Pokemons new high quality animations

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scoot mcdoot : Nintendo: "Ok, pick one. Every pokemon is in the game, or we make the animations super smooth. What do you say? Gamefreak: *"no"*

Toxicfur 36 : Ah yes, i can finally understand what my pokemon says when it jumps in the air with a blank expression and body moving left and right

TheJayEagle : Look, I'm not going to go scream at the developers, but I'm not buying it either. Pokemon games on the 3ds had free internet, costed 40 dollars and had all the Pokemon. Sword and Shield has paid for internet, costs 60 dollars and does not have all the Pokemon. I will not pay more for less.

ThePandaMuffin : Fans: So your improving the animation quality? GameFreak: Well yes, but actually no.

Gameboynitro 9 : Pokemon sword and shield? I think they meant Pokemon Copy and Paste.

Skeepan : Reusing animation is a common practice. Having less original animation than reused from a handheld game is not.

deep mind : How to create better animations and graphics 1: hire more people or bring another company to help out. 2: there's no number 2

Polocatfan : It's one thing to be lazy, but outright lying. This is why we're mad.

Orenji : Masuda has gone to the Todd Howard school of lies.

Capin Cruncheeze : they.... they reused hau... i didn't even notice... that's beyond lazy that's advanced lazyness. dear god if he's friendly then he's just a reskin

David Lopez : Gamefreak isn't going improve the game and here's why. The games are only made to sell merchandise.

Caroline Holtz : I was so excited when gen 8 was announced but now with all the terrible choices gamefreak and Nintendo have made, my enthusiasm has slowly waned day by day and is now just a shriveled shred of what it could have been. That is to say, I’m buying the new animal crossing instead.

Social Account : Nanu: "Stuffing your face as usual, huh Hau?" Hau: "No Nanu I'm currently protesting Pokemon Sword and Shield for being a mediocre sequel to our game which was already mediocre." Nanu: "Ah. I see you are a trainer of culture as well."

Klaymaniac : You know... All this whining means nothing if you're gonna go out and buy the game anyway. If you are truly upset and truly love the soul of the franchise, you should have the conviction to say no to this and not give them your money. Pokémon can go die, if that is what it takes for Gamefreak to realize the fault with their current direction. Then it can rise from the ashes, stronger than ever!

Muddy Buddy : Oh my god I thought it was just the Pokémon... the humans are bad too lmao

hm hmm : tfw when your nintendo ds game from like 9 years ago has better animations than your modern day nintendo switch game

STHP YT : I still love how tail whip moves everything but the tail

TeleVeeVEVO : As someone trying to stay positive for sword n shield this is very devastating

Ability Master : This is a *level 5 bruh moment*

Kojika Koi : Seriously nintendogs had better butt wiggles. Get it together Gamefreak.

Sebastian Wheelehan : Masuda's daily words of wisdom: We are removing shinies and replacing them for a longer story *Makes same freaking story again*

Andres E. Gomez M. : Can we all agree that the Switch has done nothing but split apart the Pokémon fanbase like a pair of Joy-Cons? First Let's Go and now Sword and Shield

A Sleepy Dude : Pokemon Black 2 and White 2 looks way better then this

C A N A D A :P : Pokémon Sword and Shield? More like Pokémon X and Y....Axis

Zeromaru X : This is so sad that is starting to be funny

One Angry Boi : You know they care more about merch selling than they do with their own game actually selling shit when they're holding their starter pokemon plushies out like that.

SuperStar Swadloon : "Oeh, it's just a demoooooo" So either they're not showing off their best work in the direct that's supposed to get people interested, or this is the best they've got. Your point is?

Diamond Duststorm : What I appreciate so far: Movable camera, unique looking characters, cute pokemon, dynamaximg and gigantimaxing. What I don't appreciate so far: *EVERYTHING ELSE*

LAVENDER MALASADA : Poor hau. You've been through too much already,

Syeo : A developer making games about evolution permanently regresses. Irony.

superguy 123 : It really shows how different gamefreak is from nintendo. So far nintendo is turning fire emblem into a fine jrpg suited for tv, why isnt gamefreak able to do this? To bad the games will still sell millions and thus gamefreak changing nothing till switch 2 probably

Alfred Picklechips : the hau comparison kinda blew my mind

Aoi : Getting ready to play through Alpha Sapphire again...Thanks to GameFreak. You know where Kecleon isn't a statue, like in UsUm

DeAd 1976 : EA to Gamefreak: *you have done well, my apprentice*

5h3r10ck 1 : Sometimes I think most of this would have passed if they haven't removed the national dex

Doctor Minjinx : Can't wait to see Seribii defend this one.

Francis Harkins : Its just sad we are losing Mega's, Z moves (despite them not being an interesting gimmick anyway.), an unknown number of pokemon, but probably being half at most, and we don't get any updated animations or quality. then we get lies and criticism for being upset. Honestly I could care less for a slight graphical update. I could play pokemon in 2D still if I had too, at least the stiff animations would make sense for 2D. Also their excuse that they had to remake all the models and assests is a big fat lie because they do have models and assests on the Switch. They ripped the models from Pokemon Lets Go Pikachu/Eevee and then took the animations for NPC from Sun and Moon. Its not hard to add animations to a rig. Especislly if the rig is exactly the same and the only difference is the model. The worst insult is the tail whip "animation" All that animation was. Is probably 5 minutes of someone being lazy and only using the Z Axis and rotating the model back and forth. This is something a bloody High School Student could do. There is nothing going on with the rigging whatsoever. The NPCs are more expressive than the poor excuse for animation and rigging that is shown on the pokemon..... And its only a few of the Gym Leaders and Pokemon League!

CartoonFan1994 : Someone’s favorite Pokémon essentially died/got deported for this!

XanthinZarda : Let's just completely outsource a Pokemon game. I'm not kidding.The story goes to Hal Labs, let's throw world design to Monolith Soft, modeling & animation to Genius Sorority, and mechanics to Nintendo R&D. By their powers combined, a competent pokemon game! (Note: My dream pokemon game is one where battles are 100% optional.)

Veggie Shield : Wow. Didn't even realize that they straight up recycled Haus animations. They really did him like that

Daniel Daniar : "More lively", you mean the model just moving around with added visual effect ?

Pichu Master1164 : At first I was like give them a break but reusing an entire animation set from the 3ds is just lazy if they used a bit I would be fine with it but not the entire thing

Hoovy Sandwich : Thank you Game freak shiny mien shao died for this crap

Epsilon : - "Everyone is here" -"Every Pokémon ?" - "No. Every Sun and Moon Animations"

Mario & Fox : Animation in this game... *sighs* I'll be honest, I now wish that the now likely Lass Trainer from the first reveal trailer ended up being the rival since that way they couldn't recycle Hau's model.... At least I think Game Freak wouldn't still do that..... Would they still do that?

Lasky Labs : When the gen 2 games had more expressive battle animations, you know you have a problem on your hands.

Iceberge101 : You know what's sad, I didn't even notice how bad the animation is before this video. Because I never saw this as "bad animation" just "pokemon animation"

shinfirumaru1 : WTF relasing a pokemon game without all the pokemons is like buying a car without tires. One of the main goals of the game is " gotta catch em all".

redking36 : GameFreak, you know Pokémon have bones, right? You know they’re not statues, right?