Birth of a Monster | A Star Wars Story
Birth of a Monster A Star Wars Story

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"Birth of a Monster | A Star Wars Story" is a not for profit STAR WARS short film produced by Escape Velocity Content, LLC. Themes, characters, music, etc. found within the film and its visuals are the property of Lucasfilm LTD, LLC & Walt Disney Studios (The Walt Disney Company). "Birth of a Monster" is a story of discovery and friendship surrounding a mysterious young boy and his loyal droid on the desert planet, Tatooine. What they discover will shape future generations in their galaxy. CREDITS: Directed & Story by Tim Martin Screenplay by Ian Eskander Produced by Alec Eskander Director of Photography Nick Mahar Edited by Josh Dennis Original Music by Aaron James Eckardt Sound Design by Justin Valerio Executive Producers Tim Martin Alec Eskander Tres McCullough Joshua Tolle Cast: Zander Martin Daniel Bohman Steve Blum Linda Michaels Mary Elizabeth McGlynn Tobias Jelinek Mikey Rotella Derek Reynolds Scott Wickman Patrick Lundberg Daniel Bohman Unit Production Manager Scott Wickman Patrick Lundberg Gillian Entin Coordinator Dimitra Karacali Gillian Entin First Assistant Director Patrick Lundberg Alec Eskander Assistant Cameraman Grant Friesen Jonathan Benavente Tobias Winde Harbo Gaffer Eric Corriea Patrick Walter Joe Seiler Key Grip Joe Seiler Darrel D'Itri Grip / Electrician Brian Gurnett Grip / Movie Operator Trevor Carr Bob Mule Sound Mixer Chris Truman Matt Thompson Colin Hart Alan Chang Boom Operator Marion DeMartini Production Designer Tim Martin Special Effects Design Tim Martin Special FX Make-Up Ken Calhoun Sculptor Jeff Birch Sculptor Cristina Himiob Mold Maker Tom Ovenshire Modeler Dave Penikas Digital Model Builder Zac Berry Puppeteers Tim Martin Daniel Bohman Gillian Entin Costume Designer Tim Martin Wardrobe & Make-up Assistant Dimitra Karacali Set Builders Tim Martin Dan Bohman Prop Master Tim Martin Production Assistants Nicholas Tyson Alex Ulaky Bob Mulรฉ Keira Witham BTS Photography Uriel Espinoza Peter Houie Angela Noriega Kevin Mahar Post Production Supervisor Patrick Lundberg Nick Mahar Additional Editing Nick Mahar Sound Engineer Ryan Johnston Dialogue & Voice Directors Mary Elizabeth McGlynn Steve Blum Visual Effects by SpaceJunk VFX Artist Karl Hein Brian Finne Senior VFX Producer Christa Cox 3D Ship Modeling Ali Yaremko Texturing Perry Kroll 3D Compositing Jeff Miao Emmett Callinan Color Services provided by The Mill Colorist Matthew Osborne Color Assistant Logan Highlen Gemma Parr Zack Wilpon Executive Producer, Color Linda Jackson Producer, Color Liza Kerlin Production Coordinator, Color Jessica Amburgey Special Thanks Aputure Lighting Ted Sim Nerris Nassiri Andy Pagana Anthony Lew Ryan Wood Matt Alavi Aaron Nelson Rare Breeds Alicia, Jackson & Lincoln Eskander George Lucas (we love you) An Escape Velocity Content Production


Zorch Central : This short 20 min. fan film likely made on a shoestring budget had more charm, character, soul, and creativity than a multi-million dollar studio produced film...this IS how Star Wars should be.

Adolfo Fernandez : Leave it to true fans to make a real Star Wars Movie. The spirit of Star Wars is ALIVE!!!!!!


Megaroad Producciones : WTF??? Who made this? George Lucas? In your face, Kathleen Kennedy!!!!

Tim Villarreal : The most important thing that I found in this fan film wasn't just the quality, but that it felt like Star Wars. From the puppets, to the editing, even the humor here or there. Great job guys, amazing job.

Scott Butler : This little film gave me a 1977 smile!!The OHHHH moment was so reminiscent of the original trilogy.

Elgrun23 : I thought Star Wars was dead. Killed of by Disney. And then I saw this. This is the most Star Wars I have seen since in years.

OhtheSuffering : Great twist. It was only at 16:30 when I recognized his outfit and was like, "Oh, shit. He's Malakili."

Shaun Luckham : Looks great, captures the grubbiness of Tattoine, love the fainting gamorrean when he sees the rancor. Marvellous indeed.

thirdphaseofmoon : Now That's A Fan Film! The Force Is Strong With This One!

BigBill Lucas : TRULY THE MOST PROFESSIONAL UNOFFICIAL STAR WARS FILM EVER MADE! This is exactly what i would expect to see from a professional Star Wars TV show. Everything here is perfect. Beautifully shot opening title sequence Captivating story. Well written script. A great plot twist. Crystal clear HD quality print. Perfect Tatooine locations. beautifully shot with creative camera angles. Authentic and professionally made costumes. Perfect Props and set design. Solid acting performances. Smooth editing. Well crafted practical effects. Seamless digital matte paintings. Professional CGI ship and monster effects. Well mixed sound effects. Captivating musical Score. Clean Star Wars end credits.

Henry Poon : 1983: Me wildly cheering when Luke causes the gate to crush the rancor. Present Day: monster!!!

Christopher Jackson : Steve Blum? THE Steve Blum?? This film needs to be adopted as canon. It fits so perfectly and unobtrusively into the canonical universe.

whylordwhy yeptheysuck : Awesome! I have to say I enjoyed watching this more then episode 7 & 8 combined. Damn good

Jasper Weixl : I think we can all agree, that heartfelt fan films like this are the true legacy of George's creation. Nothing but love and respect for the source material. Created solely out of gratitude, not greed.

