'Most Wanted' fugitive dances returns to MI, dances on tarmac

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bilco78 : Looks like he's a great guy, when he's not killing people.

Detroit Eugene : but why is she smiling tho

Joshua Ryan : headass he gone be someones fefe

Ben Noyes : shouldn't be givin him a spotlight like that

julian Robinson : See how he not handcuffed

Dominique Williams : 🤦🏾‍♂️🤚🏿

Jelani Wood : This is how my hometown makes the NEWS almost everytime

Oblong Polka Dots : "Kiki do you love me?" Yeah, you saw it.

Jim H. : He's doing, "The Cell Door Shuffle".  "To the right, to the right....To the Left, to the left, Now slide baby, slide,...... Dip baby, dip........yeah that's it!"  That is a Big Ol' 1968, "1-Adam 12" Style, Police light, on top of that Cop Explorer!!  I thought those were extinct?  Florida Police / Sheriff / Highway Patrol Cars have so many hidden flashing  lights and low profile red & blue strobe light bars, because people in Florida are absolutely horrible drivers and run / crash into Traffic-Stopped Cops, all the time.

P : Headass!

The masked God : *kiki do you love me*

twon willi : Thats my homeboy benton harbor stannd up

x97sfinest : At least he's in good spirits

D. M. : that light on the SUV tho

Žiga Jelen : KIKI

Lcd4lbad : How the heck was he not handcuffed?!?!!!! You're on the most wanted list and not handcuffed?

edshot mashin : o

Bougie Boutique : Free that man