D'lai Risks it All Because He Has a Problem. | Ep. 18

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This week D'lai lets us know how big of a risk taker he actually is, and reminds us that he obviously has a problem / Billy encounters an awful butt job. Yes it's all totally ridiculous. check out this article about Terry Watanabe who blew more money than Dlai.. http://www.mobilecasinoparty.com/business-owener-blows-his-127-million-fortune-biggest-vegas-losing-streak-ever/ ▶ Subscribe AND SHARE our videos!!! - https://www.youtube.com/didyoumissmep... ▶INTAGRAM! - https://www.instagram.com/dymmpodcast ▶ TWITTER - https://twitter.com/didyoumissmepod ▶FACEBOOK - https://www.facebook.com/didyoumissme... SUPPORT THE MOVEMENT WWW.DIDYOUMISSMEPODCAST.COM FOLLOW US BILLY SORRELLS - @BILLYSORRELLS D'LAI - @ITSDLAI DREAMLAND + CO. - @DREAMLANDANDCO

Comments from Youtube

Aj Mckoy : D'lai told a African American horror story bruh 😭😭

Nocka Mama : I co-sign everything D'Lai said. I worked at a small casino and if the play is to heavy they will ask you to leave. Lol.

Live-in Legend : 200 dallas? do u know how many 200 dallases i done lost? lmao

Annette Parker - Haynes : "BET IT ALLLLLL! BET IT ALLLL!" will be in my head all freakin day. Thank you D'lai! You's a mofo but I love you both. Thank you for making me laugh for an hour today.

Princess Doll : “I don’t have a gambling problem, I have a financial problem..” put that on a t-shirt

anthony sorrells : 😂😂😂😂😂 where's your parents yall got me in tears!!!!

blackorfeu7 : "The sombitch is still sellin!"

Marya Marya : Right on time. 😁 I was waiting for the new drop.

Ms. Yaya : OMG! I'm gasping, I'm holding my breathe...Not the 401k

Swisha Stan : How does Billy know how to do that car salesman pitch? lmao

CortYouC'm : When I tell you THIS episodes has me CRYING laughing!! I fux with that Texas Hold'em at the casino....So I know EXACTLY what the boi D'lai talkin bout!! Im in TEARS bro!!! lmaoo Casino KICKIN YO A$$ and aint nothing you can do about it but keep tryin!!! LOL

Just JP : Why was bill chewing his bottom face for the whole time😂😂😂😂

Kenn Winn : Bet it all!!!! Bruh y’all giving out free game fr fr...

Angela Sims : Listen, He about drove me to drinking

joshua Crawford : "clean out the frame!"

CK112 : To someone like me who is not a Gambler!! D'lai needs a good old fashioned ass whopping!!! until he gets the damn point!!!!! you have a serious damn problem my friend!!!!! Just Thinking out loud!!!!

Khalil Barnett : lol, the AC blows snow!

billysorrells : Here we go

Tre Papi : I know gamblers like this but this story as great as it was made me want t whoop D'Lai ass myself ctfu

Mr. Perfect Beats : HILARIOUS!!!

Ray S : You should get precious from ADD to be on here

Exist N Nature Media : Damn D'Lai you really went ALL IN literally....😂 *Everything that look good ain't the way it look Bill* 🚶‍♂️🚶‍♂️

William Smith : I have a great job and I got really important people looking at me sideways because I frequently walk around the office screaming “BET IT ALL!!!” Nobody knows what I’m talking about then I have to show them this episode. 😂😂

Khalil Barnett : D'Lai was killing those "W"s...early

Pierre Harris : 😂😂🤣"Billy I gotta lot of money on me"BRA has me rationalizing the situation for/with him. On some parts I'm like damn BRA then other parts I'm like I feel ya bro. Bra too deep 🤣

Will Bailey : D'lai got to tell a story this time! Thanks Billy lol

Jeremy Quarles : "Where is your youth pastor?" 😭😭😭😭🤣🤣🤣🤣

nuttinbutmac : Ain't nobody talking to you this whole time? LOL

Kimberly : This episode gave me all types of anxiety 😩😂

Jacoleton Harper : Funniest episode I've seen period on YouTube. "Bet it all"

Bigboy123 : I lost 6k once. This makes me feel better.


John Wingo : The Gambler was based off of D'lai #MarkWalberg

TheRealDenzell J : Wait A Minute, NISSAN SONATA!?!? 😂😂😂

olajuajuan mannion : I think I need to kill my self 😂😂

Jamaine Down Da Street : The stories of these boys HERE!!!! CLASSIC ISH

Candace Darnell : Billy was so disgusted 😂😂😂😂

Arnelle Brown : Damn I’m mad watching this shit lol 😂 damn #D’lai ....the bounce back is always better!!!!

jeez shabazz : CLASSIC

joshua Crawford : 8:56

unclejimmyray : "West of my balls, South of my nuts!!!"