Flavors of Falco - A Falco Playstyle Showcase

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Echo Storm : Skip to 1:30 or visit Vimeo for the full video: https://vimeo.com/247191811

LukeMM95 : White = Gangster Red = Madman Blue = Surgeon Green = Doctor

Hex5Ai73 : why is the sound quality such potato man?

zenith SSBM : great video man, loving this series!

Will Landgraf : One of the best melee combo videos I’ve ever seen. Such a shame it got fucked. Loving it dude. Especially the Zhu section.

Popn : Thank god, I thought my earbuds died on me.

Caleb Brinyark : This was really good; although, I hope I wasn't the only one looking for Westballz combo on Leffen that would've fit well for red Falco.

Solace : lol zhu

Je muslim : 5:54 isn’t that Lz?

Patrick Reilly : I've been waiting for this, and you certainly didn't disappoint. Keep up the great work!

AmareSSB : The transitions were super sick, especially love the westballz one lol. Good stuff man.

Bird : Once again an absolutely amazing video. I felt the music was more fitting and emotional in Flavors of Fox, but the editing and clip choice was spot on.

MrHardgabi : Can you give the name of the songs please ?

SHABANG : I miss ppmd so much...

Not your account Now leave : So we're doing this again Okay

MrHardgabi : amazing !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

ezzerby : I like the idea, but you should probably work on your editing. The random audio cuts were horribly jarring.

mtn dew pitch black : the ending of westballz's part was perfect

Joel Weber : You could do a similar video with the top 3 falcons, too bad they all use vanilla skin

EonKnight321 : I've been waiting for this!! I don't know which Flavor of Falco I am...Mostly because I'm not good enough. Also, the Red Falco ending was hilarious. Awesome video.

Raimakusa : PPMD Kreygasm

FirePuff12 : Ayy El Fuego letsgo!!!

Nerpy : You gotta do flavors of Doc, Oh wait everyone just uses the black alt.