Flying into the eye of Hurricane Irma

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RoX : So we gonna ignore the fact that kermit hung himself

Reverent Bolts : R.I.P Kermit The Frog 1955-2017

valenius the kat : Too bad we can't do that on Jupiter with the Red spot

ganjaman : how can some thing so beautiful be so deadly

#Yvette Fan : Hurricane Irma:Ow My Eye

Brad Suarez : Some people seem terrified of this job, seems like a dream job to me! Put me in front a crowd to do a presentation..... now that's terrifying!

` : This comment section is amazing

Curious .Kid : A short drop and a sudden stop for kermit, obviously he couldn't take any more turbulence, he looked even greener than usual.

Sloppy Salad : EGPWS be like: "Windshear" "Windshear" "Windshear"

john gonsoulin : It amazes me that the engines can sustain combustion with so much water.

Katie Martin : This plane just flew into the eye of the strongest Atlantic storm ever and everyones worried about Kermit 😂

Connor Brown : That plane is definitely well built for this...i guess since its SPECIFICALLY built for it.

Floppy FTW : They were obviously suicidal like Kermit of there r.i.p Kermit 1955-2017 you will be missed

The Bench : Q what type of aircraft do they use to fly through a hurricane?

totedapoles :O : If your reading this comment then you are bored 😐 ...WELP YOUR IN THE RIGHT PLACE...TO SCROLL ALL THE UP TO THE VIDEO....have a great day.

eleazar1209 : Who remembers The Day after Tomorrow?

Vados : #Pray4Kermit

3Gunner : That’s funny I swear there using this same video for Hurricane Florence 😂

Rodrigo Escudero : So peaceful.... Like a weekend without my wife

Todd : Looks like you're flying into Heaven when you see the eye.

Ingrid S. : That is so beautiful

Kim Stubblefield : Why r u skipping 10 seconds Plz tell me why The actual part of the eye is at 2:25

Brock Lesnar : damn.. thats a strong plane

Sour Strawberriez : The eye is at 2:00

Jennifer Jimmy : I am so scared for Florida

susan pillarella-bryant : insane! But look how safe the eye of the storm is!

i love percabeth percy jackson and annabeth : Poor kermit the frog they hung him or he just kermitted suicide which is not good *seriously* im not joking😭😭😭❤❤❤❤❤💐💐💐❤❤❤😭😭😭😭damn that is beautiful in the eye of the hurricane❤❤🔥😊🔥😄😄

Nykeba Jones : Oh my goodness! That is crazy 😱 I would be scared

Seaweed Cactus : Kermit the frog XD 2:34

Ogeid Zepol : They use a Lockheed P-3 Orion type aircraft ??

DarthZak : Hurricanes are much safer to fly in rather then thunderstorms. The hurricane winds are direction while thunderstorms are all over the damn place.

Mississippi_Man1 : Are you sure they weren't flying in a wormhole?

edjasa : Sick footage..

Blair Crace : That was seriously epic and pretty.

ᴛᴀᴍᴀʀᴀ • ᴛᴀᴍᴀʀᴀ • ᴇᴅᴅsᴡᴏʀʟᴅ : Suicidal?

London : They hung Kermit the frog or he kermited suicide

Mar Tunk : While I'm playing destiny 2 😜

Möth Lepidoptera : you are in the storm! *RUN!*

Someone : Rather do this in a tropical storm..

NUKE DUOS : Thats a pretty good engineered plane

Sooner Keith : I'm surprised the plane can even stay in the air carrying the weight of the pilots massive balls! These people are some seriously brave folks doing a vitally important service!

waswilly wantana : Its not easy being green...

Develop Prumbo : Gotta love the government

Dustin Mulligan : Do a volcano next!

-Jorem Gameplays- : Why if,...try it to Hurricane Florence

Kasia : Kermit the Frog had a flight of his life

Passionate Parrot : Is that Kermit the frog on the dash? 2:37

TheFaddedUnicorn : Is it just me or i wanna jump in there

The Psychic Cell Phones : 2:20 did kermit commit seppuku

soundcloud rapper : Y u do dat?