Breaking Bad - Huell money pile scene

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Breaking Bad - Huell money pile scene (Season 5 Episode 10 - Buried)


herpderpmonkey : why'd you cut out the part where Bill lays down with him??

Kosior : AMC new series with Huell is announced: "Breaking Bed"

ShortFingeredShreder : Ol' Billy boy's a STAH!!!

sharkboy85 : "This could pay for a lifetime supply of Me-Undies."

Jesus Christhole : holy shit never even realized that was bill burr

Squiggy2010 : I'll tell you who sent me, WALTAH FUCKEN WHIIITE

SenseiDenax : Mayweather and McGregor after the fight

Ice Fury, Director of Shield : Ah, screw it!!! *lies next to Huell!!! lol These two should definitely be a funny pair in Better Call Saul series coming up

Rkg Dallas : Mexico! Alls I'm sayin'.

Hai Lun : Kuby is like Vincent Van Gogh's twin brother

spartawar117 : Haha we're not suppose to channel our inner Scrooge McDuck

yossarian1633 : Perfect Bill Burr line too.

comedycat2 : "not channel Scrooge McDuck" Loved the Bill Burr scenes. I rewound this scene like 3 times when I first saw it just for that line

MarklarsonTube : Don't blow it. Keep it simple. Count your money.

mtr2724 : cmon Billy B jump on that pile o money

Ansh Juneja : my favourite scene in the whole series!

KD Harp : Grind hard, then shine hard, then sleep on those hard earned stacks!!!!

theblackbull55 : *I gotta do it man* - Huell

ZEZERBING : is that Comedian Lavell Crawford?

Borderline Alcoholic : Saw him last night (6/6/18) in London. Hilarious.

T Υ L Σ Γ : I imagine it being Bill Burr and Patrice Oneal

Ephraim Uchiha : Bill bur was on breaking bad wow

WesternWolf : "We are here to do a job! Not channel Scrooge McDuck." Perfect delivery of that line, can't help but laugh every time.

Dan Sheppard : Never knew Bill Burr was in Breaking Bad until yesterday. (I have never watched the show)

SycheRyder : Bill said he himself never got the scrooge mcduck joke XD I love this man

Npc #117 : I love how they got lavell Crawford and bill burr for these characters

robertpallson : Whose faces are on the $50 and $10 bills??? Certainly not Grant and Hamilton. Anyone know??

Pedro H. : This guy looks like a beluga

lMuRDaLanD : Mexico : all im sayin' The guy killed 8 guys in 2 minutes : all im sayin' . :D

spitfire4sergi : Doesn't he go 'eh, what the hell' and lies down also?? Ugh why not post the whole scene??

TerminvsEst : Jeez, this guy is like a human waterbed...

aldo2k6 : oh shit we left him in the safe house

CthulhuDarkLord : You happy, now, Huell?

Huell Babineaux : "Reasonably."

Ben Led : Belize

thepantstent : 737 he said ..

Ben Boogz : I would have done Money Angels!

ShefSale21 : Meanwhile at Rockstar...

kokobeen : :c

mgrchip : Huell, you can come out of the Safe house now

Blaze90i : I already did.

kokobeen : I want to press the like button but there is 123 likes and i dont want to ruin it.

Keith Sherman : They damn well better.

K Bizzy : He's still on the couch!


stuckonautomatic : I wouldn't be surprised if they appear on 'Better Call Saul'.

Loyal Space Marine : Meanwhile at rockstar...

Huell Babineaux : Ohhh Yeahhh

Sefearion : *Mhmmmmh*...*Mhhm hmm hmmm*.