Erasing My Awful Book From The History of the Internet

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austinmcconnell : If you want to hunt around for a copy, whatever, but please be careful. Lots of the sites that supposedly "stock" the book are scams. Don't be dumb and enter your credit card information on shady foreign sites, or click on unverified pdf links. Be smart. Okay. Bye.

Wayne McCracken : This might have a sort of Streisand effect where now more people know about your book more than ever lol

Dennis Fluttershy : Yes, you did it in the wrong order ... sad to hear (11:50)

TheDeadStupid : You should carry on their dream. Get people to send in their stories and books and publish the best of them. With the platform you’ve earned yourself by being in YouTube you could promote these books, and possibly start the career of some writers. I think that would be nice. You could also just do nothing but that’s not a nice sentiment so do the first one.

ZukoTaco : Aren't you concerned that by making this video you may have inadvertently given your book more publicity than it actually would have gotten? This whole video seems like a textbook example of some inevitable Streisand effect.

snow kittenTM : Why am I here?

GlitchyShadow : now that you own mixed mozart you should turn it into a shell company and commit major tax evasion

Bret Huisjen : Watch one of these being sold on eBay for a couple thousand dollars

Tim Lul : What you should do is let young kids publish there books with the company and make the same mistake as you. Just, give them a pen name too.

Jordan Cantrell : HOLY SHIT DUDE, start a P.O Box or an email service and JUST GET PEOPLE TO SEND IN THEIR BOOKS AND FUCKING PUBLISH IT

jan harald : HEY, about the company... y'know you could use it to actually publish let people send you stories, and print out collections of them... OR do a giveaway at 750k of the ownership, first round is public and free, second round you throw out the people you don't like, third round they must justify why they want it, then you throw out the trolls, and spin the dice...

BanditRants : Thank god I bought the book.

jan Kansi : Google Search: Gregory Austin McConnell is an American film writer, director, author and actor. He is the writer, director, and co-star of the science-fiction film Sprouting Orchids. He also owns Missing Mozart Publishing.

Cryo Phobica : Buys company just to delete book

Who Films : in love with your style, I had to do a similar thing, getting my first short film off the internet

Péter Stangl : this story about the book is way more interesting than the actual book i presume.

SkeletonLordRyan : you can't just remove that book. at least make a better version, and re release the original as an art evolution.

Nickolas Sucharew : Not a good thing to watch while currently writing/marketing a book

kinglevidevicus VG : If anyone ANYWHERE knows one single way to STILL get a hold of this book... tell me. Edit: nvm

PixelFireblade : I am so sorry Austin! But... here it is:

jmantime : wow, what a dumbass - you should've republished the book so you can make extra cash off dumbass cringey teenagers who might think your book is good. that's what i would do.

joe mama : I'll by the company for a buck fiddy

Lance Orque : So, guess what? At 12:00, it said $24.96 for the selling price. Well, search for the book in Google Books and look through the reviews. "This book was so good. I sold mine for $24.96. Hope the buyer enjoys it." Evidently, some other person enjoyed your book. And the "buyer" enjoyed erasing it from physical-printed-copy-in-the-hands-of-others existence. And we want to enjoy it too.

WheeledJustice : Take away the chances of people mocking your book online by doing it yourself. Read us excerpts from your masterpiece. Then sign the copies and do a giveaway.

Cracker and Jeans : You should auction your books on ebay

Connor Cooke : Make a website using it, let us send in short stories and then vote on them,highest voted gets a review from you

Corey Mariani : Burn them

avfusion : I attended a church in southern Oklahoma were a woman (we'll call her J) who attended the same church as me handed out a few of these books to the teens who went there at the time. I was one of those teens. She happened (happens) to know Mr. McConnel from what I understand, and I have one of these books from that day. And for you Austin, it'll stay on my bookshelf :)

Jeremías Tofé : So: he makes all he possibly can to erase from the internet a book he's write to avoid shame, but he also makes a public on YouTube about the existence of that book. Cool move.

