BIZARRE Intel Core i7 from CHINA for $100!!
BIZARRE Intel Core i7 from CHINA for 100

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Joe Gravel : 5:12 the face of a man who measures his voltage in degrees.

Dremekeks : 4:24 - You know you've reached peak nerd when you have memorized the pin layouts for a 4 year old motherboard.

gorudonu : They really question is... what was Intel doing for all these years with CPUs since performance is not that big for 4 generations..

Brian Cox : "Because even gamers occasionally do something else, on their computers"... Yes, but pr0n doesn't stress the CPU...

Siggy145 : "Voltage, 0 degrees"...Linus Sebastian: not physicist... (@4:45)

Sonari N. Roulette : "Voltage at zero degrees" Linus Why??

Dave Harrenburg : 5:12 That face just killed me

Micheal White : canadian...rubles?

theBlueHero : "they only use high-end components" remember that video you made where you bought a $1500 PC from Origin and it had a 1050ti?

Rea My Comment Then Sub To Me : Scrapyard wars Chinese market edition. Pls make it happen!

Loki : I guess he didn't see the "CPU over voltage error" on the load screen.

Jody Bruchon : "Both SpeedStep, power saving, and Turbo Boost are working!" - Between this and the voltage being 0 degrees, I think Linus was on peyote. I love you Linus.

As Cervejadas : Olá Linus Tech Tips, Parabéns pelo Vídeo!! Aguardamos sua visita e inscrição para podermos trocar informações []´s Adorei !!!

Generalkidd : This is actually a really cool concept converting mobile CPU's to desktop CPU's. I wonder if there are more out there like this

fast AiR : Most channels - Pretend they record in a studio Tech Tips - Pretend they record in a house

TechStar : my respect for the Chinese techsters went up a level higher ! innovation for economy !

Bass-D C : Actually that is brilliant. Technically you could recycle old Laptop hardware and put it up on the used market for Desktops, to get some money out of them AND cut back on electronic waste. I like the idea. The Execution is a bit ruff, but I like the idea.

No Commentary : Question to Linus: Can you do some kind of very long stress test with overclock (for a 1 month or something like that) with a good aircooling? I am very curious about the resistance of the solderings between the layers/substrates.

Yuri Uchoa : Brasil diga olá, eu te sigo, obrigada pelos seus vídeos!

LyricWulf : 4:47 "Voltage: 0 degrees." Same, Linus... Same.

Liberty City Series : I don't know how people are buying $600-$900 PCs and then worrying about the $10 that the CPU is gonna cost them to run.

Mew Infinity : Let that and other “Cheap Chinese” stuff be a lesson for us. Never underestimate the capabilities of the great sleeping dragon. From my experience in tech, you can buy similar performance systems for almost half the price if you go Chinese.lenovo thinkpad vs. hp zbook vs. dell precision workstation. As US companies we really need to step up our game. Especially intel with its now constant flagrant screw ups. Linus, why do not you do a comparison between the Chinese tech and the American ones?

Galatasaray OGZ : Buy AMD Threadripper from China

Jenna Orlowski : 2:43, Rollercoaster Tycoon love💖 We need an update with the new RMC track! It would be fun to build some RMC coasters!

evandarkfire : Man, what CANT the Chinese do...

gilmore Skeen : This is what I love about Chinese hackers,they make what seem impossible possible. I hope they make more hacks with other CPU's,modding 2011 v2 and v3 to work on 2011 v1, by making an adapter substrate like that.

Sam Sam : Its about time we respect our brilliant Chinese earhlings more.

Cryptic : Lol Linus does ads for cheap, good prebuilt PCs, then teachers you how to build your own

Bobby B : I bought a used 4770k for 70$ a few months ago for a build for my brother, better deal.

Benito Llan Matos : I bet they're using better performant TIM than Intel's official toothpaste.

Billy Bryant : my mobile athlon 2600 was an overclocking BEAST my abit nfs desktop lol

Lasis Chan : There's a China company named "Hasee",they made the "gtx1080M desktop version"And sell it around$340

arranmc182 : should put this against 1st gen ryzen ;)

William Peng : There’s also a Chinese company converting laptop GTX 1080 into desktop GPU.

ZachAtk1 : 4:48 What's even lesser fine is that Linus measures voltage with degrees.

Legitti : My previous laptop had that cpu lol

R Montana : Send your 1980's computer parts to Linus. He can build the future.

ShadaxW : This video inadvertently makes me feel better about still running a 4790k. Thanks Linus and crew :)

Techhh : ,,Voltage 0 degrees"

I don't want a channel I'm just commenting : How about a series called "Dennis found what?" Where he scours Asian websites written in his native language and brings us cheap deals and outrageous finds. Lol.

andy favors : Can build a solid 8 g8g rx570 8 core rig for 500 off new egg with non sketchy parts

Karan Thapar : I wonder if it'd work on my 1150 H-81 motherboard.

Andrew Christiansen : 7:20 Main Video Guy: "I told you its all the way in" Buddy: "Thats not your first time sayin that!" I ABOUT DIED LOL!!!!!

Pumello : "Voltage, zero degrees" Yes Linus. Just don't forget to raise your voltage degrees if you're going to over clock it. 😂

MOMS LASAGNA : When you wanna brag to your friends that you got an i7....

VannNightcore : "They did the great job in shadows of tomb raider" i'm pretty sure they did, now take that RTX off and see how it performs

Hannessomething : $80 for 16gb of ram? In which heaven?

Raw Tee : You so eccentric! But fun at the same time. Wait.. POSSIBLY A D D

Nafi Nakib : the term "JerryRigged" is an official word