Chef Tries Serving RAW FAT To Gordon | Hell's Kitchen

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Renzo Dela Cruz : Someone tell me I'm not the only one who has been binging Hell's Kitchen clips on YT for the past week

Benjamin Luebberst : The chefs who got a 1 shouldn’t criticize anyone else.

GearSolidSnake : Well who won?? You got me invested in the competition then cucked us out of finishing it.

Arvin's world _ : In 0:46 he criticised his team mate, in 3:05 he screwed the whole team with RAWWW FATSSS

Anthony Walton :

1THEBULLETSPONGE : If Raj was here, he would serve himself on a plate, since he's full of fat.

JanetFunkYeah : Watching enough of these clips, I've noticed that almost every contestant that has appeared on this show in an obnoxious, egotistical, malcontent brat. ...Wow, I just described the average US American. lol

youbet2011 : I'd be curious to see Jackie's audition showing how she even got on the show.

Evan : *Nino* would eat his own fat

cant one : 0.47 when he told the guy to wake up but he himself looks like he's gonna sleep

Tyler Drama : 2:24 Meese is looking to get a LEG up HAHAHAHA

Kerry Keo : Suicide is never the answer amanda

IgnoreThisCommentBro : I still woulda ate the hell out of that duck fat... I mean it's duck fat

I maybe a stinky loser, but : 2:27 how did he know about her beautiful breast? 😏

Exodus Taris : It bugs me when the majority of challenges are so close in points. It gets really boring after awhile.

neubtuber : Raw fat is le poison

R. : In Denmark it would be almost illegal to serve a duck thats not cooked through! if its pink its considered raw.

Figoment- : What they rate the last guy?

Pat Bubba : Now I have to wonder why a restaurant would be shut down because of their quality standards or if it's an actual health hazard for serving raw duck fat.

Avery Lopez-Baines : It's RAWWWWWWWWWWWW

Alexander Jones : What happens next? Find out in 2-3 weeks time when we get the thrilling conclusion

starcader99 : I read the all caps words as RAT FAT. My vision is weird sometimes.

Imani Namutebi : Is chad a chad?

2011whack : Why not show the results of it..?? That's a one for me !


FiRe CluTchN : Shakes his head Yes as he says No... WTF. Haha

BROWN22 SUGAR : Jackie knows a thing or two about *raw fat*

E L : Just one word: Nino

SiviliZe93 : Hell's kitchen just confirmed that women cant cook

Indigo Ray : “It’s a one” “Thank you chef” Lmfao Ramsey can say anything and they’ll thank him. Idk why I find that so funny.

Lin Lin : Why does frank kinda remind me of Victor Krum from Harry Potter? 😱

NoturAvg Dude : Do you guys not have new episodes for YouTube content

Oblivious : Can u do a video on shakeshack

Paki name : We’re the lamb sauceeeeeeeeeeeeee

Phony1303 : A lot of cockiness

Shardul Bhalerao : Bloods vs crips

Book of shadows contributor Brian : Manda kinda cute

sniippiggydigg : That Frank sounds like he's Al Pacino doing a Christopher Walken impression

MikeTheBeastsVideos : I would like MORE NEW CLIPS PLEASE!

Kim Jong-un : I'm filled with raw fat

Blink : god frank was such a tool.

Rman Nayr : POOR EDDIE!

kate : Why is Frank more of a chad than Chad?

AssJuice : Editor is on point

Eula Hernandez : So which team won?

Bdeye Bdeye : The entire lady team is stright garbage lol not even a sous in the bunch let alone a chef

RoCk-N-PaRtY : Who thought the title said “Raw Rat”?


Namnamnam93 : Somehow youtube algorithim always recommends me any videos with gordan ramsey in it

aceofspades477 : Didn't Jackie serve raw chicken, haha