The Most Inspirational speech by a High School Football Player

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Garlic Soda : “They had us in the first half, not gonna lie,” -Croatia after extra time

Chubzdoomer : That's it, who dumped cocaine in the Gatorade cooler?

Zepp Dude 33 : The whitest sounding black guy in the history of the universe

Brendan Esdale : * At 0:12 * When my mom asks why I'm failing 3 classes in the first 2 weeks of school

jungleme77 : I just bench pressed my truck after listening to this. Thanks Apollo!!

waterpolonija : he's high on life!

[mintlicorice] : 0:25 here is the thing you came for, traveler

Younes K : Why does he look like Donovan Mitchell

james : Got out of the friend zone after watching this video.

KidKarnage187 : Dude has HEART! Take a good look boys and girls, this is a 'hero'. Any haters this young man picks up will be brushed offed properly. What a mind blowing attitude.

Brody Brown : Adderrall is a hell of a drug lol

Mini_Dabest : this is how i do a presentation i didnt study for

Andrew Guo : 0:25 when you thought astroworld was perfect but NAV starts singing

PaullHutchh : This is Tom Brady right now lol

MrMinepicture : 0:25 Stalin about the 2nd world war (late 1945, colourized)

Yves Knows : You can tell he's passionate about what he does. As a football player myself you need that kind of attitude to win. Everything he said is true. he was humble about it too

EroticTomato : 0:16 when u giving her the D

Brandon_Getsfit : he took too much pre workout stuff drank haha

Stuka : When you thought there would be more comments about the meme *They had us in the first half, not gonna lie*

Cory Waaland : "a negative mind NEVER leads to a positive life" - ThiNk BiNk

Lucifer Sinister : This mans speech is very motivational, for anything! No matter what it is you can overcome it.

Juan J. Dueñas : the New England Patriots saw this video during half time

ShieldDivision : Super Bowl in a nutshell

Michael Smalls : Give God the glory. this is a leader!love it.

Jaydyn M : 0:25 ICE on believing 21 Savage’s family is from the United States

Always In my heart : I had to go back to hear what the reporter said and I did hear right the first time: "This guy with one touchdown and a whole lotta sass." Sass? He gives an inspirational speech and she says that its 'sass'. And she gets paid for that negative remark. Unbelievable.

Mohamed Ahmed : Thank you Apollos, I can now breath underwater

Third Echelon : What smoking with the left hand feels like 1:41

blayedd : Something tells me this guy's a genius

emil levin : what drugs he on?

Garlic Soda : 0:25 When you the sauce on the pizza only spread on one half, only to be spread to the other

Jack Knupfer : He sounds like Josh Peck

big truck : This young Man is AWESOME great speech Great motivation Great speech Positive attitude Awesome

Angel Maldonado : That's Tom Brady rn. Even got on the patriots uniform

JDEW : Hey donavan what did i tell you about going to highschool football games and handing out brownies with some weird green stuff in them?

We Are The World : 0:24

SMG : Now its A Song!! Scoreboard by Apollos Hester - Songify This!

Drifter : after you see your final grades

Midget_Gaming94 : Carefully, he’s a hero

lemon : japan: *attacks pearl harbor* usa: 00:25

Mazin Ahmed : *They had us in the first half not gonna lie*

Tripl37s : Sorry Richard Sherman and Bart Scott this is clearly the beat post game interview ever

J.A.B. Productions : A meme was born

Lucas Amundson : Someone with auto-tune skills needs to make this kid the next Antoine Dodson!

Q0uth _ : They had us in the first half not gonna lie

Hello Uzi : Glad that was in my recommend :)

J Motty : When you dont study for a test and you try to hype yourself up in the bathroom right before

Mister clean : The team name couldn't have been more accurate.

Purpulsed : Guy: makes amazing and inspirational speech Internet: makes it a meme

carter fritsch : 2:00 , what ice said to England when they were talking about 21 savage