The Most Inspirational speech by a High School Football Player

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Zepp Dude 33 : The whitest sounding black guy in the history of the universe

jungleme77 : I just bench pressed my truck after listening to this. Thanks Apollo!!

Brendan Esdale : * At 0:12 * When my mom asks why I'm failing 3 classes in the first 2 weeks of school

waterpolonija : he's high on life!

Andrew Guo : 0:25 when you thought astroworld was perfect but NAV starts singing

KidKarnage187 : Dude has HEART! Take a good look boys and girls, this is a 'hero'. Any haters this young man picks up will be brushed offed properly. What a mind blowing attitude.

james : Got out of the friend zone after watching this video.

Younes K : Why does he look like Donovan Mitchell

PaullHutchh : This is Tom Brady right now lol

Yves Knows : You can tell he's passionate about what he does. As a football player myself you need that kind of attitude to win. Everything he said is true. he was humble about it too

Cory Waaland : "a negative mind NEVER leads to a positive life" - ThiNk BiNk

Lucifer Sinister : This mans speech is very motivational, for anything! No matter what it is you can overcome it.

Chubzdoomer : That's it, who dumped cocaine in the Gatorade cooler?

Mini_Dabest : this is how i do a presentation i didnt study for

ShieldDivision : Super Bowl in a nutshell

Always In my heart : I had to go back to hear what the reporter said and I did hear right the first time: "This guy with one touchdown and a whole lotta sass." Sass? He gives an inspirational speech and she says that its 'sass'. And she gets paid for that negative remark. Unbelievable.

Michael Smalls : Give God the glory. this is a leader!love it.

Angel Maldonado : That's Tom Brady rn. Even got on the patriots uniform

Juan J. Dueñas : the New England Patriots saw this video during half time

Ryan Del Signore : Tom Brady be like "They had us in the first half, I'm not gonna lie"

Brandon_Getsfit : he took too much pre workout stuff drank haha

Tripl37s : Sorry Richard Sherman and Bart Scott this is clearly the beat post game interview ever

blayedd : Something tells me this guy's a genius

big truck : This young Man is AWESOME great speech Great motivation Great speech Positive attitude Awesome

SMG : Proud of Apollos for being in the YouTube #Rewind2014

Lucas Amundson : Someone with auto-tune skills needs to make this kid the next Antoine Dodson!

SMG : Now its A Song!! Scoreboard by Apollos Hester - Songify This!

Jorge Santiago : Wow, that's the attitude.

Servine : Regardless of the SCOOOREBOARD! (it sounds audiotuned)

tonelocrian : REGARDLESS of the SCOREBOARD - we're gonna be successful ;) !

Raizekusu : this is a motivational speech. i saw this earlier in my school year. my teacher thought it was funny. my classmates thought it was funny. I'm the only one who thought that this isn't anything to laugh at.

No Content : Positive surroundings and influences produce positive people like him which we need more of Negative surroundings and no influence produce the people who are commenting hateful and just downright disgusting responses Come on stop the hate he should be praised and idolized for being that positive and it should influence people to stop being negative and pass more positivity like his around especially to the youth great speech man 👏👏

oblambo : I heard he'd gave a motivational speech but dam. He blew me away!

DAMIEN MOON : I go to tht school

Bella : Watching this bc of Super Bowl 51. Crazy his teams name is also patriots

Graham Blanks : Tom Brady be like rn...

nique84ful : Blessings to him....

malcolm anderson : I'm pleasantly speechless!

PenysMLG : I just keep coming back.

emil levin : what drugs he on?

spoonbread1 : Rock on Apollo, rock on!

richey anglin : Ha ha haters he gives God the Glory!

abdala abdalas : This beautiful young man inspired this old grandma as I lay in bed after surgeries.  My heart feels lighter and happier.       His parents must be wonderful to instill in this wonderful young man such joy and faith.    And I agree, there will be wonderful things awaiting this young man in his lifetime.  Beautiful.   Am keeping this video so that I can go back to Apollos words of inspiration, how uplifting.  A joy to watch.  God bless you dear Apollos!

King Chance : Such a coincidence that they are named the patriots too

ll Saucy Comment : When you thought there would be more comments about the meme *They had us in the first half, not gonna lie*

Edub One : This kid has a beautiful spirit but he still has to go out into American society and deal with the overt hatred it has for black people in general and black men specifically. My suggestion is use your spirit son to do something for yourself and black people because in the end that's all you have. I'm sure when he walks down the street with his "positive" attitude white people still clutch their purses and make sure their car alarms are activated. That's what Amerikka thinks of you son. You are last in class, right beneath an injured dog. Ask Micheal Vick.

Rinne : I hope he goes to the league

Gavin Carter : He looks like metro boomin 😂

lostn65 : Do you think he rehearsed this speech?

Landon Leuschner : Bruh he even on the patriots (Super Bowl 51)