In Defense of T-Series

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Thwomp : We don't hate India, or T-series. We're just having a bit of fun with Pewdiepie. However, some people take it too seriously and blindly hate India/T-series. Honestly, fuck them. Also, do note T-series is a corporation, so YouTube will no longer be represented by an independented creator, which is a bad thing. Nice music at the end, though.

Zonel : Why don't anybody do a live stream of subscriber count with this song

INDIAN Facts Station : 🇮🇳🇮🇳🇮🇳

DanceOn : T-Series also has one of the best song catalogues of all time!

Rahul Rajawat : Song start 5:25

DramaAlert : Great video , you owned H3h3 !!!!

ToxicUser : I'm a pewdiepie fan, but this guy's funny. I won't cry if T Series passes him.

Haseeb Asif : A Pakistani here supporting his neighbors 🙌🏻

Amit Mehta : Let me tell you a Punjabi Joke PHUDDIpie 😂😂😂 Lol 😂😂😂

Piyush Raj : Kaamal yaar kaamal. Sach me Dil jeet liye 👏👏. However the lyrics and song tuning was also too good, appreciate it

The Inventar : Let's see how Punjabi music takes over Latin music!

Lord Voldemort : I don't think that T series will be affected by having the most number of subscribers, it actually doesn't matter because, it's already a huge company.

Ben : I'm from Israel. I've been to India 3 times lol

typon : H3h3 productions is one of the most cancerous channels on YouTube

Bhaskar Paudel : T-Series is just 400,000 subs away from top

Danny Thomas : H3H3 lost a lot of subs due to his racist commentary.

No Name : Some white kids don't understand sarcasm.😂😂😂

Ritik RazZ PuT : Mr.Beast look at this diss Because of you T-Series is not currently on the top But no one can STOP #INDIA LOVE YOU INDIA LOVE MY COUNTRY JAI HIND SHAN SE

YourTube : Love India from Russia. 100000 times better than poodiepie diss-track. And all poodiepie fans are pindos koss ganda

Chanpreet Brar : I like how pewdiepie is saying so much shit about T-Series but T-Series aren’t saying anything... not even one word. They’re saying nothing bad about PewDiePie but PewDiePie has to say something... ohhh yaaaa it’s SOOO Necessary to be mean to the competitor... look PewDiePie needs to understand that the mean way will never ever be the right way... and I think everybody SENSIBLE here can agree. Just don’t say anything and then maybe god will be on your side but no, T-Series are about to be #1 because they know the right way.... the nice way! GO T-SERIES!!!

Wrestlelamia : That song was fire.

Neha Jitendra Yadav : After annoy voice of pewdiepie this music calm my ears ❤😍

V K : LOL that was like 100 times more entertaining than triggered PooPdipie stuffs.

New Movies Download Zone : *Some PewDiePie fans saying PewDiePie is too hardworking but reacting to mames and playing games are the less time consuming and easiest thing in YouTube. I don't think his videos are creative, not think he deserves first place!!*

Palash Priyanshu Dutta : Song is highly addictive

Maxo Störm : im a pewdiepie and h3h3 fan but this was hilarious lmao

Nakul Tech Guy : For White people Song starts from 5:22 enjoy😂😂

Mesmeric Shubham : Goras(Whites) are burnt😂😜😛

Ankur Ramaswamy : The song at the end is absolutely lit, not even kidding.

Ankita Raut : 7:17 the Isreal Dance part is my most favourite part. 🤷‍♀️ *Do the Isreal Dance* 🤷‍♀️

Nicolai : Honestly chief, this... is actually it. You changed my mind. Let’s get India this Victory Royale.

You can't get Me : Everytime whenever Pewdipie says something about India then they says it's "Sarcasm" then why these Pewds didn't understood this Sarcasm ? 😂 the like n Dislikes ratio shows how badly they all got offended. now they will realize what is Sarcasm and what is Insult 😁

Damn Burger : INDIA 💝 ISRAEL

Jaydev Bhattacharjee : *Lyrics:* [Intro] Yeah man What's up? Jus Reign on the track (ha ha) Listen, 1.4 billion people worldwide You think we don't have Internet? We have a cell phone LTE data And guess what? WE COMING [Chorus] T-Series about to take the number one spot Wow look at us, we about to go to the top T-Series about to take the number one spot Step-by-step, yeah we climbing up the charts T-Series about to take the, number one spot Our people gonna be number one spot T-Series about to take the number one spot Number one spot, hai ni to the top [Verse 1] Yeah, we number one, you mad, you mad Goray ain't happy, they sad, they sad Ain't no janitor, I ain't no dad Number one fun guy super cool bad Yeah we droppin' bangers everyday We don't fuckin' play, we just came here to stay (NUMBER ONE!) And maybe the views are fake The subs are paid, valid reasons to hate But who cares? [Interlude] Seriously, who cares? View counts and subscriber ratios They're all made up arbitrary bullshit What are you chasing? The only true enemy is within yourself The true competition. Just make timeless arrt and be happy, god damnit [Chorus] T-Series about to take the number one spot Wow look at us, we about to go to the top T-Series about to take the number one spot Step-by-step, yeah we climbing up the charts T-Series about to take the, number one spot Our people gonna be number one spot T-Series about to take the number one spot Number one spot, hai ni to the top [Bridge] (Ethan Klein: "What is with all exotic, like, non european cultures? They all do-Whats this? They do it in Israel, Israel, Israel...") [Outro] Do the dance now, do the dance Do the Isreal dance do the dance (x2) Do the dance that they do in Israel Come on, now yeah Shoutouts to T-Series man Shoutouts to Bollywood And last but not least, and most importantly Shoutouts to Israel

akshat sharma : How can i download this beautiful song 😍😍😘😘😘

ApnaJ : i pray this video goes viral for you

kevin s varghese : Subbed because you said malayalam 💗

Anjali Gurjar : You are real indian I love our India Good song

Singhsaab Singh : Kush kita j sardar ji.. end aa song sardar ji.

Mesmeric Shubham : Now this is called Real DISSTRACK👍

RED BLOOD : Gaand phaad di goron ki 😂

red : i feel like too many people are taking this all too seriously. i watch pewdiepie's videos but i don't have any hate towards t-series because i know that felix is just joking about the situation and being sarcastic, it's some of his fans who take it too far and talk shit about t-series and make it look like as if felix was serious about the whole thing.

Ray Kapahi : THIS VIDEO IS PERHAPS THE BEST VIDEO ON INTERNET. Mad respect Jus veer! thats a Win.


Nihaal Singh : I’m Punjabi I agree

wlw cats : I've never watched your videos before but you're right about this and so brave for expressing your opinion publicly

W A T : I'm sorry but us 9 year olds are gonna leave now Subbed to you btw

Sadaf Wadkar : T series is the boss of all

Simone Sharma : Let’s go T-Series and India

lalit kirola : Pewdiepie made a video about this tho , that he no longer care how much subscribers he's getting . And yeah , its true that some mfs are racist .