Kyra Poh's winning solo freestyle flight

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shadoguy1 : Now this is the type of sci fi shit I've been waiting for since the 80's

Soul3dg3 Gaming : Now make the tube a bit wider...add 2 people with foam swords....commenced the fighting

CurrentlyBlazed : So when will strip clubs start having these?

DrekiTech : This would make an excellent Olympic sport, so cool and looks like it takes a ton of skill.

JamesPrime : They didn’t offer this at my school.

Ruben Kamphuis : Bad camerawork and 480p in 2018... Knowing how expensive these machines are, I can't believe there was no budget for a proper camera.

Mr. Wallet : In 1960 this was the kind of sport that they thought we'd be doing today.

julto8kirby : Amazing flying! Terrible video editing.

Varun Chauhan : Artist: Sofi Tukker- "Awoo"

BokuPower : There are certain things that let you know you live in the future. This is one.

Sparkyonyachts1 : That is the coolest thing I've ever seen! Didn't even know that sport existed. I mean I've heard of the indoor skydiving but never to music like that. Outstanding! I'd like to see more of that here in the US.

waveoflight : Basically she is doing a very complex back flip. Great dismount

Not Here : They need to remove lights and add effects. Some smoke.

SwoleBenji : So ki users finally discovered how to fly eh?

mylabot : hobby of the mega wealthy? Around here 5 mins of Airtube time is 100$ 30mins if you call ahead is 350$

Anistuffs - The Indian Let's Player : The First Airbender.

Pat McCann : Incredible and beautiful! Just wondering - with the fan \ wind noise inside that tube, does she even hear the music? (I guess she must ... maybe ear buds?)

wlsdnr0710 : just like the time when I play with dead body in skyrim....

Ostal : Needs a Ozzy Man Reviews

helmerzinho : sister or daughter of winnie the pooh?

Rodisflawless : Not the easiest sport to practice at home.

Annie Animations : LYRICS (The song is called Awoo- Sofi Tukker) I know I did not raise the wrist I know I did not capture it It came it went It conquered quick I was there and then I quit Awoo

N0zix420 : I love it when they do the gangsta exit

Kaizer Soze : tiddie bars of the futur are going to be lit...

name : wtf??? mind. blown.

vivik : At 1:00 is just incredible looking...

in5crutable : Amazing! The video editing is unbelievably poor though, kinda ruins it.

Shut Up & Take My Money : Something tells me this is a sport for rich people.

dablet00 : how to get into this sport???

marco gil : Le reddit army is here

Faith Tan : Amazing performance! How old is she???

Sanju Singh Mma : Wtf!

ASOA : seems like something out of the fifth element. would be cool to incorporate a performance like this in some sci-fi club scene

csabo1725 : That's 100% queef powered?

Joe Youngblood : Amazing!

Алексей Т. : Singaporean indoor skydiver Kyra Poh wins two golds at The Wind Games 2018

Tom Fotheringham : Power blackout?

Amazing Animals : фантастика !!!Очень красиво !

KKKKAAAARRRRYYYYNN : This is how the aliens moved/flew in 80's movie Cocoon

Andrés López : Tried this sport in Singapore(Sentosa island) 10/10 I would recommend.

Pedro DaSiva : Excellent routine. This little person is good! I tried indoor skydiving at Las Vegas. I was 195 pounds and the little guys escorting my wouldn't let me go. So if you're skinny, you will fly better. The little boy was awesome.

wincelu : Awesome performance. Never heard of this before. But the video/camera handling is aweful. Please hire someone who is a professional to not have cuts and moves of the camera like this, maybe people with experience from ice skating ...

Tom Coakley : I don' t have words to describe the epic content and incredible talent of this video. I would pay to sit in bleachers at this competition. I would really like to try it out myself at the old farts level of skill.

Sonnie Veldhuis : Feels like I have missed 10 years of my life, never knew this was a thing.... A little awkward to watch..

AetherLemmie : Final Fantasy X flashbacks

mr frank : So I wanted to laugh and make fun of this. But it is one of the coolest things I have seen in a long time. Why isn't this in the Olympics yet?

Женёк Ковтунов : Music pls!!

Kenny J : So, is this official? We're in the future now? Or do we still need flying cars?

Houdeani : Nice filming with a potato, awesome camera work..

Blue Shell : Holy cow, that has to take some amazing skill and dedication to learn how to do.