10 Details in The Star Wars: Rise of Skywalker Trailer You Literally Will Not Believe

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So this is a thing, huh It's a parody of UpNext, Watchmojo, Looper, ScreenRant, all those types rolled into one. My Patreon: https://www.patreon.com/JayExci My Twitter: https://twitter.com/JayExci My Subreddit: https://www.reddit.com/r/CinemaSinsSins/ Please note: I don't own the rights to Star Wars, or any of the media clips used in this video. The clips used were used under terms of fair use for review in a transformative way.


RhysTheT00n : Rey is doing Rey-like things I understood that reference.

MauLer : April 1st Jay. That's when you do this stuff, learn the damn program!!!!!

Jack Mackenzie : The thumbnail is missing 17 red arrows

biddaddythanos : Thanks for putting me in the thumbnail

Matthew Mazzetti : You forgot to splice in random peices of unrelated footage after every other word.

helium monkey : Man I love upcultere.mojo all their theories always come true

Lemon : Wow Upculture.mojo is really running out of ideas.

Winston Shih : Love the shades you drew at ash from what culture and watchmojo in general

TwoPly Gaming : i enjoy the added detail of it being JUST over 10 minutes long Did you see cbr.com's post about the lightsaber? "Star Wars: Why Does Rey Have a White Lightsaber in Episode IX?" and right next to it is a picture...of the lightsaber...being blue

DeepEye1994 : I'm eager to see a WatchMojo video on Episode IX's teaser and see how much you nailed it.

jamie kendall : I was honestly pretty disappointed that you weren't keeping up on just roasting cinemasins nonstop, until now. Now I'm convinced. You have a talent for genuine parody and actual satire. You have my blessing to share it with the world.

Matthew Mazzetti : If I had money, I would give it to you in patreon.

Michal Nowacki : I'm commenting to pledge my allegiance to Rhino Milk

TheKaiserKraken : I for one pledge my allegiance to Jay, the rider of rhinos, the master of sin sining, and the manager of efap

Phil Swift : You should make a crossover with GDELB.

RedTeamReview : 4/5 - not enough red arrows and circles

Ghashto Dersa : I missed Thanos? *WOW, I NEVER KNEW!*

Xavier Caron : I love your accurate mimicry of thier bad top 10s

ARZ : Rise of skywalker looks very noncommittal adjective imo

Evanz111 : This was satire done in the most perfect possible way.

SpookyGhostGoku : Ooh, I can _feel_ the sarcasm just from the thumbnail alone~

Matthew Herndon : "This may sound really silly... ... ..." *transition*

Sammy Dray : I had to double check that this was your channel and not that OTHER glorious channel you are fond of lol

TFanPage101 : Wait... I think I understand what you mean... Star Wars has ships.

Scott Sandler : I really did miss Thanos in this trailer. I hope he shows up in Maleficent II

Woodsie89 : I think I've clicked the like button all of 5 times since I've been on youtube? And this sir, is worthy of the effort it's going to take me to click the like button.

Matthew Mazzetti : I literally can literally not literally believe literally this.

franky horn : 0/10 too much love and care put into this, thus making it not realistic enough

The Wonderful Duke Of Beans. : I literally can not believe.


OfficiallyANerd : Nice, stretched beyond the 10 minute mark.

Drew : Haha, this is going to be great, I'm sure.

adv0catus : So much sass. This is fantastic.

Douglas Rosa : Mr. Fury, do you need a shitposter? Cause I know a guy.

David Ray : Did you steal this from Screen Rant?

Reemond Payne : He gonna blow up now. Such a good analyzer of trailers

Caleb Rizio : This video was really “non-committal adjective”!

IARESMART : I both hate and love this video because it's painfully true

Droid779 : You thought it was Palpatine, but it was me, D-O, all along

MLE MBD : I love you. This is honestly the best clickbait garbage I've ever seen. You've earned a subscriber.

Bannerman Bear 🐻 : I can’t believe you thought that the Last Jedi was a non-committal adjective. You’re a complete positive/negative adjective.

Rognik : What a totally insightful video! It was all factually true, and not a single detail was extraneous or forgotten about! This is truly how trailer review videos should go.

STAY Young : Honestly couldn't tell if this was prime class clickbait or a satire when it popped up in my recommended vids. Watched in Incognito just in case

Lauren K : It has been a privilege to watch you slowly slip into insanity, Jay.

Coherent Ramblings : Mauler: *uploads GDELB* Everyone: this is the greatest parody ever! Jay: hold my rhino milk

Jeff Fecke : This comment isn't on the video, but I thought it was too good to leave out.

TFanPage101 : Ah, my favorite characters. Top and bottom.

hawthornbunny : Oh my god, I just fell apart at 7:40. I'm crying right now XD

Chase Voghel : Man, this is probably the best video you’ve ever made. Well fucking done, it had me rolling the whole time.