tile | Lost panda | together we find

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LemonMonkey : Both me and my husband cried over this commercial. First sad tears, and then happy. I would buy the hell out of that little panda.

Penny zilla 2007 : I cried watching this video

Ethan Owens : This video literally brought me to tears and I'm not sure why.

Akasha Eyre : Now, if this company is smart, they’ll sell this cute little panda because everyone loves pandas. That should be their little mascot. I know I’d buy it if they did. And this commercial is so touching. Love the music, too.

Malinda Hill : I can't find the song on You tube... I'm crying..


zk360 : OMG where can I buy this panda!

Ones Amanda : where can I buy this panda?

*Sweet *Lena : Awwww, now this is too sweet. Poor panda glad he and his owner found each other again.

Michael Gardner : that song should be published

千尋Kimi : idk what tile is but i want that panda

Dave Bundtzen : That was awesome! Epic storytelling and so powerful. Great job guys!

James Arterberry : Who were the Director/DP for this? Well done. Props deserved for the cinematography mosdef

112musician : Made a stone of my heart and made it 'til 1:36 without crying.

flintlights : 1) I want this panda 2) I want this song available for download 3) why are my eyes watery :(

lobotrasgallinita... : Excellent excellent commercial and stunning play of the little girl...and yes I cried

Ęł NOMBRE ŠHAÑERÜ : This video got me crying how sad and I’m the hardest person you’ll ever meet and I usually don’t cry but this for some reason got me bawling 😭

WheatleysRoommate : This made me cry so hard. I'm so happy the panda found his owner again <3 Also I wish things like this existed when I was younger. My beloved moose was never found...

Char Char : I need this song in my life *^*

Mark Simmons : I'm almost 40 but I can still remember losing one of my favorite and most cherished stuffed toys and feeling like a horrible human being for neglecting him.  Seeing this makes me A) wish it was available at the time and B) remember again how awful I felt decades ago like it was yesterday and C) love this campaign for tapping into something so VERY relatable on such an emotional level.

Danny Ju : awesome video advertisement, who made this should be proud

Lps Katie gamer : This made me cry so much

wciby : Will get Tile if it comes with the panda.

Jerome Hoyle : I'm 6'3" and weigh in nearly 200lbs. and... Couldn't stop my eyes from leaking, lol! Now I gotta listen to a of bunch hardcore rap and Rob Zombie.

Johnny Caretaker : One of the most touching commercials ever made. Beautiful ❤

BallardBuccaneers : who ells did this make you cry

Kerry Campbell : Girl, in my dreams, Where have you been? And do you still think of me? I close my eyes and I see you. Do you still dream of me? For we have so much to see, We should be... Together.

kyuuibi rasagen : Between this and the lion commercial from Amazon I'm a mess

1vengeful Heart : Lmao, just saw it..literally 3 min ago...No Way!.. this commercial is not fair. It’s hitting below the belt, I cried real tears, you commercial people are evil ... lol....well done!

D. Logan : Beautiful commercial.

Home Den : You guys I just realized. The panda is in the exact same spot, in the exact same position. He never got up to follow the girl, he just wished he could've. He imagined the whole thing.

BallardBuccaneers : this should be a try not to cry

Kawaiipuglover 2006 : Im crying so much i want that panda for Christmas lol (im 11 thats why )

MrSubzero28 : Damn it!...now I want that panda😢

Philip Hodges : this is great! i work in the creature world and that little panda is beautifully brought to life - hats off to this team, wherever they wander...

Richie Ron : 33 people who disliked need tile to find their heart!!!!

love sick : Ugh I actually cried when it came in TV so I hadta find it🤦🏾‍♀️😭

truthspeaks84 : One of the greatest commercials I've ever seen.

Rach Pinto : i was with my family watching tv on the couch and this came on and idk why but as soon as i saw the panda i just started like sobbing

Johnny Schaefer : Everyone cries! Unless you're a monster. I love this song and panda!

Ronald Williams : Where the hell is this song!!!

*Sweet *Lena : Y'all listen, I showed my sweet mother this video, she's 72. She said he went (panda teddy bear) all over the world, didn't he lol. I love my mama.

grafittix : This mad me sob like I can't even believe.

Richie X KID : Hey who put this bowl of onions here?!

Patrick Cowley : Made me cry when I first saw this.... & The second & third time....

Mandi7882 : I came here to see if I was the only one touched so deeply by this commercial. I cried..I smiled and I am so glad this Panda Found it's owner. Why? It does its job in selling the product. I want to have this - for my pet, for things I love. And...I wish I had it years ago when I was her age too. I get it.

Cher0kee : Panda did the *death drop* @1:27

CatsMeow_ 235PTW : I am crying so HARD right now!!!!! It's sadder when u picture the panda as ur fave stuffed animal!!! 😭😭😭😭😭😭

Ones Amanda : what's name of this song??

blurr Drake : ,Tile’s First Major Ad Campaign Tells the Epic Story of a Beloved Lost Panda, this might be a lead to finding the panda