Pokemons new high quality animations

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Fox Lylat : Remeber the time when we thought Pokemon switch could be BotW lvl?

MythrilMan : Megas died for this. Always remember that.

Jimbo Jimbology : REMINDER the switch can play the Witcher 3 but Pokémon sword and shield drops frames mid battle

The Cataclyx : Wow so the next pokemon games are going to be a trio! Pokemon Reduce! Pokemon Reuse! Pokemon Recycle! cant wait for the sequel Pokemon Literal Garbage!

Kojika Koi : Seriously nintendogs had better butt wiggles. Get it together Gamefreak.

Island Boy : I died internally when I saw that Tail Whip "animation" that's something a college student using a 3D programme would make for shits and giggles, embarassing

Cowardly Lion : Time to play Black and White again

ロリシャイLolishyTAS : Why do we have to pay more for less? Why not pay more for more?

TheAwesomeDarkNinja : First time in history I'm not buying a mainline Pokemon entry.

Orenji : Masuda has gone to the Todd Howard school of lies.

Ikey Ilex : With the transition to switch you have the ability to make all the Pokemon more expressive? Okay then why don't you just actually do it.

moonbeast32 : "We're challenging ourselves to try new things" -GameFreak, February 2019

Supermint Soda : You wanna have a field day with this? Look up something called Let's Go Pokemon Mobile. It's a chinese knockoff and it blows Gamefreaks animations out of the water.

5h3r10ck 1 : Sometimes I think most of this would have passed if they haven't removed the national dex

gtabro1337 : The worst part is they will remake Diamond and Pearl with his barebones mentality 😭😭😭😭😭😭

Random Person : Game Freak: we are working hard to give you pokemon fans a good high quality game! Also Game Freak: *nah, I don't really feeeel like it*

Alexis Lara : I bet some people still be like: "iT's sTilL nOt FiNiSHed!!!"

Polocatfan : It's one thing to be lazy, but outright lying. This is why we're mad.

Monado Boy : This is way too low for gamefreak it's pathetic, keep exposing them it's very entertaining.

E1ite Yoshi : And yet even with all this proof, the GameFreak apologists are still in denial and saying that people are complaining about nothing.

Rae Rae : The sad thing is people are still gonna buy this for Wooloo alone. If that isn’t the perfect metaphor for people being mindless sheep, I don’t know what is

deep mind : How to create better animations and graphics 1: hire more people or bring another company to help out. 2: there's no number 2

Soul Silver : Let's just remember the fact that the 2D games, every single Pokémon had to be redrawn for pretty much every game. Ever since x and y all they've had to do is copy and paste the models and their data into the game.

DragoSmash : holy mother of Arceus, they even reused NPC animations?! that's just.....sad...

A Sleepy Dude : Pokemon Black 2 and White 2 looks way better then this

ChandSlam : 0:36 I'm hardly sure that even classifies as an animation, it literally just goes up, turns, goes back down 😂😂

hm hmm : tfw when your nintendo ds game from like 9 years ago has better animations than your modern day nintendo switch game

XanthinZarda : Let's just completely outsource a Pokemon game. I'm not kidding.The story goes to Hal Labs, let's throw world design to Monolith Soft, modeling & animation to Genius Sorority, and mechanics to Nintendo R&D. By their powers combined, a competent pokemon game! (Note: My dream pokemon game is one where battles are 100% optional.)

Tsundere Chan : Are you kidding me Gamefreak? You actually reused Hau’s animation. Just wow

Viktoa : They said expressive, and they shoved in our faces literal statues Edit: Holy Arceus, Thanks for all the likes everyone

Skeepan : Reusing animation is a common practice. Having less original animation than reused from a handheld game is not.

Andres E. Gomez M. : Can we all agree that the Switch has done nothing but split apart the Pokémon fanbase like a pair of Joy-Cons? First Let's Go and now Sword and Shield

A Sneaker : Never forget: Your fave died for this.

Carlos Aquino : Thank you, Gamefreak. You just saved me 60 dollars.

Spud : It's like if someone grabbed a model, but instead of rigging it and animating each individual bone, they just grabbed the entire model in object mode and twirled it around like an idiot.

Neri : Plot twist: Hop is a Hau in disguise. They even have similar names! Both 3-letter long and starting with an H! Coincidence? I think not!

TheJayEagle : Look, I'm not going to go scream at the developers, but I'm not buying it either. Pokemon games on the 3ds had free internet, costed 40 dollars and had all the Pokemon. Sword and Shield has paid for internet, costs 60 dollars and does not have all the Pokemon. I will not pay more for less.

Hoovy Sandwich : Thank you Game freak shiny mien shao died for this crap

Gameboynitro 9 : Pokemon sword and shield? I think they meant Pokemon Copy and Paste.

superguy 123 : It really shows how different gamefreak is from nintendo. So far nintendo is turning fire emblem into a fine jrpg suited for tv, why isnt gamefreak able to do this? To bad the games will still sell millions and thus gamefreak changing nothing till switch 2 probably

Sebastian Wheelehan : Masuda's daily words of wisdom: We are removing shinies and replacing them for a longer story *Makes same freaking story again*

Diamond Duststorm : What I appreciate so far: Movable camera, unique looking characters, cute pokemon, dynamaximg and gigantimaxing. What I don't appreciate so far: *EVERYTHING ELSE*

scoot mcdoot : Nintendo: "Ok, pick one. Every pokemon is in the game, or we make the animations super smooth. What do you say? Gamefreak: *"no"*

redking36 : GameFreak, you know Pokémon have bones, right? You know they’re not statues, right?

LAVENDER MALASADA : Poor hau. You've been through too much already,

Ashore : I've seen waaayyyy too many people complain about the negativity towards this game. Not even defending it, just whining about complaints. Two examples: 1) "You're just LOOKING for reasons to be mad." 2) Rebutting #BringBackNationalDex with "#DontBringBackNationalDexBecausePeopleAreAssholesAboutIt", or something similar. There's no reason to stick up for them. People aren't dogpiling on individuals -- it's a massive company. They can handle it. Even if they couldn't, their job is to keep consumers happy, and companies NEED feedback when they fail to do so.

Anneka : God, me being a Pokémon fan for 9 years and seeing this is just a slap in the face, especially the reused animation....

TheLennyChannel : This high quality animations make the iq player look good

Pichu Master1164 : At first I was like give them a break but reusing an entire animation set from the 3ds is just lazy if they used a bit I would be fine with it but not the entire thing