Dogs catch huge salmon Dogs Take to Fishing Like Ducks to Water

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FIFTYmil : Good dog saving poor fish from drowning :)

Almac x : Dog was saving them from drowning... good boy!

Garry Gadget : do dogs need fishing licenses

Amy Waterson : Ahhhh those dogs are gorgeous ❤ I'd love to see what my dog would do here, probably get scared 😂

American Tyranny : Teach a dog to fish, and he'll eat for a lifetime.

CR Bowes : who needs a rod and reel when you have a strong dog like that? lol she is amazing!

EDY el O : You should at least keep one for yourself. I wish I had such a fresh fish to eat.

Aleksandr Serbinowski : This dog is a better fisherman than me...

Youtube Jarred 333 : these dogs make bears look stupid! lol

Fick Dich : Poor dog wanted to safe the fishes from drowning

Mediaboon : Dogs are the best pets ever. I kinda feel bad for calling them pets, they are more like best friends.

Michael Hand : it's sad this guy explains the fish already spawned and were dying and ppl still saying he disturbing the spawning process,it shows most ppl never watch the full videos and fly to leave a invalid comment

Kjw Kjw : I dont recomend teach or allowing your dogs to do this  I was not there that day A old friend was sitting them and treated them to a river swim .  She videoed it and well It looked cool  And since it will never happen again I posted the event on youtube

Veronica Medina : So cute. I hope you cooked some of them. yummy

S Pellegrino : when can I get a fishing dog??? I NEED HIM!!!

Aj Jj : Good dog , brings food for its owner

Booga04 Minecraft : and then here my dog is scared of water

Evil Betty : Should have took them home and ate them. The fish, not the dogs.

Bernard Cretier : Thank you for sharing this video.    This dog is awesome!

Bitmaid : This is the bestest dog.

Fatty Boomba : Who needs a fishing rod when you have dogs :P

iwantyourcookiesnow : Haters shut up. This dog is awesome.

SomethingReallyStrange : Why are people even hating? This is awesome, the dogs look happy as hell. I for one enjoyed the video :)

Trolygon : I love watching dog fish it calms me

Banana 2003 : Imagine eating the fish they caught

afenismama : if this was spawning time they die afterwards anyways so no harm done far as i can see

Blue Anon : This bear is strangely small and odd looking the half dead fish thinks to itself.

Eric Lim : I first thought the video was super cool. Then I saw the haters' comments, which were to be expected. Then I read some really defensive comments from the original poster. And now I became a hater.

Youtube Jarred 333 : he needs to put em a little bit further out so they wont fall back in the water lol!

CanineGrowTime : See how listless the fish were? They were done spawning and were all dying anyway, its not harmful in this particular case for the dogs to pull them out of the river.

Fongers : I want to catch salmon here, but very far from home.

Ta'ahine Tonga : Um, who needs a fishing rod and boat? So want to try this with mine.

Rukheim : Well, this is a natural process of life. No use in wasting them.

Helene Dilling : Very handy in a surviver situation :D

rabin rai : wow doggy so useful in the wilderness. also are those salmon edible??

Jayme Capurso : haha, stuff the fishing pole, this is way better.

SmileForDumAss : saving drowning fish. Good doggy!

João Gabriel : So Beautifull !!

KenzA RocK Corner : owwwwwwwww good boy . I love your video ken

Jack Michaels : Your dogs are incredible. They're also beautiful. I love this... I bet your family eats really good. I'm jealous!

Milzi Jex : that beautiful salmon, gorgeous fish

Darrell's Moto Diary : Dog will hunt !

Phil Lenan : Its sad that there are such idiots around like this dog owner. By the way you should read up on the law :)

John Clark : ACE dog

Johny Tan : Logic: If dog eats a fish: It's nature, beautiful dog If shark eats a dog: It's not nature, ugly shark, poor dog

Shadow-Moses : I love eating fish, me and the dog would be eating fish all night long if this was me..

James Bello : If I were there will shoot this dogs 🐶 from head

Maurice be thy name : having trolls means your definitely a famous now........... congrats.

Tommy Sands : super dogs!

Sinath Bun : I love dogs SO MUCH. They help if you tell them to do something.