Scientists' Hilarious Reaction to Bizarre Deep-Sea Fish | National Geographic
Scientists Hilarious Reaction to Bizarre Deep Sea Fish National Geographic

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Scientists on the Nautilus team ran into a mysterious creature on a recent expedition in Hawaii. The strange fish was found nearly a mile beneath the surface. ➡ Subscribe: #NationalGeographic #DeepSea #GulperEels #NationalGeographic #Hawaii #DeepSea About National Geographic: National Geographic is the world's premium destination for science, exploration, and adventure. Through their world-class scientists, photographers, journalists, and filmmakers, Nat Geo gets you closer to the stories that matter and past the edge of what's possible. Get More National Geographic: Official Site: Facebook: Twitter: Instagram: The color commentary from the scientists is priceless. The fish is called a gulper eel. Its pouch-like mouth can inflate to swallow very large prey. This is a particularly young eel; adults can be up to three feet long. Read more in "Watch a Gulper Eel Inflate and Deflate Itself, Shocking Scientists" Scientists' Hilarious Reaction to Bizarre Deep-Sea Fish | National Geographic National Geographic


OrdonWolf : Scientists in movies: "Ah yes, from its form and this depth range I can discern with 67% accuracy that this is a specimen of eurypharynx pelecanoides, which is belongs to an order closely related to-" Actual scientists: "It looks like a muppet! Whaaaat look at its face!! It has googly eyes!!!"

bud389 : "Looks like a muppet" - Marine Biologist

C SMITH : How aliens are going act when seeing humans for the 1st time.

kshamwhizzle : their enthusiasm for nature is just the sweetest thing.

Tragoudistros.MPH : Wow, had it not changed shape at the end, I'd have been puzzled for weeks lol.

malyikaj : “Is he mad?...Touch it!” -Marine biologist

Aiden Damien : If we had more nerds in the world, this world would be in a better place. love this video.

queen 'Araweela : Are they really scientists? They sound like kids at a zoo😂

AussieBlokeGordo : He's holding in a really serious burp

Katherine Wilson : Finds cool oceanic animal, IMMEDIATELY begins roasting him.

Eddie Casas : Eel is like, “look what I can do.”

The Nosey Artist : And my marine biologist teacher said that you had to be strict and serious about stuff like this HA!


Cupavi Kurcic : You fools! It's a deep sea Decepticon!

MrEgypt DelFlow : "this isn't even my final form!"

Mlg pro player 291 : It's an Otamatone Fish!

Ultra Sexy Chipotle : Rename the title to: Scientist saying cute stuff when finding a new fish

ViciousProphet : NNNNNEEEEEEERRRRRRRDDDDDDSSSSSS!!!!!! I love it when even the smartest people devolve into childlike wonder at nature. *Poke It!*

Lauren Cook : “Is it mad?” “Touch it!” Great idea guys😂

Justin Mutia : That moment when you didn't quite get where the eyes and mouth were until it reverted back to its normal form.

doobiesmoke15 : They act like it is funny and cute but that thing looks horrific and sinister to me!

GeeGee : Awww happy nerds 😊

Kam3man : When you’ve already coughed 4x in class and you’re holding in a 5th 😂 😂

Pamela Corona : He was showing off for them, beautiful animal 🙂

Seele : I want to marry a scientist.

DaveL : I'm glad these dives keep happening worldwide, they're so important. There's so much more to learn about the deep

reicirith : It's like a Whispering Death...

ZEDFRA : *Deep Sea Fish will remember this*

Laurel : “Is it bloated or is it that?” Has to be one of the most relatable things I’ve ever heard a scientist say 😆

Stewy : I couldn't even tell which was up it was until it opened its mouth.

Felippe Lima : Scientists can have fun too

Grace Lee : Start of the video: Looks like a muppet Me: This is gonna be the best video ever😂😂

o0O0o o0O0o : Wow real gulper eel is way cuter than I’ve ever thought

PhD in Memery : When God creates a Deviantart account

fat3lwound : Poor little guy better stay away from Malaysia before he gets steamed and served over fried ramen.

DOC BAINL : Despite what people say and think scientists are the coolest people!!!

Lemuel Rafael Abotanatin : "Is it a muppet?" Such a professional

Jaimaan Singh Monga : He protecc He attacc But most importantly He a sacc

Cra5hOverride : They have such a cool job. Scientists rule.

imlazy77 : Glad to know the scientists are just like us

TheDerpyFluffyMunchkin WithPride : I absolutely love how adorable the scientist are!!!!!!!!!!

Alex Valladares : It's a Basilisk from Dark Souls.

Massimo O'Kissed : It's obviously a comma. The deep sea cousin of the apostrophe.

Antony Simkin : That fish was showing off. Now think that this fish is more popular than you. Ouch hahaha

Rishard : This is how my parents react when I interduce my fiance

Alice Huynh : "Looks like a muppet", "Touch it!"," I think it eats too much".... I didn't know scientists could be so cute like that 😂

M K : This video is amusing. And.. Well, that's body shaming right there, girl 0:41 Good thing, the eel couldn't hear it (if not it will be sad), instead it just chillin' around and keep showing his/her unique form.

Primal Rage : The muppet fish

JakulaithWolff : You guys did not see Sakana-san (Mr. Fish, yes a Japanese scientist calls himself so) when he was fanboying about a shark. I tried my best to find his reaction online but alas... was lucky enough he popped up in the news with the fish hat thing on his head and got me like an instant kill.