Fateful Findings Best Scenes

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Jason Sanders : what does the woman staging her husbands suicide have to do with neil hacking the government?

TJ Hastie : I can't help you out of this one, Jim...

K.D.P. Ross : Hacked into the most secret secrets! THE MOST SECRET!!!!! So much winning.

ImTooDrunktoTasteThisChicken : I love how Neil Breen always gives himself the youngest most attractive woman in each of his films. And its always very apparent that they do not want to kiss him or be intimately close at all lol

Black Narcissus : Wow, this dude makes Tommy Wiseau look competent.

David Sikent : Props to the guy playing dead, I would have probably burst in laughter

Tom Phillips : This makes the room look professional

Tim Lake : 6:00 "It's just not like him", He's never killed himself before.

Mike Mike : Multiple suicides and a murder but the press conference doesn't even slow down

James Gell : This movie can't be genuine. This cannot be genuine.

The Big Wumpus : Imagine living in a world where everyone acts like their from faithful findings

Billy Bob : he just continues on...the guy gets shot, and he just continues on giving his speech. this movie is brilliant.

Night Shame : I feel so bad for those laptops


ZReaders : I can't believe you committed suicide, Jim. How could you have done this? I'm very disappointed in you - I want you to go to your room and think about what you've done. I can't help you out of this one.

Morticia Obscurum : The woman... Shouts every line.... Slowly!

TheGTATay : Porn Acting 101

Guy : I actually watched the entire Fateful Findings. It's fascinating in a way. I never in my life knew something so shitty could exist.

Khalid Alamin : That man at 15:56 was laughing his ass off while killing himself😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂

MISFITNXC : I resign as president of the bank. .. lmao

Kevin MacNutt : Neil Breen makes Tommy Wieseau look like Martin Scorcese

Brin Hauptmann : I almost "disliked" this, then I came to my senses.

Jon Mison : When I feel like eating something decadent I have spinach, no dressing, no other ingredients, just ordinary spinach.

castle : i resign as president of T H E B A N K

MiguelJ 0727 : Best actors were the the Grandma, The Car, And The Gun

braiden a : Therapy session.. two foldup chairs in a closet

Khalid Alamin : I've been hacking into government corporates all over the country......(Clapping casually)

John Nguyen : She didn't even wiped her fingerprints off the gun

ballin302008 : it's not a Neil breen movie without somebody repeating their lines back to back

Tylerr Bounds : i have found more information than any hacker ever has...ever!

BolivianRonaldo : 😂porn has a bigger budget than this!

Riri Airi : James Franco, here's your next movie idea.

nico alberto : So..a man shoots himself in front of the crowd and they keep applauding?

peryk2 : 5:06 great acting, great writing... even dwarfs Tommy Wisseau

Nate Shanks : This is worst than The Room, I love it 😂😂

Voice of Treason : The laptops are the best actors in this movie.

jawknee5 : 10:45 Who uses hydrogen peroxide to try and subdue someone?

Bart S. : I resign today as president of The Bank.

Khalid Alamin : Its not a neil breen movie if he isnt hacker or has a dozen laptops😂😂😂

jawknee5 : Watched this clip with the volume up a little too loud. Neighbors thought I was watching porn.

Billy Bob : why even bother if you can't take the time to make a proper salad.

Filip Polák : I just...this movie.. IT'S TOO GOOD

daniela rojas : the blonde woman, when she is in bed, really sounds like she has some learning disabilities...

D M : In The Room, all the other actors except for Tommy Wiseau you could tell were at least trying. Here, with the exception of the old lady maybe they’re ALL as bad as Neil Breen or even worse. How?! How are so many people all so hopelessly incompetent?

Cao Cao : That first scene though. WHY ARE YOU YELLING!? That said, Neil Breen is a God.

Nitai Gauranga : It must be bad on purpose.

Eric Cantwell : Neil is a two laptops at the same time kind of guy... and he chooses to use a therapist who has you sit on a metal folding chair. Neil thinks outside the box.

Callum Adams Is Beautiful : Neil Breen is a national treasure

MobiusBandwidth : This is astonishing. Of all the films ever made, this is definitely one of them.

A Mildly retarded Crossdresser : Did Mr. Breen really think that his movies are actually good and meaningful? it's just hours of him blowing air in his ass with his ego, as if he's a ln amazing actor and the wooden actors and dialogue... I think he meant to make it bad on purpose? is he secretly a genius and this is just all an act? please tell me cause this can't be genuine... if it is then it's the most convincing acting ever... acting as an actor that can't act... brilliance