Flying into the eye of Hurricane Irma

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Brad Suarez : Some people seem terrified of this job, seems like a dream job to me! Put me in front a crowd to do a presentation..... now that's terrifying!

Katie Martin : This plane just flew into the eye of the strongest Atlantic storm ever and everyones worried about Kermit 😂

srpmedia : So we gonna ignore the fact that kermit hung himself

Sooner Keith : I'm surprised the plane can even stay in the air carrying the weight of the pilots massive balls! These people are some seriously brave folks doing a vitally important service!

London : They hung Kermit the frog or he kermited suicide

How To Moose It : Dang these people got balls

Reverent Bolts : R.I.P Kermit The Frog 1955-2017

Jim V : I would love to be dropped off in the middle of the eye in a speed boat and race the storm to shore and avoid the whole thing entirely. Although gas would be an issue.

BabyOat :O : If your reading this comment then you are bored 😐 ...WELP YOUR IN THE RIGHT PLACE...TO SCROLL ALL THE UP TO THE VIDEO....have a great day.

Sloppy Salad : EGPWS be like: "Windshear" "Windshear" "Windshear"

The Referee : Most of you who fly have probably been in winds of a similar speed to a hurricane. A 787 self generates a 500 knot wind over the airframe and flys in jet-streams that can easily be 200 mph.The reason you don't notice is because a 200 mph wind at 35000 feet generates a fraction of the force of the same wind at ground level due to the large drop in air pressure at cruising altitudes.This P3 is in no danger from the wind speed, only rapid changes in wind speed which would cause turbulence.

Suzy Q : This comment section is amazing

Fernao Filho : how come the frog doesnt change direction when the airplane steers?

eleazar1209 : Who remembers The Day after Tomorrow?

3Gunner : That’s funny I swear there using this same video for Hurricane Florence 😂

Mrmagaffy 420 : how can some thing so beautiful be so deadly

The Bench : Q what type of aircraft do they use to fly through a hurricane?

Curious .Kid : A short drop and a sudden stop for kermit, obviously he couldn't take any more turbulence, he looked even greener than usual.

DarthZak : Hurricanes are much safer to fly in rather then thunderstorms. The hurricane winds are direction while thunderstorms are all over the damn place.

Vados : #Pray4Kermit

Floppy FTW : They were obviously suicidal like Kermit of there r.i.p Kermit 1955-2017 you will be missed

valenius the kat : Just WOW!!!!!

Connor Brown : That plane is definitely well built for this...i guess since its SPECIFICALLY built for it.

john gonsoulin : It amazes me that the engines can sustain combustion with so much water.

edjasa : What kind of plane was that?!

edjasa : Sick footage..

-Jorem Gameplays- : Why if,...try it to Hurricane Florence

Ingrid S. : That is so beautiful

giorgos atassi : And u survived the flight guys ? one thing i have to say ..... CONGRATULATIONS !!

C L : Absolutely fascinating! Thanks for the footage.

UnknownHumanoid : What airplane is this?

Todd : Looks like you're flying into Heaven when you see the eye.

Bauernkind 85 : So much rain and than, pure silence. Impressiv.

Ass Violator : damn.. thats a strong plane

Theoneand_onlyL : Is it just me or i wanna jump in there

NUKE DUOS : Thats a pretty good engineered plane

valenius the kat : Too bad we can't do that on Jupiter with the Red spot

pesto12601 : Thank Goodness Rob has a real camera on board... put your cell phone away Nick!!

Seaweed Cactus : Kermit the frog XD 2:34

Kickative truth : This reminds me of that scene in the day after tomorrow wtf 🤔 scary hurricane the fact the waves are reaching 60 feet right now scary it can reach inland

#Yvette Fan : Hurricane Irma:Ow My Eye

susan pillarella-bryant : insane! But look how safe the eye of the storm is!

Rodrigo Escudero : So peaceful.... Like a weekend without my wife

Jimmy Graham : Obama directly caused this hurricane and all the deaths that followed.

Someone : Rather do this in a tropical storm..

aguyandhiscomputer : 2:20 that's some great sleeping white noise.

Amandia Black : Damn Kermit couldn't take it no more he thought he was gunna die anyway!

Mar Tunk : While I'm playing destiny 2 😜

Dustin : Do a volcano next!

SAUCE COMMENT : The only way I'll fly in a hurricane is with Lamborghini hurricane