BIZARRE Intel Core i7 from CHINA for $100!!

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evandarkfire : Man, what CANT the Chinese do...

gorudonu : They really question is... what was Intel doing for all these years with CPUs since performance is not that big for 4 generations..

Dremekeks : 4:24 - You know you've reached peak nerd when you have memorized the pin layouts for a 4 year old motherboard.

Sheen Valentine Li : "Weird random chinese site"... is actually bigger than Amazon

Generalkidd : This is actually a really cool concept converting mobile CPU's to desktop CPU's. I wonder if there are more out there like this

LyricWulf : 4:47 "Voltage: 0 degrees." Same, Linus... Same.

Joe Gravel : 5:12 the face of a man who measures his voltage in degrees.

Micheal White : canadian...rubles?

Brian Cox : "Because even gamers occasionally do something else, on their computers"... Yes, but pr0n doesn't stress the CPU...

Dave Harrenburg : 5:12 That face just killed me

ZachAtk1 : 4:48 What's even lesser fine is that Linus measures voltage with degrees.

Keddiels : 2:43 Was that a roller coaster tycoon sound effect?

joe m : Wtf I literally looked up engineering samples then this comes up on my recomended

The Last and One : The question is - how long will it work ;)

Mike Fraser : I hope you realize that dumb Americans are going to think that Canadians use Rubles as their currency... haha

Twitch Ru : 5:11 nice editing Brad 2

Vivek Arya : That's price is awesome in China

Mordecai Walfish : Big mistake only comparing frametime averages on a desktop vs laptop cpu. Seeing minimum frame rate/frametime data would be most helpful in this comparison, as that is likely where the most dramatic difference is.

AdineX 2 : *Jintel Core*

Similak Child : More like Exynos i7.

DeSinc : god that auto focus is annoying, what's changed? every single time now when you point the camera to show us something, it's blurry for half the time before we can actually read it's so frustrating

RawPotatosDK : Dude csgo doesn't Use as much as tf2 it is litteraly a rat compared to a dragon

Sam Sam : Its about time we respect our brilliant Chinese earhlings more.

Jody Bruchon : "Both SpeedStep, power saving, and Turbo Boost are working!" - Between this and the voltage being 0 degrees, I think Linus was on peyote. I love you Linus.

рома иванов : What about 2011 and 1356 from China?

FireDash : You should make a super cheap PC made with all chinese sketchy hardware! You've already showed waterblocks and GPU's, now with this CPU you are already close.

Plane Star : my voltage runs at 100 degrees...

David Evans : Must be from their dual use military facility. That CPU is probably used in their mortar fire and control embedded system.

R Montana : Send your 1980's computer parts to Linus. He can build the future. : HP sold a lot of *business laptops that can use that CPU* in the mobile version. That explains why there is an excess upgrade market supply of this mobile CPU. Businesses upgrade to this mobile CPU from the core i2 CPU or so.

Crimson Arzuros : 9:37 I don't know why it's so fun to listen to Linus yell.

Andrew Christiansen : 7:20 Main Video Guy: "I told you its all the way in" Buddy: "Thats not your first time sayin that!" I ABOUT DIED LOL!!!!!

pauljohn0001 : Guys all your gadgets are made in china so of course they can make a cheaper version of the brand name ones we buy.

FWshow : Pa Pa pawoo that was funny lol

glasslinger : 80 bucks, yea, couple cases of good beer!

Brenden Pragasam : Plz someone repost this on Amazon with prime shipping...

Kirill Bovin : but HOW LONG it will LIVE??????? it's a BIG question

The noob : My processor clocks at 3.2 Ghz, Isn't it worth buying if it beats my current processor?

Advent Seph : The red line under the thumbnail means i've already seen this, and yet the title had me super concerned that this was something new. Too click-baity, man...

Larkinchance : When you out-source labor to cut cost, you run the risk of losing control of the technology. Where do you think Sony/Japan came from? American companies want to reap short term profit without actually making product..? Well the same thing is happening 30 years later in China.. Wall St, what do you expect?

Rea My Comment Then Sub To Me : Scrapyard wars Chinese market edition. Pls make it happen!

blue sky : I'm very interesting if LTT can test P106 graphic card from Taobao, this P106 is equal to 1060, but it's very cheap, just only $60.

Cris Orlando : Is it possible to buy this over ebay or aliexpress ?

R.a. Wheeler : My i7 4790 still creams this, if by a half inch. But I am impressed. Especially with this hack and the price. My question remains how well does it perform in business class applications that are CPU bound. I would stress this out with a PS filter test or Winstone. Throw a 1070 in it for good cause and I could almost bet cash it would still be impressive. The best part of all this, power savings. People who are on a budget could benefit from not just the low price/cpu power, but the power usage is lower thus cheaper power supplies and electric bills. But this is clearly an awesome mod. Years ago I did something like this with the P4. The mobile versions of the p4 were higher binned and of course consumed less power while costing pennies on the used market. This in turn also made a decent case for overclocking and that I did. I pin moded a p4 1.8 533 fsb to 800. It forced that cpu to run at like a 2.5, it ran fairly cool too. Well, for a P4.

PH4NT0M Spectr3 : Personally from China, TaoBao is not random. It is actually a very popular alternative to eBay, back in the day. However, now that there are some scammers and possibly some bad deals on this site, it’s not as good as t once was.

Anthony Himself : Omg are you wearing a Apple Watch. Blink twice of Apple is holding you hostage.

xSage420 : 4:19 You hear that sound when he puts in the 2nd RAM ?

OverPowered : 9:26 Pow pow pow..blah blah blah!

Check Mate : canadian rubels?man.... really ?...rubels...

JDccc26 : they are reverse engineering all of the chips