Erasing My Awful Book From The History of the Internet

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austinmcconnell : If you want to hunt around for a copy, whatever, but please be careful. Lots of the sites that supposedly "stock" the book are scams. Don't be dumb and enter your credit card information on shady foreign sites, or click on unverified pdf links. Be smart. Okay. Bye.

Wayne McCracken : This might have a sort of Streisand effect where now more people know about your book more than ever lol

Dennis Fluttershy : What to do with Missi♫︎g Mozart Publishing? It's bragging rights. You own a company.

Dennis Fluttershy : Yes, you did it in the wrong order ... sad to hear (11:50)

Cryo Phobica : Buys company just to delete book

Péter Stangl : this story about the book is way more interesting than the actual book i presume.

Seamus Gorman : Honestly, you're starting to become one of my favourite creators on this platform! I never know what the next video's going to be about, but I always know it's going to entertain me! Keep it up man!

som3chann31 : Publish books. Don't waste the company, Missing Mozart is such an amazing name.

Aman Miah : Chaotic Neutral

Perplexity : Man, what a fantastic story. I say you novelise the heart-pounding exchange between yourself and Tim and print it through Missing Mozart Publishing. That would be so meta.

Lance Orque : So, guess what? At 12:00, it said $24.96 for the selling price. Well, search for the book in Google Books and look through the reviews. "This book was so good. I sold mine for $24.96. Hope the buyer enjoys it." Evidently, some other person enjoyed your book. And the "buyer" enjoyed erasing it from physical-printed-copy-in-the-hands-of-others existence. And we want to enjoy it too.

Who Media : Do a giveaway at 300/500k of the books 😂

Ben Cheevers : For Charlie Wade, life has been a bullet-train roller coaster that doesn't slow down and always twists and turns. He has spent the last 3 years of his life in a cell. After being released from juvenile detention at the age of 18, Wade skips probation and moves to the smallest town he can find: Munich, Kentucky. There, he saves a girl named Harmony Wallace from an attacker, and his life changes forever. "Fallen Angels" tells the story of Wade's journey towards redeeming himself from his past life of sins. Every day he is forced to struggle to find the truths of morality, and is faced with the difficulty of judging the difference between right and wrong in a world seemingly filled with morally gray areas.

_ SleepyStarryNight _ : I dunno my dude. In a world where Linkara had ties to an old fetish roleplay website, you shouldn't worry about such a small book failure. It may be bad, but it is also unnoteworthy.

Vasil M. : In 20 years Austin is going to upload a video to vimeo about deleting his "awful youtube channel"

Laura Camila Vega : Jeez man, how bad was the goddamn book?

BanditRants : Thank god I bought the book.

Ralph Dratman : Next two problems: 1) How are you going to get this video, of which you will someday be deeply ashamed, off the internet? 2) How are you going to stop doing things that will later embarrass you? If you cannot stop in any ordinary way, I suggest you sit absolutely still and do nothing at all until you eventually pass from this world. For your sake, I pray you will not then find yourself in a new universe, faced with the same problem.

PixelFireblade : I am so sorry Austin! But... here it is:

12narutoshippuden11 : rename your company and write an autobiography then print it yourself you lunatic. or make a fortune selling books from youtubers, you could be the first youtuber that not only wrote a book but also bought the company that sold his book only to turn around and use that company to sell other youtubers books, come on man be a legend.


cortesej2 : Rewrite the book every decade until you retire and see how your writing changes as you mature

Christina Marriott : Oh my fucking god. You wrote fallen angels. We just did a mini student written play based on those books (straight up copyright tbh). You can imagine how it went.

The Spanish Inquisition : You are... quite a vain and paranoid person.

Matthew Hunter : Idea: Missing Mozart should publish terrible books that people wrote in their teens and are now embarrassed about as adults.

Randy Butternubs : Was all this obsession really healthy?

Who Media : in love with your style, I had to do a similar thing, getting my first short film off the internet

Rodrigo Marques de Oliveira : Honestly, this seems just infantile to me. I don't get why you should worry so much about a "teenager cringy book" you wrote, it's just that, a teenager cringy book. I don't think nobody would really care that much about it, and maybe you were just being too harsh on yourself on the regard that this book was cringy at all. Actually, I suppose that, if I was on your position, I wouldn't be particuraly embarassed about it. I think I'd be kinda proud that I did something of at least minor importance in my teen years. Not that I'd promote the book, or anything like that, but I don't think I'd ever spend all this time, and all of this money, just to bring it out of circulation. I'd probably just leave it at that. So, sincerely, it just seems stupid and imature that you spent all this time, and bothered so many people, just to bring a book you wrote when you were a teen out of circulation.

Misty rivers : Why do you go to such great lengths to prevent your own embarrassment? I like some of your videos man but you NEED to stop being so overly critical upon your past endeavors. It's understandable that you don't want your reputation to become ruined but you give the impression that you are a perfectionist- you believe any failure or misstep should be obliterated and I don't agree with this

LochNess 64 : So much trouble for the minor embarrassment that could have happened. Honestly wasted time.

Elijah Wolfschmidt : So far everything professional that gets made by you (Your movie and this book) just one day disappears. But next time you make something I'll be ready and so will my wallet.

magic the gatherer : Well, you could set up mmp as an actual publishing company, and invest in it as a thing that you can do if your channel ever looses popularity. (Not saying that it will, but it is still a posibility) heck, you could just make it an ebook publisher. Or, you could move it to a small island nation and use it as a shell company.

Mark Taylor : This video, the video about your movie, and the lonleygirl15 video sound like you're trying to wave off the fact that you suck. Don't get me wrong I love your videos and I support your channel, but it seriously sounds like you're trying to make excuses. Even though your works may not be great, at least you still made a movie and wrote a book. Live with your mistakes and grow because of them, don't erase all evidence and give reasons as to why it wasn't as good as it could have been

TieDef : Your vain (pun intendend) attempt to erase your past is far more childish than anything you could have possibly written.

Disgusted Dedede : Turn missing Mozart into a soda

Max C : found a pdf of it online

leo Marrow : this seems like its a bit much.

Hayden Snyder : Bro leave Tim tf alone!!!

Sometimes : I have never wanted to read anything more in my life.

Yoggy Arts : How about do what the publisher was set up to do? Look for young indie authors and help them publish their works? Their GOOD works, this time?

Choxox LP : 2:05 oh wait, are these book names in slovak?

Neverm0re : 2:05 is my favourite bookstore in Bratislava... WTF :D

bv Amstel : Why even bother? You could just say: "Well I was just a kid".

jamesaellis : Awful film. Awful book. You're becoming a master! 😉

Kindred Lair : Yes I have one and not selling, its not that bad of a book.

Shantana Killingbeck : ...does this mean you can be my publisher now?

Mesmer ASMR : I'm so glad I grew up in the 90's and my awkward, emotionally unstable self never saw the internet. That being said, there really ought to be a way to erase yourself from the internet if you want to... It seems unfair that humanity is now haunted by their cringe-y tween and teen bad life decisions...

Pratama Lol : Lol what if I buy the company from you for 3$?

a1ntcry1noveru : in short: this was a huuuuge vanity project a year in the making

Jaden Fox : That was an awesome video! You're story was actually really interesting, and that "power of embarrassment" is pretty relatable too