Flavors of Falco - A Falco Playstyle Showcase

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Echo Storm : Skip to 1:30 or visit Vimeo for the full video: https://vimeo.com/247191811

zenith SSBM : great video man, loving this series!

LukeMM95 : White = Gangster Red = Madman Blue = Surgeon Green = Doctor

Echo Storm : Welcome back everyone to the newest installation in the Flavors series! This video showcases the different playstyles of each color falco through the use of sick combos and fitting music. I tried lots of new strategies to help differentiate the sections and really add that extra flavor! I used different effects for each section, had intros that were fitting to each player, and used clips that highlighted their specialties. I hope you enjoyed! If you want to check out the reddit comments visit the /r/smashbros and /r/ssbm threads: https://www.reddit.com/r/smashbros/comments/7jkeh5/flavors_of_falco_a_falco_playstyle_showcase/?ref=share&ref_source=link https://www.reddit.com/r/SSBM/comments/7jkeni/flavors_of_falco_a_falco_playstyle_showcase/?ref=share&ref_source=link And if you'd like you can follow me on twitter for updates on my newest videos: https://twitter.com/echostormssb

Hex5Ai73 : why is the sound quality such potato man?

AmareSSB : The transitions were super sick, especially love the westballz one lol. Good stuff man.

Je muslim : 5:54 isn’t that Lz?

Caleb Brinyark : This was really good; although, I hope I wasn't the only one looking for Westballz combo on Leffen that would've fit well for red Falco.

kingkurtis : The music cutting in this felt broken as fuck, I get lamar is dope and you don't want to be copyright striked but man you can't have giant chucks of silence in between kendrick it's just weird. So my advice find more songs or add lil dicky.

Lester Chuholes : One of the best melee combo videos I’ve ever seen. Such a shame it got fucked. Loving it dude. Especially the Zhu section.

Joe Mama : Thank god, I thought my earbuds died on me.

Patrick Reilly : I've been waiting for this, and you certainly didn't disappoint. Keep up the great work!

Solace : lol zhu

ezzerby : I like the idea, but you should probably work on your editing. The random audio cuts were horribly jarring.

EonKnight321 : I've been waiting for this!! I don't know which Flavor of Falco I am...Mostly because I'm not good enough. Also, the Red Falco ending was hilarious. Awesome video.

Not your account Now leave : So we're doing this again Okay

MrHardgabi : Can you give the name of the songs please ?

MrHardgabi : amazing !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Raimakusa : PPMD Kreygasm

FirePuff12 : Ayy El Fuego letsgo!!!

mtn dew pitch black : the ending of westballz's part was perfect

Nerpy : You gotta do flavors of Doc, Oh wait everyone just uses the black alt.

Joel Weber : You could do a similar video with the top 3 falcons, too bad they all use vanilla skin

Dream : Oh FUCK yes Music choice wasn't great like the first video though

Bird : Once again an absolutely amazing video. I felt the music was more fitting and emotional in Flavors of Fox, but the editing and clip choice was spot on.

SHABANG : I miss ppmd so much...