Dangerous Way of Fixing Wood Cutting Blade in Saw Mill Bangladesh/Blade Fixing In Saw Mill to Cut
Dangerous Way of Fixing Wood Cutting Blade in Saw Mill BangladeshBlade Fixing In Saw Mill to Cut

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Phill Girard : Honestly not dangerous at all except for safety glass's. :) I use to do band saw blades in our the shop all the time, using modern system. Not a bad job with what they have.

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hello hun : The entire third world sits comfortably on their haunches. The modern world can't.

Макс Е : А где я возьму слюну негра ??

Noop Noop : That cigarette is more dangerous then the "fixing" process.

love is my religion : "Ingenious way to fix a bandsaw blade" these people will be the ones to survive one America and it's technology collapses due to people fighting amongst theirselves

Brad Morgan : Its amazing to see how good of a job they do with limited means! If people wanted to try this hard in the US we wouldn't have to have an welfare system! People working don't have time to lay around breeding!

james ohara : Brazing is a tried and tested technique, whats the problem?.

Shlomo Cohen : Never understand why they can't make a table and work on it.

Hans Knutson : Most American adults Couldn't do this !

Jon Z : This would only be dangerous if my boss was standing there... “It took three of you 15 minutes to weld a blade?!? Rant, rant, rant...” lol

Nurik Abiev : Хуясе. У индусов видать времени дохуя

Ian Rutherford : If you'd like an alternative title it was' a low-tech way of but-welding a band-saw blade for a saw-mill in Bangladesh'

Phil Yew : Great Job Guys!! Unless I'm mistaken it was not braized, it was Silver Soldered and while it was a basic job it was done well and with all the care needed to get a good joint. One comment below also said it was a butt weld. No, it was a lap joint with the two ends overlapping by about 1cm or less. You could see that clearly when the main man lifted the right-hand end to feed the piece of Silver Shim and the Flux between the two halves before it was heated. Basic technology but done well and shows what can be achieved when you must use what you have.

bruce smith : Never mind danger. They use their feet like another set of hands

Петр Лавров : И вот нахуя мне это??

Коля Прошин : А где копья, одежда из шкур это же каменный век.

Ricky Roan : 1859 tech...in 21 century....to keep the country going....🤪😍👍🏼

bedra vlogger : Good Technics's nice job

ХоХоЛ Х : Семок им и русская гопота.


C17H25N : Caveman style.

Bamzee X : Might seem a bit archaic but it's still a "proper" way of welding without electricity, a job well done.

SLAY 503 : 💥🤤🤔Where's this "DANGER" you speak of?😒💥

Need Another Seven astronauts 1987 : Legend has it he is still winding that thing to this day

Sergio Correa : Además se utilizan muchas personas para un trabajo que en 30 minutos yo lo estoy haciendo con Mig

Chimp Chowder : Hey, I gotta give them credit! Did you see that millwright at work checking the alignment? Good job guys thanks for the demonstration!

John Sweeney : It’s the fact that there smoking. Didn’t your mother tell you that stuffs bad for you. 😙💨

Carl Brutananadilewski : How the hell can they squat like that all the time that kills my knees just seeing it

tubemade brum : it was like watching some cavemen and im sure i heard someone say NOM NOM NOM NOM NOM lol

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LordMusicE : Nice to see low tech work, that works. great

wo wo : This action caused India's backwardness Indian works in the Arabian Gulf Good work in town does not work properly😖 Mind and how to run a business is a success not only without mind work

FrankAj Assis : Um maçarico será que resolvia?

Irfan Khan : The whole video shows one man trying to light a fire and the second to align the saw blade.

jayc2469 : an improvised Spot Welding rig would have done the job in seconds

frauhansencom : Interesting, but why is someone constantly chattering in the background as if he wanted to sell fish on the market?

MYXYZYPYLY : I’m curious. What did they used to weld the blade ? Other than that I’m impressed. Low tech and effective

Carl Brutananadilewski : How the hell can they squat like that all the time that kills my knees just seeing it

blackbirdxx928 : Old tech way.... slow as hell, 5 min with a bit lighter and a roll of rosin core solder and I be done.

the Lying Scotsman : At least no one was pushing them to go faster,good job.

David Pi : Silly boys could go to home depot and buy a new blade.

phil osophical : Like cave men

Graham Williams : Click bait, nothing dangerous about this, in fact they are extremely resourceful.....

greencityman420 : Pretty skilled to be able to re forge a saw blade in the field. Just hope the weld doesn't snap when the blade is in use.

OperaBass3 : No danger here. The poster obviouly hopes to attract impressionable rubes. Facts is, this video demonstrates how to braze repair a broken bandsaw blade using a coal forge, a process used here in the US generations ago now lost due to technical advancements. The workers in the video are skilled and competent, producing a sound reliable joint with a minimum of primitive equipment employing care and precision. I've heard about brazing with a coal forge but have never seen it done. My thanks to the poster for a most informative video. I hope he abandons "dangerous" as a come-on to attract viewers. I've seen a good many of his posts featuring industrial activity in other parts of the world and, except for the puerile title, found them well presented, easy to follow, and refreshingly free of uninformed narration. By the way, ignorant person commenting earlier, that "jabber" is probably Bengali, a language older than English. Judging from the activity, I would guess the discussion is no different in content from that of any other competent group working together on a common task. Show respect for good work and good workers.

Rod : Dangerous is living with my wife!

TilDeath1776 US : Nice, who wants to try this blade first?

Александр Максимов : ты папуас, возьми просто меха, легче будет.