Breaking Bad - Huell money pile scene

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BRBallin1 : I only started following Bill Burr a couple months ago and never realized he was in this show.

Kosior : AMC new series with Huell is announced: "Breaking Bed"

ShortFingeredShreder : Ol' Billy boy's a STAH!!!

herpderpmonkey : why'd you cut out the part where Bill lays down with him??


sharkboy85 : "This could pay for a lifetime supply of Me-Undies."

Jesus Christhole : holy shit never even realized that was bill burr

Hai Lun : Kuby is like Vincent Van Gogh's twin brother

Rkg Dallas : Mexico! Alls I'm sayin'.

Jens : Ah, screw it!!! *lies next to Huell!!! lol These two should definitely be a funny pair in Better Call Saul series coming up

MarklarsonTube : Don't blow it. Keep it simple. Count your money.

SenseiDenax : Mayweather and McGregor after the fight

yossarian1633 : Perfect Bill Burr line too.

comedycat2 : "not channel Scrooge McDuck" Loved the Bill Burr scenes. I rewound this scene like 3 times when I first saw it just for that line

mtr2724 : cmon Billy B jump on that pile o money

ZEZERBING : is that Comedian Lavell Crawford?

obama binladen : I love how they got lavell Crawford and bill burr for these characters

Ephraim Uchiha : Bill bur was on breaking bad wow

KD Harp : Grind hard, then shine hard, then sleep on those hard earned stacks!!!!

T Υ L Σ Γ : I imagine it being Bill Burr and Patrice Oneal

Borderline Alcoholic : Saw him last night (6/6/18) in London. Hilarious.

Ansh Juneja : my favourite scene in the whole series!

Dan Sheppard : Never knew Bill Burr was in Breaking Bad until yesterday. (I have never watched the show)

Ricardo Maritza : Should of lied down next to him camera wast a perfect angle

Zoologic21 : Would you believe Bill is such a pro of an actor that he never understood who was being referenced with the "Scrooge McDuck" line? He confirms it in an interview when talking about his past experience on the show, and I couldn't help but have tremendous respect for talent and determination like that.

Pedro H. : This guy looks like a beluga

spartawar117 : Haha we're not suppose to channel our inner Scrooge McDuck

METALMAN4Wii : That's called Movie Money btw I thought that just used 1s and 100s and 50s on top back then?

Michal Valta : Wait what? Bill really was in Breaking Bad... Shit... But I am not watchin it all again! xD

Guadalupe Rodriguez : Huell= GOAT.

ImperialChicken : Comedyshortsgamer intro...

babbisp1 : Bill Burr was in 5 Breaking Bad episodes (2 in the 4th Season, 3 in the 5th). S04E03 - "Open House" S04E11 - "Crawl Space" S05E05 - "Dead Freight" S05E10 - "Buried" S05E12 - "Rabid Dog"

Georgia Liacopoulos : i only found this bc of seinfeld javing coffee in cars with bill burr. he cracks me up

HIDDENSKILL ' : ahhh... yeahh...

Flowmasta Flam : The face when you've been following BIll Burr's standup for like 5 years and never realized he was in this show.

WesternWolf : "We are here to do a job! Not channel Scrooge McDuck." Perfect delivery of that line, can't help but laugh every time.

Double Rich : damn,...i woulda done the same. thats the sexiest pile of paper ive ever seen.

Stannis The Mannis Baratheon : Sweg

CptKosher : Don't blow it. Keep it simple. Count your money.

Indiraman Sunner : Lmao

poppe191 : PEE KAY AYY

Tuco Salamanca : I'm surprised they didn't took a penny from that pile lmao

Jordan Monson : Ole Freckles laying in drug money like a fuuuuckn rich baaaaanker

maulCS : This money was supposed to be unlaundered and directly from crackheads and so forth - way too clean and crisp looking.

MiglPlays : +Migl What the hell!? why did you made the same channel

gibsonFERCHO 14 : Sooo... Huell's actor is popular out there? gotta dig into that

SnowTheMan : I like all the hmm mmmm mmm mmm hmm

robertpallson : Whose faces are on the $50 and $10 bills??? Certainly not Grant and Hamilton. Anyone know??

WhereMyKeys : Oh Jeezus

Gandalf _ the _ Mandalf : It's ole Billy set-fa-life ovah theeerrrreeee!