Eleven-year-old eats Chocolate Bhut Jolokia

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Larry Holland : After the kid popped it in his mouth and started chewing, he was on-camera for 3 min. 8 seconds. During that time he was still able to be calm and analytical. Until you trolls can duplicate what this kid did, your comments mean nothing. Congratulations kid.

Skad : You stopped making videos because people are calling you fake... If you stood up for what you believed in and they were indeed legit, you shouldn't quit.

Charles The Hammer Martel : LOL! Little dude, your eyes said it all!!!!

Aaron - : This kid is a boss.

sidefish : Your face changed from pink to red in this video.. awesome.. well done.

Papa Momotte : I have the greatest respect for you, and I really like your videos. Please come back on your decision to making them. The fact your mind and curiosity have conquered is an inspiration for me, as I suspect is the case for many people. Youtube and the web, not to mention the world generally, are infected by people with little respect for anyone. If you let them get to you this way, they will have power over you. As they already have on the existence of the curious and kind souls out there. My kindest regards

Robert Pate : good job kid. I'd be in freak out mode, and unable to talk.

Makis Makiavelis : Kid, you are freaking trooper. Usually, when i eat hot peppers, (basic stuff, that grow in my garden, nothing like Jolokia) i sweat profusely and my nose is leaking lol! The best part about hot peppers though is that after a few minutes, endorphins kick in, to make your brain cope with the pain and you get something like a high.

Reb : Look at the size of the bollocks on this Kid! Makes grown men look pathetic, hats off to you bro.

MIZZ BLIZZ SORANTO : I give you the up most RESPECT for doing that.......

Captain Self-Destruct : image what it feels like coming out the other end

jpb1231000 : My favorite vid of he genre! Don't quit! Much cooler than FBI or Paradise!

Nugbone82 Nugbone82 : this kid has nuts of stone

YourTrainingPartners.com : WOW! Like a Boss!!! Way to go kid. All you naysayers, post your videos and then you can talk smack. Until then, your words carry no weight at all.

SoutheastBluesMan : That was great! I've tried and failed this before but you handled it like a real trooper. Good job!

A. Gunguy : Kid you are a Straight up THUG. Good work.

Xerath Nekros : He took it like a champ. Realest white kid ever born.

Gamer Gunn of 87 : You are one tough kid. I'd never eat that thing. Well done man.

Derrick Adamski : WOW....! Buddy...  You handle the peppers like a God..! You have a great tolerince for Pain...!  Lol. Keep up the Good Work..!

Silver 383 : Bloody Legend . Awesome effort young fella.

Scan : Dealing with pain is a genetic disposition, you have an extremely high pain tolerance dude. Don't listen to trolls, the video seemed legit.

thegoldenhurricane : Good job buddy.

Helgi Rudd : You legend, you dealt with that like a boss! I hope one day I'll be able to eat a super hot like that... still getting used to tiny sprinkles of super hot chilli powder, the idea of eating one like you did there seems impossible!

OLD CHANNEL : That awkward stare doe

BRIAN SPRUILL : Good job young man. I don't think I would of done that. The fact some superstars are sending you peppers means that you have earned their respect. Keep it up.

w wilson : wow u handle that shit better than L.A beast

High Desert Garden : +Tim Rowe Lay off the poor kid..

angeleyes79gs : this lil guy took it like a boss...nice

vicky stevenson : BOY YOU ARE TRUE CLASS...💥💥💥💥💥🏆💥💥💥💥WINNER of all the MEN 💥💥💥💥🏆💥💥💥💥true class...wow...👍👍👍👍

CraftCrü Dude1203 : Dude your An Animal!!! That's nuts! Didn't phase that kid

TheNuggzt3r : Wow i thought he would die but he is the first one (ive seen) who managed to stay calm the entire time, all the others if seen were screaming and jumping and stuff like that, but he stayed focused

k'la parris : I dont care what anyone says honey, you did amazing! Most grown men would be crying and you took it like a champ!

NormanL75 : Bravest kid I've seen do this. You're a man.....A MAN!!!!! :)  lol!

Miya Prier : XD it looks as if itès not even effecting you, but I can see your face is red, good job bro!

GUITAROO SluGG : You handled that like a beast! L.A. BEAST would be proud dude good job

Pablito S : My man!!!

Bloody Spirit067 : to be a young boy you sure are one hell of a man! damn.

Top Cat 2000 : are you even human

Criminalharp76 : This kid just s tuff

fabiolus2007 : dude seriously you ate that like a champ!

IEat ChildAmputees : you are awesome

PrissyNPolish : Wow you handled that well!

my name jeff : not bad

Digamas : What happened to your hair in that 10 mins?  Seems like you aged a year.  yaaaaa

Ben Theriot : U r a legend

Isabel Santos : You're the man.

Marko Stojic : tedbarrus should be ashamed

Joshua Fannin : Yeah I also dont think thats a real one its not even public yet.

GainBolic88 : maybe 10 hours...

Andy Write : The reason why he's so quiet guys is because he's got a 12G pointed at his face behind the camera incase he cries.