Dogs catch huge salmon Dogs Take to Fishing Like Ducks to Water
2 dogs catching a lot of salmon

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Thank you for the cool people that like my dogs ASS FOR THE HATERS Here is a message for you at this link dogs catch huge salmon Dogs Take to Fishing Like Ducks to Water To use this video in a commercial player or in broadcasts, please email Follow my DOGS blog page . Pit bull's Dog's catching huge fish In the river . Having fun Playing with fish I was not there this day. A friend took my dogs to the river and they spotted salmon in the river They instinctively started chasing and catching the fish My friend had a video camera with her so she videoed the entire event. I would not have let them do this as its best to leave the fish to there natural life cycle, But whats done is done and it will never happen again. So here is a video of the event to be remembered . Please DO NOT ALOE YOUR DOGS TO DO THIS. I don't thing its good for the fish. The fish were finished there life cycle and completed their spawn Also all fish were released back into the river to die naturally and feed the wild life in the area as nature intended.But I still recommend not letting this happen The only down fall of this day was It created a big argument between me and My friend cuz I "barked" at her for enabling this to happen We no longer talk But if she reads this one day I apologize to her for yelling at her for it. because she was sincerely unaware .


Michael : Teach a dog to fish, and he'll eat for a lifetime.

Mediaboon : Dogs are the best pets ever. I kinda feel bad for calling them pets, they are more like best friends.

S Pellegrino : when can I get a fishing dog??? I NEED HIM!!!

Blue Anon : This bear is strangely small and odd looking the half dead fish thinks to itself.

Gemma Torpey : what a clever dog.he seems to be having so much fun.what a great doggie xx

CR Bowes : who needs a rod and reel when you have a strong dog like that? lol she is amazing!

mungambo mung : wow this is amazing.... seriously? dog! catching fish lol, i love it

Jack Michaels : Your dogs are incredible. They're also beautiful. I love this... I bet your family eats really good. I'm jealous!

Garry Gadget : do dogs need fishing licenses

Bernard Cretier : Thank you for sharing this video.    This dog is awesome!

Amy Waterson : Ahhhh those dogs are gorgeous ❤ I'd love to see what my dog would do here, probably get scared 😂

Jayme Capurso : haha, stuff the fishing pole, this is way better.

João Gabriel : So Beautifull !!

SmileForDumAss : saving drowning fish. Good doggy!

Funny Kid : The best fishers ever they could live in the wild

Aj Jj : Good dog , brings food for its owner

Robert Walker : Mans best friend yeah!! Good dog

J Z : I like your dog... 😉😉

iwantyourcookiesnow : Haters shut up. This dog is awesome.

Kellie E : Amazing!!

Joey Joe : nice you have really nice cute dogs for hunting and fishing

Mifra : ...Wow.

Elly Miles : also what are their names?

FIFTYmil : Good dog saving poor fish from drowning :)

Nathan Schaut : beautifal! Amizing!❤👍🎉

Piggy Oink Oink : Dog: "They said I could become anything I wanted, so I became a GRIZZLY BEAR"

Trolygon : I love watching dog fish it calms me

EDY el O : You should at least keep one for yourself. I wish I had such a fresh fish to eat.

Telie Moala : Um, who needs a fishing rod and boat? So want to try this with mine.

Amy Sayers : *I want that dog! He|she brought them in quick!*

Rob Merhaut : nice a-hole move dog handler!

KenzA RocK Corner : owwwwwwwww good boy . I love your video ken

Elly Miles : this is so awesome! I love your dogs! the are adorable! are they pit bulls?

Anna Graser : I need a dog like that to show up my sons' in fishing. Lol

Alex Hermann : That's so cute!!

Fried chunky Yum : how does the dog do that salmon a strong amd fast

Chevy Nation19 : it's sad this guy explains the fish already spawned and were dying and ppl still saying he disturbing the spawning process,it shows most ppl never watch the full videos and fly to leave a invalid comment

Aleksandr Serbinowski : This dog is a better fisherman than me...

commonman80 : GEEEEZ... With those dogs? Who needs a Net or Pole... WOW!!! Good Work Guys... I hope you cooked those fish and shared them with those guy... Cool...

Jose Javier Medina : Kjw kjw Thank u..that answer my questions.

Ia Her : Good job loved the vid

Isabella Langaard : How much salmon do they need!!!,

Cherry Bransdorf : These dogs are awesome. I can't believe you would throw the salmon back into the river. They caught them for you to eat. I would've cleaned and packaged for me food and dog food!!

Meowdy : Wow This Is How U Earn Money Without Doing Anything

John Edgard : So did you have a feast with all the salmon the dogs caught? Great dogs btw.

Nicole Varella : Why did this video get so many dislikes it's just a dog hunting fish

knownasgeeks : this is such a good excersise for the dogs.

KillSwitch Airsoft : dog is savage

Ernest Yeap : Amazing..