Erasing My Awful Book From The History of the Internet

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austinmcconnell : If you want to hunt around for a copy, whatever, but please be careful. Lots of the sites that supposedly "stock" the book are scams. Don't be dumb and enter your credit card information on shady foreign sites, or click on unverified pdf links. Be smart. Okay. Bye.

Wayne McCracken : This might have a sort of Streisand effect where now more people know about your book more than ever lol

Perplexity : Man, what a fantastic story. I say you novelise the heart-pounding exchange between yourself and Tim and print it through Missing Mozart Publishing. That would be so meta.

I don't deserve subs : Anything you do on the Internet should have a delete from history button

Donovan Wisdom : Bad movie, bad book... please tell me you released a hip-hop album at some point.

mousek801 Mousek801 : I like how this turns from embarrassed story to internet heist in like 30 seconds.

Hayden Lancaster : "Nothing anybody writes as a teenager is good." *is a teenage writer* WHY

Matthew Davis : As a 17-year-old about halfway through writing a novel, this video is absolutely horrifying.

Zyriab : Austin, the day you put this video online, the following review has been published on your books Amazon page : "Easily one of the best books I've never read. I saw the cover and instantly knew I had to have it, the only problem being that for some reason, the author took it off the shelves! One day I hope the book comes back so I can read it and follow Charlie Wade on his exciting adventures through the 21 book series. Can't wait for more from this author! Thanks, a hungry reader wanting more." Cheers hahaha


ThomasRedstone Studios : You could turn Missing Mozart into a film studio.

BanditRants : Thank god I bought the book.

Patrick : This Tim dude must of been really pissed off but he handled it really well

Fredico Finjay : Hey, Mary Shelly was a teen when she wrote Frankenstein

GerikDT : That's obsessive and unhealthy behaviour. Especially since every commenter I've so far seen who claims to have read it says it was good or at least on par for the work of a teenager.

Triple A : Actually, lots of teenagers write really good stuff. You were just a shit writer.

Sean Walker : You've taught me something. Whenever I'm stuck, I'll go back to Tim.

Luciano Martinez : I’m just going to throw this out there, but I actually work for a public city library in Texas, and I am like 90% sure I’ve seen those exact three books on our shelves at least once or twice 😂😂😂 I’m going to check our database tomorrow to see if we have or ever had these books in circulation

JakeSnake07 : I'll buy the company from you for 2 bucks.

Little Bill : Well.. read The Outsiders... it was made by a high schooler.

HawaiianShirtGuy : So, you spent weeks tracking down people over the internet, bought a company for a dollar, bought as many copies of the book as you could find, only to then confirm it's existence AND explain the entire story which you tried to hide to hundreds of thousands of people on a video.

Mesmer ASMR : I'm so glad I grew up in the 90's and my awkward, emotionally unstable self never saw the internet. That being said, there really ought to be a way to erase yourself from the internet if you want to... It seems unfair that humanity is now haunted by their cringe-y tween and teen bad life decisions...

Aidan Kallioinen : There’s legitimately one of these in my school library. I might read it.

Captain Phasma : For the love of god Austin, write an autobiography. I’d buy that 800 times over.