Dabacon BossBro : Ill buy the company for a whole quarter!

MunkyChunk : Hoe lee sheet

3 dogs and a guy : With the company you could abuse the tax break system

BoCollabs -yikes- : hey man, i read the book a while ago. i figured it was just something you’d written as a teen, and as someone who wrote plenty of cringy teen writing, i completely understood. just so you know.

Captainwilts : Hey why don't YOU run a writing contest and publish the winner on using Missing Mozart. Try and do what Tim and the other guys couldn't do and turn their project into a reality. You have the audience to do it why not try?

PixelFireblade :

Sarfaraz A.K. Yezdani : I have your book. And it seriously is very immature and just plain shitty. But now that I watched this. I'd still keep it around because now I have a story attached to that. And it's nice. Thanks.

Sola712 : I have the book. And unlike other claimers, I have proof, but I suppose only Austin (or any other owners) can verify. I present to you, an excerpt! Like this comment so Austin can see and fear! "As he glimpsed around the outskirts of the area he began slowly walking over a bridge. His clothes were damp, and his head was pounding with pain. He knew what he had to do next, but he hadn't worked up the courage. He propped himself up with the steel railing and looked down the river several feet below him. Jagged rocks out-cropped from the intense body of water, and Wade, turning pale looked over the horizon. Should I jump? It almost surely will not work. What if the fall would kill him?"

Ben Cheevers : For Charlie Wade, life has been a bullet-train roller coaster that doesn't slow down and always twists and turns. He has spent the last 3 years of his life in a cell. After being released from juvenile detention at the age of 18, Wade skips probation and moves to the smallest town he can find: Munich, Kentucky. There, he saves a girl named Harmony Wallace from an attacker, and his life changes forever. "Fallen Angels" tells the story of Wade's journey towards redeeming himself from his past life of sins. Every day he is forced to struggle to find the truths of morality, and is faced with the difficulty of judging the difference between right and wrong in a world seemingly filled with morally gray areas.

Prince Sheogorath : Meh, keep it, you can officially call yourself a professional author and a publisher.

Jordan Cantrell : Yeah I felt something similar when I hunted down an HD free porno of one of those Pornhub adds. (The one with the blindfolded ebony girl and her lightskinned "sister")

Phoenix Pilot : Oh wow. You went through so much trouble to just get rid of some possible embarrassment... I would have loved to read that book. It sounds great.

Marek Stolárik : 2:08 You are using pictures from Slovakia :O XD amazing

12narutoshippuden11 : rename your company and write an autobiography then print it yourself you lunatic. or make a fortune selling books from youtubers, you could be the first youtuber that not only wrote a book but also bought the company that sold his book only to turn around and use that company to sell other youtubers books, come on man be a legend.

MuseGeneration : Can I buy Missing Mozart from you? 2 Dollars!

idk : Holy shit! Subscriber since about 50k.. just noticed you have a quarter of a million subscribers now!!! Good job dude

skaterfugater : *YOU NEED* to own your embarassing past. how much time did you invest in a task that is only driven by lack of self esteem and givving a damn what people think about you? did you even know that that type of publicity is always good? heck, if the most subscribed youtuber sais the N word, it spaks a discussion that yields him 500.000 more subscribers in a week and then is forgotten. YOU KNOW WHAT: in 30 years youll make a video to teach young authors to do exactly the opposite of what is stated here, using this very video as an example of not to spend your time as a writer. and the video wont be deleted despite the fact that it shows ridiculous behavior. why? because youll know better than to deny your past and invest effort to make it disappear.

Aman Miah : Chaotic Neutral

The Eevee Engineer : I know maybe you can make a book about you trying to remove a book off the internet and maybe about other interesting stuff idk 😐

Tobi Makkura : "What should I do with the company?" I'll buy it for one dollar :)!

Anime _guy : Lol hi cool YouTuber