In Defense of T-Series

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Zonel : Why don't anybody do a live stream of subscriber count with this song

Ultraraaj : Saaley gorey, let us have something

The Vigilante CULT : *Look at all the DISLIKES & they say Indians don't understand "Sarcasm"* 😂😂😂😂😂

Kylie Jackson : I only watched the first 3 minutes, but here’s what I think: All the people I know don’t care that it’s an Indian company, and we don’t care what race it is. Even though I’ve been watching pewdiepie for probably 5 years, I know that he’s completely fine with losing his spot as number 1. But I think the reason so many people, including myself, don’t want T Series to win isn’t because they love Pewds, or hate Indian people, it’s because of the idea of a corporation taking over YouTube. YouTube has been this amazing platform where any regular person can get famous, and make a great living. But when all these corporations come, it takes away that amazing opportunity that the platform was built on. Idk, just my thoughts. I don’t hate T-Series or Indians. I think that if a singular person that was Indian and had a youtube channel got super famous and passed Pewdiepie, everyone would be fine with it because they’re just a regular youtuber, not this huge company.

INCEPTION _Z : Although I'm on team PewDiePie this guy has a point

RED BLOOD : Gaand phaad di goron ki 😂

Nick Candy : Pewdiepie is an individual. T-Series is a company.

inktitan JCP : I wish it was you up their instead of T Series. I think a faux feud between you and PewDiePie would be one if the greatest things ever. Your comedy is some of the best on YouTube, or dare I say, even on the planet. Plus, as a white janitor, I find your style very accessible and your singing voice is great.

Saquib Faisal : If our creations are called shit just because we are brown they shouldn't forget toilet papers and Americans both are white. And we know what that paper is used for...

Gaming hobby : I am not Indian but I support t series

Danny Thomas : H3H3 lost a lot of subs due to his racist commentary.

Adrian Buchanan : T-Series actually uploads original content. That alone makes it a better channel than Pewdiepie.

recatogaming : Everyone wants to see a youtuber with personality not a corporation taking over. For us youtubers it shows youtube is becoming more copret than caring for the creators. Someone who has worked hard for it I agree with some points but you lost me at H3H3. I understand racism isn't taken likely but not a good reason to compare it to pewdiepie though. I get it H3H3 is a hyprocrite and has fucked up an amount of times. I actually feel like you don't watch a lot of his (pewdiepie) videos where he sits down and talks to us that genuinely he doesn't care if he gets surpassed. By the way T-gay is just a meme we're fellow memesters we are not part/or act of race of that h3h3 fan base even though pewdiepie is friends with him. Pewdiepie is sarcastic may have edgy jokes but he means good. He doesn't say things for ill intent his humor is part of him and does it for jokes and laughs. Fans that have watch him for a long time have been with him through rough times. Right now he's just enjoying YouTube with every support he gets. Forgive us the fans for those who are being racist. Think about pewdiepie as a comedian who does jokes to entertain people. This is not the image of pewdiepie or felix trust me he may have had bad times but he is an icon for the reasons of being honest with his viewers.

tim14022000 : First of all I and many other people don't have anything against India but we have something against a big company being the biggest channel on YouTube, since YouTube isn't supposed to be another tv channel, It's supposed to be a platform where each individual can show off what they can do. Second of all you are NOT T-series. T-series is a company and not the face or the country of india. Third of all, please don't just use one YouTuber to depict every single person who is for pewdiepie. Everyone has a different opinion about it and not just one. I will say it again, the majority (like me and many other) doesn't have anything against India. We just don't want YouTube to be another "mainstream" tv channel. we want it to be a platform where each individual can show off what they can do. If the company wins, the people with big talents will forever be behind the shadows of those big companies. Imagine no one would watch your videos because somekind of big successful company is unfairly taking the spotlight, just because the have lots of money

共産主義者/民主主義Quick Learn : Anyone in 2019?

Maxo Störm : im a pewdiepie and h3h3 fan but this was hilarious lmao

Raund to hel : I ame not Indian but i ame supporting t Series

I am : I'm not a fan of either but I can tell that T-Series will pass PewDiePie

Mahendra Thakur : 100k likes 75k dislikes...... Hmmmmm.......... Now I know why 'white' people opinions on racism are not credible

Tridip Saha : P-gay is like a parasite living on others' content and making jokes on them ... No capability of making something by himself ... I don't understand what his subscribers get my seeing him playing video games ... He plays video games , so he is the one who is enjoying and at that same he is earning money from it ... and his subscribers wasting time seeing him play cause they have nothing to do in their life ... T-Series do take others content but it does give others a platform and audience who will listen to them and the new artists need this platform as they don't have enough budget for themselves to produce ...

Deejdesign : the music video completely caught me off guard lmaoo banger

Abhilekha Das : t proud to be an Indian..respect u sir 😊

Ruborg : man look... we dont like t-series on youtube. because of ya know company destroying individual. but we dont have an opinion about t series as a music company. i would like for an individual vs individual. instead of comapny vs individual. it would be more fun since the other guy would respond. but this is no hate towards you, t series (as a music company) or india.

burnt f1ames : I have only seen 1 terrorist joke toward you Impressive I expected more

HD Tigerrr : I think it’s so sikh that you stand up for what you believe in .. I’ll let myself out now

Alokpat : Jai Hind sir, Proud of you.

SanchitPallavi : love your song man, SUBSCRIBE to T-series, JusReign and Carryminati

Will Thomaschek : This guy makes me wanna jump off a sky scraper and forget to pop my glider

lofi : as a brown person i have never been more conflicted in my entire life


Wrestlelamia : That song was fire.

The New Spanish mapping : I'm in team T series


MegaM0nkey : we dont want you guys not to win in this, its just we dont want the corporation itself to win, you people are fine also you were reacting to 1 guy.

Marianne Bostrøm : This video is fricking hilarious🤣

The Inventar : Let's see how Punjabi music takes over Latin music!

red project : 4:16 I don't have that luxury. In the diss shows a Mercedes and other "luxurious" stuff.

Stump Smasher : no one likes t series

Ashwin K V : You forgot Kannada film industry (sandalwood), T series does business with them also

Shirat Gunya : I’m selling song times for 1 like :) 5:25 5:25 5:25 5:25 5:25 5:25 5:25 5:25 5:25 I will refill as soon as there are only a few left because people broke them lol

ApnaJ : i pray this video goes viral for you

Father Wulfie : This just in, brown people are finally getting the spotlight and white people are pissed

Nishanth Nair : That song came out of nowhere and has a great tune to it.



wlw cats : I've never watched your videos before but you're right about this and so brave for expressing your opinion publicly

nishant dhatwalia : That dhol beat is killing 🔥🔥

KEEP UP' KARL : H3H3 Got an milfy face lol

Protomorph : Go T-series 🇮🇳 🇮🇳

Wimpy KID : Vote for this song on flareTV He was the first one to release a distrack Support his song Indians!!! If you dont then unsub T series also