Chef Tries Serving RAW FAT To Gordon | Hell's Kitchen
Chef Tries Serving RAW FAT To Gordon

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Renzo Dela Cruz : Someone tell me I'm not the only one who has been binging Hell's Kitchen clips on YT for the past week

GearSolidSnake : Well who won?? You got me invested in the competition then cucked us out of finishing it.

Arvin's world _ : In 0:46 he criticised his team mate, in 3:05 he screwed the whole team with RAWWW FATSSS

Kim Jong-un : I'm filled with raw fat

Anthony Walton :

1THEBULLETSPONGE : If Raj was here, he would serve himself on a plate, since he's full of fat.

youbet2011 : I'd be curious to see Jackie's audition showing how she even got on the show.

cant one : 0.47 when he told the guy to wake up but he himself looks like he's gonna sleep

Kerry Keo : Suicide is never the answer amanda

tyler drama : 2:24 Meese is looking to get a LEG up HAHAHAHA

ItsHelen Tho : jackie always judging them but she never makes a decent dish

Exodus Taris : It bugs me when the majority of challenges are so close in points. It gets really boring after awhile.

Indigo Ray : “It’s a one” “Thank you chef” Lmfao Ramsey can say anything and they’ll thank him. Idk why I find that so funny.

Huber : "Cooking a duck takes methods, technique and understanding of how to cook the bird" 😂

John Boona : jOE whAT tHE hELl wErE yoU tHinKinG?! 3 seconds later LET'S GO JOE! LET'S GO BRO! GOOD JOB!!!

Alexander Jones : What happens next? Find out in 2-3 weeks time when we get the thrilling conclusion

Pat Bubba : Now I have to wonder why a restaurant would be shut down because of their quality standards or if it's an actual health hazard for serving raw duck fat.

starcader99 : I read the all caps words as RAT FAT. My vision is weird sometimes.

Lin Lin : Why does frank kinda remind me of Victor Krum from Harry Potter? 😱

Xylarxcode : 0:48 'Come on, wake up' *doesn't open eyes and looks high AF* Uh, yea... not doing yourself any favors there, 'bro'. : Hell's Kitchen - Raj Kitchen Nightmares - Nino

hi sisters : 1:07 Me sitting in class.

I maybe a stinky loser, but : 2:27 how did he know about her beautiful breast? 😏

Cool Cheese : 0:48 Mate your eyes more closed than a sleeping zombie

Shawn Apec oof : If Raj was here, he would serve an uncooked living fish without its organs removed with spanish sardines combined with a banana tomato in it. And Raj would still say its his masterpiece.

Care : jackie: you can't be that dumb. jackie: Tries to serve raw chicken..........................

FilJesu : The ch.... who got a 1 keeps on criticising others when it was her turn she got struck by karma

Jr Godoy : 2:28 when you have a beautiful breast! XD 😉

FiRe CluTchN : Shakes his head Yes as he says No... WTF. Haha

Reuben Bunanta : Gordon: I’ll give you a 1 Chef: Thanks chef

IgnoreThisCommentBro : I still woulda ate the hell out of that duck fat... I mean it's duck fat

Real Fyzzexx/Jad : Manda should have never been on this show 😂

Intera UK : 1:07 - that wasn't edited in, just background noise.

Isaias Diaz : First they complain then they compliment, like what?

Aryan Naik : Gets a 6/8 . CoMe On JoE wHaT wErE YoU tHiNkiNg?

John : Sees raw in title 😫

ThisIsG : Video was missing a key ingredient, NINOOOOOO!


NsShurima : W Stand For *What* *A* *Shame*

Chocolate Wafer Warrior : You dont serve RAW FAT to Gordon Ramsay..

Jack of Knives : Jackie called Eddie Ralph. His name's nowhere close to Ralph

Rich Richie : My old chef Josiah citrin he is critical but to make you bettee

Mario4life : *"what a beautiful breast"*

TheUmbreonfan03 : I'm more amazed that Gordon can tell something is raw just by looking at.

2011whack : Why not show the results of it..?? That's a one for me !

Maximillian Mus : “ very over cooked ”

Eeshan Joshi : The men won btw

7TM Critical : Eddie what are you thinking? *knocks on head*

Namnamnam93 : Somehow youtube algorithim always recommends me any videos with gordan ramsey in it