Opioid Crisis | Cannabis over Opioids | PSA
Opioid Crisis Cannabis over Opioids PSA

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We need to have a little talk about opioids and how bad there. Don’t take them because you’ll end up with an addiction. Cannabis should be your first choice when dealing with any type of pain. See that talk wasn’t so hard was it? Just so everyone knows my surgery went well and I’m back to walking quasi normally. Just a few more days and I should be back to normal! Thank you everyone for your support and thank you for helping me through this. We’ve past 100 SUBSCRIBERS YOU GUY!! NEXT STOP 200 for my next featured video! Help me keep those numbers climbing guys. Share, like, and subscribe to my page with the notifications on so you can see new content weekly. Don’t forget to enter in the give away!! #veteransforcannabis #cannabislife #subscribetohelp