My Username is Pointlessly Long and Intimidating : Here we go. Charlie Wade stepped forward to enter the small conference room. Inside was a chair waiting for him, placed dead center a few yards away from a long table, where six well-dressed parole board members were looking him over intently. Wade walked over to the chair as calmly as possible, and took a seat. The chains attached to his handcuffs knocked against one another as he sat, making a loud and obnoxious 'chinging' sound that he had become far too accustomed to. He lifted his left hand to draw his hair behind his face, looking at the group of people before him. One of the men opened up a file folder and turned on a camera. “Please state your name for the record,” he said bluntly. “Charlie Wade.” Wade cleared his throat and straightened himself up. He needed to look as dignified as possible. “Thank you,” a woman responded. She opened her folder as well, and looked up at him. “Mr. Wade, the purpose of this hearing is to determine whether or not you meet the proper qualifications for early release,” she stated. “While your conviction was meant to last until age 21, you have shown remarkable improvement on both your part, and the part of your fellow inmates.” Wade remained silent. She continued, “You have been suggested by senior staff members, ward supervisors, as well as in-house occupants to be placed on the short list as a nominee for early release on good behavior.” “I understand,” Wade responded. Another man from the board leaned towards Wade. “Mr. Wade, what we're trying to find out today is: if given the opportunity to be released back into society, what guarantee is there that you wont fall back into a life of crime?” Take your time, Wade thought. Give them an answer that works. “My family is no longer here, I've been making smart decisions in this place, I'm an adult now,” Wade said clearly. “I can live on my own ” “Perhaps,” the man interrupted. “But, several of my colleagues and I are not fully convinced. The outburst of emotion you displayed that initially got you in this whole mess was started because you refused to get help.” “I would have thought the reason it started was because of my father,” Wade interjected. “The reason I'm talking about - the reason you're in here – is because of you, and the choice you made,” the man said sternly. Idiot, Wade told himself. Quit arguing with him, or you'll never get out of here. “I know where to go if I need help,” Wade said aloud. The man craned his neck to the side. “If that were true, then why didn't you seek help before your first offense?” Wade thought for a moment, staring down at his hands, glued together restlessly on top of his lap. He peered down himself, and looked at the bright-orange jumpsuit he was wearing, thoughts racing through his head. “My home life was cruel. My school life was worse. I had nothing. I was miserable. I fell into a self-destructive pattern where nothing mattered to me, and I didn't care about anything, or anybody. And, living in that sort of situation ” “Once again, Mr. Wade, we're here to discuss you. Not to hear you blame your actions on everything under the sun ” “I'm not 'blaming my actions' on anything, or anyone, for that matter,” Wade cut in. He was tired of getting interrupted. This was his chance. His turn to speak. “I blame me,” Wade said, looking at the man. “Just as much as you do. I had the choice as to whether or not I was going to be in here, and I made the wrong choice. I have another chance now…an opportunity to make a better choice. I've got a chance to start over. And, I promise you, and I promise myself: I won't make the wrong choice again.” Glances darted between the board members for several moments. Finally, a woman spoke. “Mr. Wade, what do you think you would do, if released?” Wade looked at each one of the board members, making eye contact with every one of them. He then tilted his head upwards, considering.

Seamus Gorman : Honestly, you're starting to become one of my favourite creators on this platform! I never know what the next video's going to be about, but I always know it's going to entertain me! Keep it up man!

Andirianbobh Mcface : Since this video exists the book hasn’t been erased from the history of the internet

Sounak Banik : At least the story of removing your story was way cooler

ANTonio51006 : Rip *_[Name redacted]_* , You will be missed :(

H. Feyn : Wasn't Mary Shelley like only 18 when she wrote one of the most iconic works of fiction of all time?

jamesaellis : Awful film. Awful book. You're becoming a master! 😉

Conspiracy theories with tea : Orrrr: just accept that you made something emberassing and own it.

Ethan Has Good Manners : I think I know what you should do with Missing Mozart. Use it for what it was meant for originally. Youre a creative man I can tell that much. Ask young writers who are interested in getting their book published, if you can publish them!!! Maybe even do it in the springfield missouri area where it was based (I live near there and i am a writer who would be hecca interested if you were to do this!!!)

Gryzzly : This is the perfect cautionary tale for writers

StarWarsomania : So you George Lucas'd your old work? Sounds legit.

Who Media : Do a giveaway at 300/500k of the books 😂

Fire Nation Files : **buys a company for a dollar**

Professor Omega : I'm seriously up for buying the company for $2.

odeniswithinusall : I know that a lot of people found this vain. But I really enjoyed this video

Malte : The real story here is that of Tim. A man with a vision, founding a company with his friend only to see it go bankrupt, becoming a father and loosing his friend to cancer

cortesej2 : Rewrite the book every decade until you retire and see how your writing changes as you mature

srikanth ramanam : Publish some weird books with that publishing company. 😂

Scott Reacher : Guess it's time to hunt down that book and make sure EVERYONE GETS A COPY. Full review. Blackmail. THE WORKS.

Isaac Harshman : You forgot to edit out the part where you call him Timothy in the text you sent him at 9:35 which as a result, sorta breaks the ananominity that you promised him

ItsNeverTooColdForIcecream : Turn Missing Mozart into a independent film company, create a YouTube network under the name and take in the dough from your new YouTube network

Lumario : The amazon reviews are hilarious.

Dying Hurt : he needs to make this a serious drama/crime thriller series called [Used Copy]about him trying to track down the book at any cost and commits crimes trying to find them while the police try to track him down all leading up to a climactic series finale where he and the rough veteraned cop are fighting in the rain on a rooftop and he yells "I NEED THE BOOK AND YOU WON'T STOP ME FROM GETTING IT!" but then the cop pulls out the book from his trenchcoat saying "THIS BOOK?" then while at gunpoint he throws the last book at him distracting but in an attempt to catch it he stumbles and falls off of the rooftop inevitably dying.

Tixelpip : I have an idea of what you could do with the company! Sell it to me for 2 dollars! That's profit right there!

HaveMindWillWander : All I can think of is the fact you never got your royalty check even though it was still sold

Rrattlesnake : NAME REDACTED