Scientists' Hilarious Reaction to Bizarre Deep-Sea Fish | National Geographic

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National Geographic : The gulper eel has a pouch-like mouth that can inflate to swallow very large prey. To learn more, you can read on here:

Walla Ned : These scientists are so cute

Evariste Galois : 0:56 *"Wow, it just got so big!"* ... is what she said ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

OrdonWolf : Scientists in movies: "Ah yes, from its form and this depth range I can discern with 67% accuracy that this is a specimen of eurypharynx pelecanoides, which is belongs to an order closely related to-" Actual scientists: "It looks like a muppet! Whaaaat look at its face!! It has googly eyes!!!"

C SMITH : How aliens are going act when seeing humans for the 1st time.

bud389 : "Looks like a muppet" - Marine Biologist

Tragoudistros.MPH : Wow, had it not changed shape at the end, I'd have been puzzled for weeks lol.

Eyed Knot : Haaah, i love how this video is focused around the scientists, and not the fiSh,, ,, , the rare and highly elusive scientists come out of their science-y lives to gasp at this funny looking fish eely guy only once every fricken eternity "ooohhhh whhhaaAaAAAaaat??"

Aiden Damien : If we had more nerds in the world, this world would be in a better place. love this video.

Spear Shaker : U could hear the nerdgasim.

queening : Are they really scientists? They sound like kids at a zoo😂

Primal Rage : The muppet fish

Tu Madre : “Touch it”

AussieBlokeGordo : He's holding in a really serious burp

Cupavi Kurcic : You fools! It's a deep sea Decepticon!


kshamwhizzle : their enthusiasm for nature is just the sweetest thing.

Mlg pro player 291 : It's an Otamatone Fish!

Ultra Sexy Chipotle : Rename the title to: Scientist saying cute stuff when finding a new fish

interestedmeow : Suddenly how dumb all the scientists in sci-fi horror films act (like Annhilation, Alien franchise, etc) doesn't seem so unrealistic.....

Shrimp_ Daddy : Scientist..... this sounds like me and my friends getting stoned watching animal planet.

Felippe Lima : Scientists can have fun too

doobiesmoke15 : They act like it is funny and cute but that thing looks horrific and sinister to me!

Seele : I want to marry a scientist.

Shen Doodles : Looks like scientists aren’t so cold and scientific after all!

DOC BAINL : Despite what people say and think scientists are the coolest people!!!

The Nosey Artist : And my marine biologist teacher said that you had to be strict and serious about stuff like this HA!

boring names : *It just got sooo BIG* ah something i'll never hear. Cause i'm a girl.

A. J : *It's a Pokemon* 😂

Luiza H. C. Braga : And the bizarre deep-sea fish showed itself!!! It must have thought: "I'm a success !! "

GeeGee : Awww happy nerds 😊

ʙʟᴀᴋᴇ ɢʀɪғғɪᴛʜ : *When a cute Lil lady tries to look intimidating but just makes herself look more adorable*

Tristan Neal : *Sandra Bullock reacts to strange fish*

Eddie Casas : Eel is like, “look what I can do.” : *This muppet fish* was practicing her melon impersonation. Her dress-up party is coming up. Melon will look good on her fishely body :-)

TheDerpyFluffyMunchkin WithPride : I absolutely love how adorable the scientist are!!!!!!!!!!

PrinceInShadow : looks like cheap fake CGI

Antony Simkin : That fish was showing off. Now think that this fish is more popular than you. Ouch hahaha

Pamela Corona : He was showing off for them, beautiful animal 🙂

Katherine Wilson : Finds cool oceanic animal, IMMEDIATELY begins roasting him.

DaveL : I'm glad these dives keep happening worldwide, they're so important. There's so much more to learn about the deep

All we had to do, was follow the damn train, CJ! : What a hilarious reaction....

Cra5hOverride : They have such a cool job. Scientists rule.

ZEDFRA : *Deep Sea Fish will remember this*

Justin Mutia : That moment when you didn't quite get where the eyes and mouth were until it reverted back to its normal form.

reicirith : It's like a Whispering Death...

William Cutting : Let us not continue to misuse the word hilarious.

Johnathon Castro : Their reaction reminded me a lot of the aliens from Sesame St. "Ooohh...! Wooowww....! Yip yip yip yipyipyip uh-huuuuh."

Laura Schmidt : I love that these scientists are actually just a bunch of funny, chill goof-balls! They sound like a fun group to hang out with and watch stuff with!

Laurel : “Is it bloated or is it that?” Has to be one of the most relatable things I’ve ever heard a scientist say 😆