Blac Power45 : the best of these fanfilms don't require a lightsaber or the force.. I LOVED IT!!

David Reyes : THIS shows how stories should be : Story first! This is one effective fan film that is BETTER than a multimillion dollar movie!

C Scott : Excellent work :) Generally speaking , these fan films are far more true and respectful to the traditional Star Wars universe than anything Disney could do , in spite of the budget they work with . I believe that the traditional Star Wars fan knows and understands this universe much better , and it shows in great short movies like this . Thank you , I really enjoyed this . : Oh wow. This is amazing. Bravo. This is canon to me. What a great movie.

Stephen Genett : Hahahahahahaha hahaha! That kid grows up to be the fat guy hugging the corpse of the Rancor Luke kills in Return of the Jedi. This is actually awesome. A seemingly unimportant character given an interesting origin story.

Stormcamper : Finally someone who can post in the correct aspect ratio!!!! Lucasfilm can't even manage that with their trailers. Loved the fan film. I've watched so many over the years and this is shot better than the rest by a country mile. Good job!!!

Jeremy Permenter : Wow... very well done. Great story, great character buildup, and definitely outside of the typical lightsaber fight with terrible makeup in the forest style fan film. Look forward to seeing future projects

Bobby_Peru : That was amazing. There have been some good fan films of late but that was beyond brilliant. Absolute goosebumps when I realised he was The Rancor Keeper. I'm actually a huge fan of Solo and love R1...this was up there and makes me even more joyous for the upcoming TV shows that can hopefully pull off work like this.

Vandicoup : The ending was EVERYTHING. Oh my GOD!!

Wind of change : To think a fan film about the rancor monster's owner could be this good, well done ! I legit got original trilogy vibes when I saw the first longshot of the boy walking in the desert with his droid.

Jason G : Wonderful idea to give some back story to the rancor and its keeper very well done

SurvivetheSurvival : Amazing! Incredible story and backstory to Jabbaโ€™s rancor and the rancor keeper! Suck it Kathleen! ๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ˜‚

Arikm7 : And that my friends is how honey boo boo got into beauty pageants.

agorgedslug : Published less than a month ago and already 425023 views - and no wonder! Absolutely loved it. I really hope George sees it - I'm sure this kind of thing is the greatest praise for his work. Big admiration especially to the composer, fantastic work!!

HunHaze : Finally a fanfilm that isn't just people hitting each other with lightsabers for 15 minutes.

Tyrone Taylor : Malakili!!!!! About time he got some fan love. The real Beastmaster. Great job. Son's a good actor.

Robert Arnett : Man these fan movies are fantastic and I'm thinking this is the best one. Loved it.

David Resch : That was incredible...this was that moment when the fan film was better than the movies!!!

electrcblueseuphoria : Simply incredible!!! This really felt like watching Star Wars original trilogy 100%. The acting, world-building, story, character development, music... it all felt like canon and took me right back to the magic of those original films, complete with feelings of nostalgia but also anticipation and hunger for more. PLEASE do more SW films like this or even a feature-length one, with the same crew/director etc! They truly get what the "essence" of Star Wars is about, and are keeping it alive for all of us fans. If you were to put out episodic SW content on a regular basis, back stories or even new directions in the SW universe, it would be so amazing. Really hope you will do more, thanks again for the glimmer of hope and putting care and love into Star Wars again!

T. Martin : I felt like I was actually watching Star Wars.

Wolfman73 : Wow! I actually enjoyed a star wars film. Too bad it is only 20 mins.

TimesThree : Now it makes more sense when Malakili cried when Luke killed his beloved Rancor!! Piss on Luke the killer of pets! Booo!

Sysqo Calvo : Bravo well made fan film keep up the good work SW community

Kenny Craig : I don't care what anyone says...I would act in their Fan film for free.. The Story was Awesome. The Droid Actor was my most favored. I love this writing. My only 'Constructive Criticism': The Actors need some training. Their Presence on Screen totally Works. 1 out of 5 stars...(The Actors did a Good Job).(The Droid was Awesome).....4.75 Stars.....This was a 'Great Premis'

Crimson Hunter : The puppets would make George Lucas proud!

FellVoice : It's sad when a fanfilm captures the feel of a Star Wars movie when the so called professionals can't seem to get it right.

Colinjohn MURPHY-RODGERS : Just stumbled across this...absolutely brilliant. Well done to all those involved. Feels very much a part of the Star Wars universe ๐Ÿ‘๐Ÿผ๐Ÿ‘๐Ÿผ๐Ÿ‘๐Ÿผ๐Ÿ˜Š

Danny Villarreal : So awesome. This gave me chills. Bravo ๐Ÿ‘ 100 times better than The Last Jedi

Kosh Naranek : OMG respect! This is great....everyone get this trending on Twitter!

cardshopreality : My favorite SW fan film! Well done! Thumbs up if you agree.

Foolie wit da Tooly : The back story of Jaba's rancor๐Ÿ’ฏ๐Ÿ’ฏ๐Ÿ’ฏ great fan film. I didnt realize untill the end because the boy had on the crying mans outfit ๐Ÿ˜†

Tyrone Taylor : Had everyone thinking it was Anakin, lol. Good plot twist.

Typical Swolly : Amazing film and leads up perfectly well done

DarthTemoc : This is one of the best examples of how fans can make wonderful and better things than large productions. The locations, the photography, the makeup, the costumes, the props, the puppets, the music and the scenography are AMAZING !! That droid, man!, the details, the acting, BRAVO !! The ending is incredible!. Congratulations to the cast & crew.