Keep Ants Away With Chalk

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John Doe : Some unfortunate ants were in the path of the chalk itself and didn't get the chance to be confused by it as much as squished by it.

KillerMarius1 : Rare footage from the future on the us mexican border.

Brandi Posey : Some of those mugs walked straight over.

rax7 : it's not the chalk. it's just that you wipe out their trail of sense. most of them just lost the sense of direction. some still crossed it tho

yoomi : "Myth: Ants won't cross a chalk line drawn across entryways or around your house, or the ant bed. Reality: False. Ordinary chalk may temporarily deter or detour ants, but only temporarily. It's not just chalk -- anything that disrupts the scent trail will briefly stop the march of ants. It doesn't take long, however, for the ants to continue their quest.".-Mercury News

TomatoCowAteYourTomato : Or just pour a whole frickin bucket of chalk powder on the ants! MUAHAHAHAHH!

Sean Ashcraft : Will this work If I draw other shapes besides squares?

• sapphirefoot • : Many chalks were broken in the making of this video

Erica Daniel : I'm itching. I'm itching

AnAwkwardAsian : I usually collect ants, then use chalk to draw a maze, then put the ants in the maze, glhf

Heath : Ants are also repelled by the smell of lemons

Pixode : Almost true. Chalk breaks the ants' scent trail, which will stop them from roaming around past it. But, soon enough, it will wear off and the ants will just walk on by

wobblechopps : And for my next trick ............ kettle water ... 

Shunya : i love ants . killing them is not an option .

Roderic Reece : That's a trip!  Maybe NFL teams will start drafting ants as receivers. They seem more likely to stay in bounds. But can they catch?

Delaynee D : I tried this and it didn't seem to work. They were even crawling on the peice of chalk i left next to the line. so yeah....


Kenji Prahyudi : AFAIK, ants are following each others by the trail of their pheromones. And when we "erase" the pheromones, they will lost the trail. We can even erase the pheromones by simply rubbing the surface, and of course with something with a stronger smell, e.g. chalk.

Boonana_ Animations : You killed millions of warriors

Half A Mind : Fun with ants. Tonight at 11.

Keeenna.crazy : Go over the line two times then they will NEVER EVER get out

Doga CAN : Come on guys none of you see he is killing ants

OB Want : I still see the ants going across the chalk. When you were marking the chalk, you had killed some of the ants, making a new alien object in their path and erasing their road of scene to cross. Your camera then pointed to another place and leaving away evidence that some ants were still crossing. Infact, this is proven will not work. Please do not post something so fake.

Yandere : 1:01 That noise, that the chalk makes is just... >w<

Mr. pewterschmidt : You are the warden and they are your prisoners, forever trapped in a barrier of single-celled coccolithophores.

Hermien Valckenborg : is dit gewoon stoepkrijt ??

Satoshi 347 : the chalk powder had covered their scent, they just run everywhere to find the scent back, IDIOT

Yusof Elmahboub : I don’t like this. It’s cruel.

Alma Diana : Wowzers no mercy for the ants that got squished with the chalk. Alexa play despacito *Playing Despacito By Luis Fonsi*

Naomi Fukunaga : I would've took my slipper and JUST SMASH SMASH SMASH Becky lemme smash ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

דולב לוי : Legend has it that the ants never got out and died

Tyren Solano : When you filmed this there must be like more then 50 ants that walked up your legs!?

geoff mallette : Once you have them chalked in get your MAGNIFYING GLASS out and go to town! lol

Candyapple5 : This is the next best story, The Line They were a happy colony, just wandering through the street. SUDDENLY, A LINE! Everyone is confused. The leader is lost. Very few have ventured past it. Families are separated. What will happen next? Coming to theatres near you.

wotthefeckwendy : I don't know why, but I died when the chalk broke.

Billy B : what is this bright magical powder and what does it mean??? Quickly! The queen must be warned! But which way to go??? I'm entranced by it's spell! Now there is another one!! What demon brings forth this dark sorcery????

Wallonican Mapper : A trap for careful ants. You can see it works even though some ants will escape

*_-2000 subs with no vids challenge-_* : Where tf do you live with these much ants


Heather E. Farley : Yes, ants won't cross pesticide but if you have animals for pets, you may not want to use it and instead want to use this method as it's the healthiest for those who are not ants :) And while SOME do still cross in this video, you will see the MAJORITY don't.. that's the point. Make the chalk into powder and dust it in  line and NONE will cross.

meow : i like the one that ran out and then ran back in and got stuck. that one is me.

Ken Donnelly : Make larger squares and play Hopscotch. That'l get em.

kiwi : this reminds me of

Michaela Jo : okay cool, but why are they so many ants. like damnnn.

Robin_earth2 : LOL never seen this before, nice tip for when my asian fire ant colony escapes XD

I have to wait 90 days to change me name : Berlin Wall colorized

Getrealpeeps : My Aunt told me Ant's DON'T like Garlic? what about Garlic Powder?

Exzillering Go : I am ur 80th sub

El Man : Berlin wall, colorized.