Keep Ants Away With Chalk

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Ants hate chalk and will almost never cross a chalk line. Useful for keeping them away from your house. Just your average crayola chalk right here.

Comments from Youtube

John Doe : Some unfortunate ants were in the path of the chalk itself and didn't get the chance to be confused by it as much as squished by it.

Brandi Posey : Some of those mugs walked straight over.

TomatoCowAteYourTomato : Or just pour a whole frickin bucket of chalk powder on the ants! MUAHAHAHAHH!

• sapphirefoot • : Many chalks were broken in the making of this video

KillerMarius1 : Rare footage from the future on the us mexican border.

yoomi : "Myth: Ants won't cross a chalk line drawn across entryways or around your house, or the ant bed. Reality: False. Ordinary chalk may temporarily deter or detour ants, but only temporarily. It's not just chalk -- anything that disrupts the scent trail will briefly stop the march of ants. It doesn't take long, however, for the ants to continue their quest.".-Mercury News

rax7 : it's not the chalk. it's just that you wipe out their trail of sense. most of them just lost the sense of direction. some still crossed it tho

Erica Daniel : I'm itching. I'm itching

AnAwkwardAsian : I usually collect ants, then use chalk to draw a maze, then put the ants in the maze, glhf

Sean Ashcraft : Will this work If I draw other shapes besides squares?

Heath : Ants are also repelled by the smell of lemons

Pixode : Almost true. Chalk breaks the ants' scent trail, which will stop them from roaming around past it. But, soon enough, it will wear off and the ants will just walk on by

wobblechopps : And for my next trick ............ kettle water ... 

Roderic Reece : That's a trip!  Maybe NFL teams will start drafting ants as receivers. They seem more likely to stay in bounds. But can they catch?

Half A Mind : Fun with ants. Tonight at 11.

Yandere : 1:01 That noise, that the chalk makes is just... >w<

Delaynee D : I tried this and it didn't seem to work. They were even crawling on the peice of chalk i left next to the line. so yeah....

Boonana_ Animations : You killed millions of warriors

Alma Diana : Wowzers no mercy for the ants that got squished with the chalk. Alexa play despacito *Playing Despacito By Luis Fonsi*

Mr. pewterschmidt : You are the warden and they are your prisoners, forever trapped in a barrier of single-celled coccolithophores.

Kiddobang83 : Hold the fuckin camera still so I can watch the ants still crossing the line...nice try

reasonlessreject : they still cross the line. they are just more reluctant

BJ Culpepper : Ants won't cross pesticide either. :-)

Elisa Nurmalita : coba mas jadi semutnya, merasa teraniaya gak?

Kevinlee41300 : i tried... the little shits walked right across

nv2124 : Your shapes are interesting....

BishopS : Some ants bite. Some ants sting... some ants do both at the same time. The pain of an ant bite/sting is sometimes the reasoning behind the ant's nickname. For example... Fire Ants (their stings burn).... and Bullet Ants (a sting from those have been equated to being shot by some people who have been stung by them.)

Michael Tomson : You did send a rescue team for them after making this video right?

jocheline : We use some kind of chalk but the chalk had some ant repellant with it so it stopped the ants and killed it too.

Jacob Becomes Israel : unusual

Jacob Becomes Israel : The dead ones definitely did not cross the line!

Jacob Becomes Israel : If you look where you drew the squares at the beginning and then panned back at the end, most of the ants had left the square. Unless Scotty beamed them across the chalk line, then they crossed the line. Clearly the chalk momentarily confuses them but if you'd actually leave the camera in one place for 30 seconds instead of going all over the place, you can see them stop and then some do cross. Eventually, they all cross the line.

ZNearX : dem i feel like i can feel it after reading that.

runfarawaybillyblues : "We're trapped!"

Faidith Grim : Well it starts in your ballz and works the way to the tongue, then you lose your legs and burn. Wait?...

ZNearX : dem i never knew this. ive never been bitten by an ant. how does it feel

John Miotke : yep

Buskola : rofl

ZNearX : ants bite?

Andrija Zikic : Air xonix in real life

Nonalola : I saw a few cross the line. The maze idea is cool.

Jay Sells Luxury : hoe is he standing there without getting bit?

Adam Sparks : this is useful information now we know how to fight giant ants back with chalk

justin credible : Mother of god

ARSONITE : It's like Ant-Jezzball ! ...1992 beckons me to return.

Tiizzy420 : Been drawing borders since 1995

TNTBlowinUp : Lololol Yeah I know! You can hear the crunching sound haha

Bonnie Adams : I love how you killed some ants drawing in the process lol

Someguyto : Even petroleum jelly keeps ants away.