Dangerous Way of Fixing Wood Cutting Blade in Saw Mill Bangladesh/Blade Fixing In Saw Mill to Cut

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ХоХоЛ Х : Семок им и русская гопота.

Phill Girard : Honestly not dangerous at all except for safety glass's. :) I use to do band saw blades in our the shop all the time, using modern system. Not a bad job with what they have.

Jon Z : This would only be dangerous if my boss was standing there... “It took three of you 15 minutes to weld a blade?!? Rant, rant, rant...” lol

robociock : The real dangerous thing is using that saw after they welded it

Shlomo Cohen : Never understand why they can't make a table and work on it.

Макс Е : А где я возьму слюну негра ??

Noop Noop : That cigarette is more dangerous then the "fixing" process.

Freeman Mr : Когда появился разводной ключ в кадре: я охуел, явно из будущего телепортировался к ним)

Domingo Rios : Pobre jente sin la herramienta adecuada asi nomas ni siquiera unas pinzas ni guantes se la rifan

james ohara : Brazing is a tried and tested technique, whats the problem?.

Nurik Abiev : Хуясе. У индусов видать времени дохуя

Ian Rutherford : If you'd like an alternative title it was' a low-tech way of but-welding a band-saw blade for a saw-mill in Bangladesh'

Mike Sokolow : The ceremonial wine, and crooked cigarettes are a nice touch. Rednecks are all over the planet.

Robin Sharpley : we in Western culture take so much for granted, electricity, generators, welders, the ability to turn round and just fix something in a minute or 2, dress it off with a grinder and carry on --- These gents in video are carrying on skulls that very few of us now have time or inclination for. they are actually richer than us in some ways.

ahad ansari : Its not dangerous its like gas welding.... The welded object can easily hold pressure upto 50,000 psi...

gowd sake : Its called skill something that is sadly lacking in our modern world

Donnie Porter : Thats impressive they do so much with so little nice job

Ames Adamson : is that borax?

METALL SURGERY : Пайка, как пайка - бура+лок! Только что на угольном костре... Однако, хреново будет, если все это отвалится в процессе работы пилы!

Need Another Seven astronauts 1987 : Legend has it he is still winding that thing to this day

rendexRussia : По ходу там это полотно стоит дороже человеческих жизней. Зная их отношение к смерти... Кинут тело в речку и дальше как ни в чём ни бывало

Jaka Sembir : Wrong title.....

Коля Прошин : А где копья, одежда из шкур это же каменный век.

C17H25N FTW : Caveman style.

eye tv : nice wood cutting

JimmY : how is this dangerous? clickbait?

the Lying Scotsman : At least no one was pushing them to go faster,good job.

SLAY 503 : 💥🤤🤔Where's this "DANGER" you speak of?😒💥

TinTaBraSS777 : Дикие уёбки )такой пилой работать нельзя

B Elliott : They love to squat

11green11 : You can tell they are professionals. You see how the pit was already dug out for the blower ? Shit, and the pre work snack Habib rolled in with before they cut 😂

rcalzadilla : Do they have a choice on how to fix it or do they enjoy it more this way?

fernando dominguez ramos : Good job , however i recommend you to use silver brasing, is low cost yet efisient

Trihame : Well the way they did it isn’t dangerous at all. Using borax probably to pressure weld the material. The problem comes in when they go to use it. I didn’t see any tempering at all. Heating metal like that is just gonna leave it soft so if something goes wrong best case scenario the teeth rub off, worst case the blade snaps mid-production flying around like a wet noodle. Hmmmmm... maybe this could be the next premonition movie???

Tanknorris : So whats dangerous about what they dun?

Mr. Jones : Can we get subtitles please

duval peña : Basura india

Игорь Мал. : Молодцы👍. Мясорубка пиздатая😅

Graham Williams : Click bait, nothing dangerous about this, in fact they are extremely resourceful.....

Vijaya Kumar J : Am I the only one who saw the weed ?

Александр Соловьев : и никаких лазеров))

Kolpikinna : You seem to be true professionals! Wellcome to finland and build an atomic powerplant. French apes tried but they failed.

कौस्तुभ फाटक : आपका कमाल है ऐसे विडीऑ बनाकर आप अपलोड करते है बहुत बढीया जानकारी और तकनीक की जानकारी मिलती है

Erich Altekalt : Brazing, not welding and no danger at all

WeLove Bangladesh : nice work


Jaime Mera hormazabal : Admiro el ingenio de este esforzado pueblo, felicitaciones.

david wenzel : brazing!!!

Cristobal Haro : Congratulations! Every job is dangerous, but we have to feed family

TilDeath1776 US : Nice, who wants to try this blade first?