages...... 👍

Emilio0587 : Give me 3 hours and I will have a slightly shittier version with paint 😂

Guust : Years later, the people in the house, still use that chair! 👍 😁

D McGinnis : You're making the rest of us look bad. :-)

Filimon Danopoulos : Congrats on the DeWalt sponsorship

Aidan Luong : if this isn’t an ad for speed squares i don’t know what is

Thomas Suchan : Gotta love doing finishing work with a chainsaw ;)

TheJimbob1603 : Better than what I’m sitting on right now! Lol! Show us around the house ... I don’t think you realize how much we’re interested in your work, and how much we want to learn from a skilled craftsman such as yourself. Keep up the good work! Stay safe & sane. To my fellow viewers: It takes significant money, time, and effort to make these videos; please, show your appreciation on Patreon so ‘Framer’ can can keep teaching us with his amazing skill set! Pony up, everyone!

Nick P : This episode of The Crazy Farmer brought to you by DeWalt.

Jay Kaye : Back in the day, I use to build coffee tables out of job scrap; 2x12's tops, 2x4 frame, 1x4 trim, 4x4 legs. Rough but if the freaking house collapsed you could have taken shelter underneath them. I really like your videos and I wish that I had known some of your tricks when I was working construction. Spent 7 years in the trade then decided to become a Doctor. Still have my old tool belt and tools. Sigh...I'm retired now. Be careful.

Tomas Charles : That is a good looking chair for something put together that fast.

Eliezer Negron : Hey crazy framer .... I haven't seen anyone do a framing work on a house all by them self and u have out done ur self... i have to say u are the best of framing work now u have to show off ur work all together so people who think u couldn't do it they can take another look .....and for haters stop hatting .....the best anyone can do is bowed...thanks for showing everyone how is done$$$$$$$$$

Peter Kiernan : Classic video, the last part tied it all together. How did the flex volt tools stand up to a full framing job, especially the nailer. Great content in your videos,keep it up.

Robert Ketter : At the time of my LIKE..... there was (1) JERK who decided a thumbs down was missing and provided it... stick that thumbs down up your @ss where it's more appropriate.

espn mk : Picaso with that chainsaw and nail gun, Nice...

bolomitejr1 : that dewalt cordless chainsaw is sick

Trent Mowery : That’s what you call an experienced worker

Joaquin Olvera : Quit working fast or im calling the 9-1-1

David Underwood : Nice finishing touch. Leave the chair for the next guys!

Dennis Whiter : LOL - I was gonna razz ya and say What no cup holder? - Ya got me!

STEADYEDDIE880 : You definitely earned your beer great work 🍺🍺🍺🍺

like a rock : It's official ! As of this amazing video The crazy framer and furniture builder is NOT a robot.

Ben Chippy : The new wood whisperer?

Josh Rick : Notice all power tools are Dewalt? Ha

kheff46 : My sister's boyfriend built my house by himself. He learned carpentry at the JVS in high school. I guess they teach you how to work solo actually! It's not easy, i watched him do a large barn himself, pretty amazing. Your work is awesome btw! Great videos always

Ali Almayahi : Good work my friend From the last who got the tools got the power Ali from Iraq 😊

willysnowman : Ahhh. Just got it. After all this time i'm thinking how many f'ing houses does this farmer need?

Satoshi One : 👍🏻love it brotha! Skilled indeed you are, been a finish carpenter for 15yrs been gettin into rough framing as of late and your videos have helped🙏🏻Keep it up!!

PotDropAndRole : When your good your just good. (At the end when he nailed into a with his hand on the other side...) Lol this is sick as hell

Diesel015 : Love the video mate! And damn those are some nice tools.

lilc : The knowledge you have is crazy I'm 19 years old and dont even know how to use a circularsaw🤦‍♂️

Max Cavazos : A chair made for king of framing

DEFAULT-SKIN-2018 : *Time for a beer* 🍺

J Thing : Did dewalt sponsor this 😉 awesome video- thanks for all the uploads!

David Ibarra : Dammit Boyd!!! You a badass mo fo. And some bad ass tools. I surely need all cordless. I'll make sure not to let my wife see this video.. That would take me half a day. with a whole lot of procrastinating.

THE BEARDED TEXAN : Dewalt better hook you up and honestly at first I was guna clown but in the ending the skills came out when mattered 👍🏿

XJD : How to make a “chair video” in 15 minutes!!! 😂☝🏻

toffiecrisp123 : my god your fast :) what made you go cordless and is it better love to see a review of the new gear

bazz black : How's the 60v dewalt treating you? I hear flex volt is garbage below the surface

j1bone : How do you like the 60v tools?

joe brown : This video is brought to you by the good people at DeWalt !!

MrAwawe : Is this a DeWalt ad?

Buns : I learned how to build the exact same chair in wood shop back in middle school

Lou Pecci : Beer Chair!! Need to put a small cooler under the cup holder to keep the brew from warming... that’s if the beers around enough to get warm.

Ryan Petzold : Badass! Love the chainsaw work!

A M : Let me guess who your new sponsor is Milwaukee? LMFAO!

Dovid Bernstein : how many years is this guy framing???

Richard van Pukkem : The strongest chair ever. My deckchair broke just an hour ago coincidentally. It has now 8 tie-raps around one post but it’s squeeky. Go to put a screw and wood glue in it i think.

Flores : I enjoy watching your videos. I have learned a lot!

Naaman Salas : Is this a DeWalt commercial?